So I was checking my email yesterday when I found this little gift sitting in my Inbox from some TaurenDruid wanting to thank me for making a comment on her blog birthday post:

Sometimes I think how everything
Has changed since I met you.
Giving gifts shows character
Want to be like that too!

Twas fun to have you in our raids
And also in BGs
It’s coz of you I’m baller now
You have to stop me PLEASE!!!!

hahaha! ❤ Navi

Navi, you never cease to amaze and humor me with your lyrical poems, lol.  Thanks for the gift!

For more awesome poetry, check out her post here.


My Darkmoon Faire Pro Pet Team

Arv vs. Jeremy Feasel

If you’re having trouble beating Jeremy Feasel at the Darkmoon Faire, I’ve found a pretty good pet battle team that will give you a win every time (as long as you don’t bad RNG and miss your big attacks).  Here are the pets I used and the abilities I chose for them (all pets are level 25 and Rare quality):

Stop, the Wild Crimson Hatchling

Stop, the Wild Crimson Hatchling

Kelvin, the Fel Flame

Kelvin, the Fel Flame

Sheldon, the Fluxfire Feline

Sheldon, the Fluxfire Feline

Each of these pets have abilities that are strong against Feasel’s team: Judgement, the Darkmoon Eye, Honky-Tonk, the Darkmoon Tonk and Fezwick, the Darkmoon Monkey.  I like to face Judgement first, so I’ll keep forfeiting matches if Honky-Tonk leads off.

Vs. Judgement

Dragonkin are strong against Magic pets and Stop’s damaging abilities, Breath and Deep Breath, can do major damage when they connect.  Judgement will counter these attacks by using Darkmoon Curse first, which will reduce the damage you deal for two rounds.  Since Stop has a speed advantage over Judgement, he’ll use Breath two rounds in a row, the first will hit for a good chunk and the second will do half as much, under the effects of the Curse.  On the third round, Stop will initiate Deep Breath, which takes an additional round to charge.  When Deep Breath goes off, it should be enough to knockdown Judgement for good, if not, one more Breath should finish him off.  I wouldn’t worry about using Healing Flame, but if your pet is really low (around 400 hp or less), go ahead and use it before you start Deep Breath.

Vs. Honky-Tonk

At this point, Stop will be pretty low on health, but if he’s lucky, Honky will use Lock-On, which will allow Stop to use one Breath on the tonk.  Honky will then finish off Stop with either the second use of Lock-On or a Missile to the face.  Kelvin will jump in next, since Elementals are strong against Mechanical pets.  He’ll start off using Immolate, which will leave a Burning debuff on Honky for four rounds.  Kelvin will then follow-up with Conflagrate, which does double damage when Honky has the Burning debuff.  It shouldn’t take long for Honky to go down, as long as Kelvin keeps the Burning debuff rolling on the tonk.  Even though Honky will come back alive (thanks to Mechanical pet’s passive self-rez ability) after Kelvin destroys him, the Burning debuff and a single Flame Breath attack should finish off the Darkmoon Tonk.

The only problem you might have with Honky is if the Shock and Awe manages to stun your pet, which will allow Honky to get a free hit in.  I’ve only seen this happen to Kelvin once or twice and it’s only a 25% chance to get stunned, so don’t be too worried about it.

Vs. Fezwick

Fezwick will join the fray and immediately use Clobber, which never seems to miss and will stun Kelvin.  Sheldon will then tag in for Kelvin and will begin to charge up the biggest attack combo of the battle.  Fez’s Banana Barrage can be pretty annoying, but won’t be a problem for Sheldon to handle.  Sheldon will first use Supercharge and follow-up with Wind-Up, which is a Mechanical ability that is strong against Beasts.  With this combo of Supercharge, Wind-Up and the Beast damage bonus, Sheldon will usually crit Fez for about 2500 to 2800 damage, more than enough to take out the Darkmoon Monkey.

With this setup, I can defeat Feasel’s team in one attempt.  But that might all change in patch 5.2, when a wrench will be thrown in all Fluxfire Felines, no pun intended.  Because their Supercharge/Wind-Up combo is so powerful, all Fluxfire Felines will be getting nerfed.  The damage bonus from Supercharge will go from 150% to 125% and Wind-Up will be replaced by a new ability called Flux, which damages the enemy team (dispersed and probably for less damage than Wind-Up would deal).  Might have to change my line-up for 5.2, but I’ll be definitely taking advantage of my current team for now.

