My Darkmoon Faire Pro Pet Team

Arv vs. Jeremy Feasel

If you’re having trouble beating Jeremy Feasel at the Darkmoon Faire, I’ve found a pretty good pet battle team that will give you a win every time (as long as you don’t bad RNG and miss your big attacks).  Here are the pets I used and the abilities I chose for them (all pets are level 25 and Rare quality):

Stop, the Wild Crimson Hatchling

Stop, the Wild Crimson Hatchling

Kelvin, the Fel Flame

Kelvin, the Fel Flame

Sheldon, the Fluxfire Feline

Sheldon, the Fluxfire Feline

Each of these pets have abilities that are strong against Feasel’s team: Judgement, the Darkmoon Eye, Honky-Tonk, the Darkmoon Tonk and Fezwick, the Darkmoon Monkey.  I like to face Judgement first, so I’ll keep forfeiting matches if Honky-Tonk leads off.

Vs. Judgement

Dragonkin are strong against Magic pets and Stop’s damaging abilities, Breath and Deep Breath, can do major damage when they connect.  Judgement will counter these attacks by using Darkmoon Curse first, which will reduce the damage you deal for two rounds.  Since Stop has a speed advantage over Judgement, he’ll use Breath two rounds in a row, the first will hit for a good chunk and the second will do half as much, under the effects of the Curse.  On the third round, Stop will initiate Deep Breath, which takes an additional round to charge.  When Deep Breath goes off, it should be enough to knockdown Judgement for good, if not, one more Breath should finish him off.  I wouldn’t worry about using Healing Flame, but if your pet is really low (around 400 hp or less), go ahead and use it before you start Deep Breath.

Vs. Honky-Tonk

At this point, Stop will be pretty low on health, but if he’s lucky, Honky will use Lock-On, which will allow Stop to use one Breath on the tonk.  Honky will then finish off Stop with either the second use of Lock-On or a Missile to the face.  Kelvin will jump in next, since Elementals are strong against Mechanical pets.  He’ll start off using Immolate, which will leave a Burning debuff on Honky for four rounds.  Kelvin will then follow-up with Conflagrate, which does double damage when Honky has the Burning debuff.  It shouldn’t take long for Honky to go down, as long as Kelvin keeps the Burning debuff rolling on the tonk.  Even though Honky will come back alive (thanks to Mechanical pet’s passive self-rez ability) after Kelvin destroys him, the Burning debuff and a single Flame Breath attack should finish off the Darkmoon Tonk.

The only problem you might have with Honky is if the Shock and Awe manages to stun your pet, which will allow Honky to get a free hit in.  I’ve only seen this happen to Kelvin once or twice and it’s only a 25% chance to get stunned, so don’t be too worried about it.

Vs. Fezwick

Fezwick will join the fray and immediately use Clobber, which never seems to miss and will stun Kelvin.  Sheldon will then tag in for Kelvin and will begin to charge up the biggest attack combo of the battle.  Fez’s Banana Barrage can be pretty annoying, but won’t be a problem for Sheldon to handle.  Sheldon will first use Supercharge and follow-up with Wind-Up, which is a Mechanical ability that is strong against Beasts.  With this combo of Supercharge, Wind-Up and the Beast damage bonus, Sheldon will usually crit Fez for about 2500 to 2800 damage, more than enough to take out the Darkmoon Monkey.

With this setup, I can defeat Feasel’s team in one attempt.  But that might all change in patch 5.2, when a wrench will be thrown in all Fluxfire Felines, no pun intended.  Because their Supercharge/Wind-Up combo is so powerful, all Fluxfire Felines will be getting nerfed.  The damage bonus from Supercharge will go from 150% to 125% and Wind-Up will be replaced by a new ability called Flux, which damages the enemy team (dispersed and probably for less damage than Wind-Up would deal).  Might have to change my line-up for 5.2, but I’ll be definitely taking advantage of my current team for now.

