The Heroic Tier 11 Trifecta


A couple of days ago, Adoe and I had a conversation about going back one night and doing some older raid content, like Throne of the Four Winds or Bastion of Twilight, for achievements and titles.  We attempted to get a Heroic Cho’gall kill towards the end of Cataclysm, but we just didn’t have enough dps to burn through him for a shot at Sinestra.

We didn’t have enough people on last night to do more progression work on Wind Lord Mel’jarak and we already cleared MSV the night before, so we decided to head out and do some Tier 11 content instead.

Our first stop was at the Bastion of Twilight.  We quickly brute forced, SR style, through the etinn Helpus Whinebreaker, the duo dragons Therma and Valouise and the Barbershop Ascendant Quartet.  We did the first three on normal, because we wanted to get though it as fast as possible, but looking back, we probably should have just done all of them on heroic.

Cho’gallbladder was more of the same, 30 seconds and he was down and we promptly fell through the floor, a la Trial of the Crusader-style, to meet P Deathy’s booty call, Sexy Sinestra.

Heroic Cho'gall

Time to kill Sinestra

We thought we could just mow right through Sinestra, but we were so wrong.  She still has abilities that can even one-shot the best geared level 90 raider, like Wrack and the beam from the Orbs.  You also are forced to deal with all three phases of the fight, so no killing her in phase one.  After the first three wipes, we took a break to watch a video of the fight to learn the mechanics.  After that break, the next attempt had everyone making it through to phase 3 and even though a couple of people ran the orb beams through the raid (lol), we finally killed Sinestra and got what is probably one of the best titles in the game, probably because we kill and ride so many of these damn things!

Heroic Sinestra

Dragonslayer Arvash

The next stop on our Heroic tour of Tier 11 was a visit to Uldum to the Throne of the Four Winds.  My first heroic kill of the Conclave of Wind, aka the Three Airmigos, was in an OpenRaid night I did last September.  So we broke some wind, quickly dispatching the trio, and met up with Big Weird Al.

Big Al

Now I missed killing Heroic Al by less than a percent in the previously mentioned OpenRaid night, so I had no doubt that I would have my revenge this time around.

Heroic Al'Akir

Arvash of the Four Winds

After riding like the wind for a bit, Sorak suggested that we do some OS3D for mounts for those that needed it.  I mentioned Nefarian and Blackwing Descent and some thought I was kidding.  Well, we did clear the first two T11 raids easily and we had about an hour left in the raid, why not? =P

Blackwing Descent was the last raid Moog/Wok did with us before he left to play something called Rift or Aion or whatever, so this was kinda of a homecoming for him.  Moog came back to us for MoP and has been an awesome monk co-tank with me and I can’t thank him enough for it, Cayle was just tanking the floor way too much, lol.

We again made quick work of another T11 raid, doing it all on heroic, defeating Mag-AwHellNaw-Maw, crushing Omnomnomnom-tron, putting Chimerella to sleep for good, gonging Altomedes and squashing Maloricrack.

Oh, if you kill Maloriak on Heroic difficulty without dying, you also get a nifty title.

Liyhe, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

Yeah, I had to grab Slice’s title, because I died at the end of the fight and didn’t get it.  I would say this is best title ever, even more than Dragonslayer, but the title is only a temporary one.  Booooooo, lol.  I guess Blizzard didn’t want us clogging up screen space, running around with this lengthy title, but nonetheless, it is still pretty awesome.

And here’s more achievement spam for BWD:

Heroic BWD Achievements

I got my Heroic Atramedes and Heroic Chimeron achievements in a run I did with the Frostees last July too. =)

At last it was Nefarian and Zombie Onxyia time.  Nefarian, the harbinger of Nightmares for me back when he was current content.  We had countless wipes on him, mainly because I couldn’t tank the Animated Bone Warriors right.  And there were night where I couldn’t sleep, just thinking about that fight.  Eventually, I got my act together and got those warriors to die properly, finally putting those nightmares to rest.  Still couldn’t sleep that night, though, only because the adrenaline was still pumping, hours after the kill, lol.

We made several attempts on Nef, most of it were trying to remember how to swim and jump up on the columns again.  And as with standard SR operating procedure, we finally got our kill on the last pull of the night.

Heroic Nefarian

Arvash, Blackwing's Bane

So with all our achievements, titles and transmog gear in hand, we called it a night. Next up for another time is Heroic Rags for the Firelord title (which I already got =)) and maybe Heroic Deathwing for the Savior of Azeroth title.  Grats and thanks to all for a fun night!

8 responses to “The Heroic Tier 11 Trifecta

  1. That’s bloody awesome! I saw you guys in there but didn’t get to hang around for the achievement spam. Grats SR! You guys rock!
    Wait has Arv caught up to me in cheeves yet? Off to look.

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