Good luck in defeating Jeremy Feasel and getting that Darkmoon Eye!


A couple of weeks ago, Lyss invited a new alt that Cymre made on Drak so that she could work on getting one of the pets she coveted, the Lil’ Tarecgosa.  I gave her some gold to help her out buying the guild tabard and the pets and the guild supported her with some friendly guild banter as she was grinding her way to Exalted with the guild.  She got Exalted really quick and wasted no time in power leveling Lil’ Tarecgosa to 25, the same day she got it, lol.

Cym gave some of us a Pandaren Spirit pet for helping her out and I ended up giving my Fire Spirit to Lyss because I had one already.  I told Cym about it to make sure it was ok with her and that I appreciated the nice gesture.

She’s been trying to get me a pet I don’t have in my collection, which isn’t very much to choose from, but each one she’s tried to farm for me, I’ve ended up getting it for myself, lol.  For months, I’ve been working tirelessly in the Molten Front and recently got the Seared Scorchling and I also spent endless nights farming Pandaren and Mogu artifacts to turn into crates to finally get the Crawling Claw, two pets she tried to help me get.

I don’t expect anything in return when I give pets away to my friends; as long as they enjoy it, that’s all the gift back I’ll ever need.

But I think Cym was determined to give me something.  And she did the next best thing, she made me into a superhero!


When I first saw her post about it, I was immediately floored.  I really enjoyed her Super Sunday series and felt honored that she turned me into one.  Maybe her inspiration came from a certain WarFare Theater post of mine, but either way, I thought it was an awesome and original gift.

Thanks again Cym!


Terrace of Endless Spring – Punishing the Protectors

Ready to Punish

The Protectors of the Endless is the first fight in the Terrace of Endless Spring, a council-type fight involving three bosses.  Just like the Assembly of Iron in Ulduar, depending on the order you kill the Protectors, you can obtain different parts of an achievement, Power Overwhelming, and even get a different level of loot, called Elite.  Elite loot is item level 503, which falls in-between normal (496) and heroic (509) raid loot.

Since this was our first night, we decided to use the normal strat.  We started using three healers, but after hitting the enrage timer a few times, we went with two and managed a kill for a good start to Terrace.

The easiest combination and order to kill the Protectors is Protector Kaolan first, followed by Elder Regail and Elder Asani last.  We split the bosses up at the start, with Wok tanking Kaolan and I tanked Regail and Asani together.

It is important to keep the bosses out of the Cleansing Water pools that spawn on the ground so that they don’t get healed.  For the tank that has both Regail and Asani, try to interrupt their Lightning and Water Bolt spell as much as possible to help mitigate the raid damage.

Healers or anyone who can dispel, must do so on raid members that get caught in Lightning Prisons, as they will get stunned and take damage until they are freed.

Protectors of the Endless

When Kaolan dies, the other two will be healed to full and gain a damage increase and new abilities.  Elder Regail has an ability called Lightning Storm, where he creates 5 waves in a ring around him that does a lot of damage if you stand in it.  The key to this ability is to get close to the outer edge of one of the waves and quickly move in once it passes.

Elder Asani’s new ability is called Corrupted Waters, where he summons a globe.  This globe always appeared in the middle of the room for us, but I’m not sure if it spawns anywhere else based on where Asani is standing.  Anyways, once the globe is destroyed, it will grant all raid members close to it an attack or healing speed buff called Purity for 20 seconds.  Cleansing Water pools will also still remain, so make sure you keep the bosses off it.

Once Regail dies, it’s just a dps race to the finish.  Asani will continue to use Water Bolts and Corrupted Waters, so keep interrupting the bolts and destroying the globes.  Cleansing Waters again appears during this phase, make sure to keep Asani out of it.  Adoe mentioned about a stacking damaging debuff that is applied to the raid during this final phase, so help your healers out by using any cooldowns, cookies, pots, etc.

Overall, this was a pretty simple fight, the mechanics aren’t too difficult to execute.  I think once we get more kills on these guys, we might try our hand in changing the kill order a bit for a chance at some Elite loot.  We put in some attempts at Tsulong before we called it a night.  He’s a little bit more complicated than the Protectors, but maybe we can get him down tonight.