Good luck in defeating Jeremy Feasel and getting that Darkmoon Eye!

The REAL Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire Jacksonville 2013

For those who are not familiar with what the REAL Darkmoon Faire is, it’s the monthly World of Warcraft Trading Card Game tournament held around the world to locate the best players.  The winners from each Faire then compete at the end of the year to see who becomes the World Darkmoon Faire Champion for 2013.  There are lots of prizes to be won, including Macbooks, iPads, iPods, rare mount loot cards, travel vouchers, playmats, deck boxes, boxes of cards, card packs and much more.

The first Darkmoon Faire event for 2013 happened this past weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, from Friday, January 11th to Sunday, January 13th.  This is the first time that the Faire has arrived in my city, so I was pretty excited to check it out.

The last TCG event that I attended was a Sneak Preview tournament at a local gaming shop for the Drums of War expansion back in November of 2008.  Back then, the TCG was owned by Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE).

Since that Sneak Preview, that local gaming shop stopped hosting WoW TCG events due to lack of attendance/interest.  The game itself went through a big change and was acquired by Cryptozoic Entertainment (CZE), who has done a really good job with it.

Chewy and I used to play the TCG quite a bit when it first came out, but we couldn’t find others that were interested to try it, so we quit playing.  That hasn’t stopped me from collecting it though, lol.  I have near-complete sets since the first set, Heroes of Azeroth, to the most recent, War of the Ancients.

I asked Chewy if he wanted to check out the Faire and he said sure and we decided to go Saturday afternoon.  We planned on hanging out there for a couple of hours, as it was NFL playoff weekend and our teams were in the hunt (Go Ravens/Niners!).

So Chewy arrived at my house around 1pm and after gathering my stuff, we went outside.  We stood in my driveway for a couple of minutes when Chewy turned to me and said:

Chewy:  What are we waiting for?
Arvash:  I’m waiting for the portal to appear to take us to the Faire.
Chewy:  …
Chewy:  This isn’t Mulgore…
Arvash:  Oh, you’re right…

So instead we hopped into my epic Honda mount and headed towards Downtown Jacksonville, where the Faire was located.  The event was held on the third floor of the Hyatt, with numerous signs directing us to our destination.

Conference Sign

Once we arrived at the front gates, er, doors, we were greeted by some familiar faces, Silas Darkmoon and Burth.

DMF Sign

Inside were other Fairegoers, already competing in events such as Sealed Deck tournaments, Swiss Round Packs and of course, the main Darkmoon Faire event, the pre-constructed deck tournament.


I wanted to enter into the Beginners Tournament, cause it was a long time since I last played, but we had just missed it and the next one didn’t start until Chewy and I had planned to leave.  Cryptozoic had demos of their other games on hand, including the Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead.  We decided to try their most recent release, the DC Comics Deckbuilding game.

from Cryptozoic

from Cryptozoic

This was our first time trying out a deck building game.  You’re given a small starting deck of 10 cards and you basically “purchase” cards from the playing field using the valor points found on said cards.  These purchased cards then get shuffled into your deck, where they can be later used as you draw more and more cards as the game progresses.  The game ends once all cards on the field has been purchased or all villains have been defeated (purchased).  You play as one of several DC heroes and the object is to earn as many Victory points as you can.  Each card is given a Victory point amount based on the type of card.  Equipment and Allies are worth a moderate amount, whereas Villains give out the highest point value.

We played with a Cryptozoic employee, who explained the rules of the game as we went along and another Fairegoer.  They played The Flash and Wonder Woman, respectively, with Chewy playing Green Lantern and me as Superman.  I ended up winning our demo game, racking up the most Victory points, thanks to all the villains I defeated.  I mean, it’s Superman, who’s gonna really beat him, right?  =)

DC Game 1

DC Game 2

Afterwards, we went around and checked out what else the Faire had to offer.  Lucky for us, we stumbled upon a familiar face, Aegwynn, the Guardian of Tirisfal!

Christina Sims as Aegwynn

Lol, actually, it was Christina Sims in an amazing costume.  You might remember Christina for her other awesome outfits, like Alexstraza and the female Monk from Diablo 3.  She is also a great TCG player, I witnessed her taking out poor, hapless Fairegoers who thought they had a chance of defeating her.  Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t bring my own deck, to save myself the embarrassment, lol.

from Cryptozoic

from Cryptozoic

from WoW Insider

from WoW Insider

from WoW Insider

from WoW Insider

After watching Aegwynn/Christina pound noobs into the ground, I spotted another familiar face, can you guess where this person is?  Hint: It’s the person in the far left in red.


Can’t see it, huh?  Well, it’s none other than Michael Sacco of WoW Insider fame!  I believe he was doing press coverage of the tournament, updating the website with results and making additional commentary.  I remember an old article on WoW Insider, where he talked about working with the TCG.  He’s got a pretty good gig going on there, working for two of the biggest WoW-related products that I enjoy.  Here’s a close-up pic from the Cryptozoic website in case you can’t see him in my shot, lol.

from Cryptozoic

from Cryptozoic

And here are some additional photos I took of the event.


Gobby Sign

Dranei Sign 1

Dranei Sign 2

DMF Table Sign

One thing I did accomplish while I was at the Faire was to update my league status for future WoW events and tournaments.  Like I said earlier, it was a long time since my last TCG that I was still rocking my UDE membership.

UDE Membership Card

So I went ahead and rejoined the league (for free) and got me a spiffy new card.  Moar dragons!

Cryptozoic Membership Card

Also for signing up, I got a cool new priest deckbox, featuring Dark Pharaoh Tekahn from the Tomb of the Forgotten expansion.

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn Deck Box

And that was pretty much it for the Faire.  I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I wanted to, but I also wasn’t prepared game-wise for it either.  Maybe the next time the Faire roll around here, I will have freshened up my skillz and will finally compete against others for a shot at the World Championship title.  Oh, and also take on Christina Sims in whatever character she shows up as next time, lol.

The next two Darkmoon Faires will be held in Venice, Italy, in February and Dallas, Texas, in March.  Check it out if you live nearby those two areas.

Oh, there is one person I wanted to meet that I didn’t see at the Faire, though.  I wish Jeremy Feasel was there so I could Roshambo him, South Park-style, for that freakin’ Darkmoon Eye!  That bastard!

PvP Weekend Update – A Weekend of Crazyness

Frustrating.  Fun/Exciting.  Downright hilarious.  These words describe the crazy PvP weekend I had.  And it involved all different forms of PvPing, which I’ll explain below.


This past weekend’s Call to Arms was Warsong Gulch.  And Friday night was full of premades.  Of the Alliance variety.  And I’m Horde.  Yeah, you know where I’m going with this.  Of the five games involving Alliance premades, we lost all of them pretty bad.  I know that premades can still be beaten with good coordination from the group, but the groups I was in didn’t even try; as soon as the first flag was capped by the Alliance, the Horde would just run into the middle and try to get as many HKs they could get in before we got 3-capped.  We even had a game where our entire group spent the last 10 minutes as ghosts as the Alliance camped our graveyard, lol.


Not all the WG games were bad, some were really great ones and they involved…achievements!  Yay!  The first three achievees I got this weekend involved one of the easier ones (if you’ve played a lot of WG games) and two of the hardest ones to get in WG, imo.

I started the BG weekend with 80 flag carrier kills, so it was only a matter of time until I finished getting the 100 needed for:

I was focusing of the flag carriers so much that I ended up getting the first of two of the harder achievees in WG by returning 5 flags:

I also capped another 2 flags for an excellent and exciting Horde win:

The next achievement I got is probably by far the hardest WG achievement to get and probably the most stressful.  It involves killing the enemy flag carrier in their own flag room with their flag in their possession all while they are holding your flag and trying to cap it.  Pretty intense, if you ask me.  You can see how close the Alliance pally got before we stopped him in his tracks. I didn’t really “Save The Day” per se, more like “Save The Cap” as the Alliance would end up winning anyways.  But hey, I’ll take that achievee any day, any way I can!

Sunday morning, I grouped with Navi, Shab and Sev for more PvP fun.  The Frostees always seem to bring the good luck to the BGs I’m in whenever I run with them, I think we only lost one or two games out of five.  We had a WG where a encountered a very nice troll druid, who did a really nice thing for me.  I had already capped the first two flags without dying and on the third one, this troll druid had carried the flag all the way into our flag room and instead of capping it, he dropped it for me and allowed me to cap it for the Ironman achievement.  So, Trapt of Llane, thank you so much for your generosity!

After we finished our BG runs, Navi, Shab and Sev went off to try to win a Darkmoon Duel at the Faire for Navi.  I also went to Faire back on Drak to attempt to win one too.  When I reached the arena, I saw a Tauren pally and three Alliance there, waiting to get into the ring.  The Tauren asked me how many more trinkets I needed, and I told him this was my first time and that I was only looking to get one.  He offered to help me get that one, so we grouped up and managed to hold off the other three Alliance that were in the ring.  I looted the chest in the middle of the ring and got:

Inside the chest were a couple Mana potions, gold and a Pit Fighter trinket.  The trinket had a quest to collect 11 more Pit Fighter trinkets, which will nab you the Darkmoon Dominator achievement and a Master Pit Fighter trinket.  I didn’t realize that this is similar to the Gurubashi Arena Master and Gurubashi Arena Grand Master achievements from Stranglethorn.  The Tauren pally I was grouped with had already 6 of the Pit Fighter trinkets, so I told him I would help him get the rest if we were on at the same time.  Looks like this is gonna be another achievement that will take some time to get, lol.

I’ll be back for the rest of the trinkets!

Downright hilarious

I came back online Sunday night just to reset my Auction House postings, when I noticed that Navi was online again.  We were going back and forth, thinking of something to do and was about to go on a Blue Proto Drake run in Utgarde Pinnacle, when she got an invite to do a Rated Battleground with Joubran‘s guild.  The group also had an extra spot, so Navi invited me to come along.  She also gave me a heads up and told me that the RBG leader, Gatemaster, can be very animated over vent.  Talk about a sailor’s mouth!  Let’s just say it was like having Richard Pryor or George Carlin with an Aussie accent (or was it Irish, lol, I’m not sure) spitting curses like every other word.  It was actually pretty hilarious because I was laughing so hard, which kinda took the edge off a bit, as I was essentially the noob in the group and didn’t want to disappoint.  I had run a couple Rated BGs with the Frostees in the past, but we lost both as we played against some really good teams and we were still learning how to work as one.

Navi and I played two games, both Eye of the Storm, before the group took a break from RBGs.  Gate and another member gave really good directions and orders and the group worked really well together.  Even though Gate was swearing constantly, he never berated anyone in the group, most of it was directed towards the Alliance, lol.  He just seems really passionate about his PvPing.

My first game was horrible, I don’t think I even had a single kill.  But I managed to delay the Alliance for a while by AoEing around the central flag, keeping them from taking it and assisting with capping other bases.  After an intense battle, I got my first Rated BG win.

The second game was much, much better, as I switched over to tanky spec and managed to stay alive a lot longer.  I even ninja assaulted two bases and capped the flag twice, lol.

Navi got three achievements and titles (Grunt, Sergeant, Senior Sergeant) in those two wins alone.  Grats Navi!  Me?  I got a long way to go for a title with my paltry 384 rating.  Woohoo!

By the end of the weekend, I nabbed a few achievements, got some more experience in Rated BGs, saw some random acts of kindness and finally got friendly with the Warsong Riders (which means it’ll only take like 4000 more WG games to get Exalted, lol).  Sorry for the long post, but as you can see it was filled with a lot of crazy PvPing for a crazy PvP weekend!