PvP and Arena Fun

An interesting thing happened over the weekend.  We actually did some pvp with the guild, lol.  Saturday night, Psynite and Slice were chatting it up in guild chat and someone mentioned about running some BGs as a group.  I was messing around on an alt trying to get a second farm going, but I quickly abandoned that and switched over to Arv to tag along for some BGs.  Adoe and Lyss also joined and so we had a nice 5-man group ready to pvp.

Our first BG was Silvershard Mines.  I noticed that the northern cart was close to the depot, so I made a run for it as soon as the gates dropped.  I was accompanied by a few Hordies and there was only one Alliance there to challenge us, so we quickly took control of the cart right as it entered the shaft for a nice achievement.

End of the Line

We ended up winning that BG pretty decisively.  I’m not sure what it is about Silvershard, but I’ve won it in every group I’ve been with.  Crazy luck maybe?

We had a couple of games in The Battle of Gilneas, which went really well and also turned out to be both Horde victories.  I decided to go Prot with my pvp gear on to protect and AoE around the flags, which turned out really well.  The Alliance could not assault a flag that I guarded. =)

Next up was Warsong Gulch.  For capture the flag BGs like this and Twin Peaks, I usually go Prot and volunteer to be the flag carrier.  Right off the bat, I raced over the Alliance base and quickly ran back, ready to capture it.  It didn’t take long, as our Horde flag carrier kill group quickly downed the Alliance flag carrier for a quick capture.  As Slice mentioned that night, the Alliance quickly gave up and didn’t bother trying to cap our flag from that point on.   They pretty much hovered in the middle, trying to get Honor kills instead.  That seems to be the norm, though.  I ‘ve been in many Horde groups where we would also lose the first flag and everyone would just give up.  I’ll at least make a game out of it; I’ll keep running after the flag even if we’re down 2-0.

It didn’t take too long to cap the other two flags, the Alliance tried to slow me down on the third, but I popped my trinket and sped up the ramp for another quick capture and another achievement for finishing in under 7 minutes.

Warsong Expedience

The next BG was another Silvershard Mines match.  Like the previous SM game, the Horde dominated and we were capturing carts left and right.  We had such a big lead that I even had time to run around to find the Restoration and Berserking buffs for an achievement.

Greed is Good

And I even escorted a cart from the spawn point all the way to the depot.

The Long Riders

Those final achievements finally pushed me in the 17,000 club too.

It's Over 17000!

Our last BG of the night was Arathi Basin, which we didn’t win.  We couldn’t overcome the Alliance resources and they pretty much controlled 3 out of the 5 territories the entire match.  Still, winning 5 of 6 BGs was a pretty successful night for us.

Adoe, Lyss and Slice decided to call it a night after the AB game, so Psynite asked me if I wanted to do some 2v2 arenas with him.  The last time I did any arenas was with Slice and Adoe towards the end of Cata.  I’ve been wanting to get back into them, as this is the easiest way to cap your Conquest points for the week.  So I dropped the team I was on with Adoe and joined Psy’s Morphlings.

Before Psy joined SR, he was an avid pvper back on his other server.  He mainly ran as either a paladin or a hunter and I think he mentioned he did 2s, 3s, 5s and even rated BGs, so he has a lot of experience.  Sorak invited his Rogue over to Drak to help fill our raid dps when we were short peeps and has done an awesome job getting raid ready with all the gear he’s been getting.  He’s been pvping on his Rogue a lot lately, and even though it was new to him, he still tears up the charts, lol.

While waiting for our first arena match, I bought the last two Malevolent pieces I needed to complete my set, the bracers and cloak, with the Honor points I accumulated that night.  I didn’t get to gem or enchant several of my pieces before the matches started to roll in.

Our first handful of matches were…..bleh.  I was rusty and it showed.  I was popping my trinkets at the wrong times, blowing my CDs on the wrong target and was just getting owned.  I was worried that Psy was thinking he made a mistake pairing up with me, lol.  But we kept at it and eventually started to get some wins in.  I took a break about halfway through our matches to gem/enchant/reforge my gear and it definitely made a difference.  Psy noticed it too, as my burst was quicker and damage higher, which increased my confidence.

As double dps, we had to rely on a lot of burst and damage on one player, throwing in CCs when we could.  We tried different strats on the start, from going in stealth with Psy cloaking the both of us to me running in like a madman to bait the other team from coming out of stealth.  Once a meat shield, always a meat shield, right? Lol

We found success against teams with double dps too, Death Knights seemed the squishiest, so we always targeted them first.  We did go up against add odd pairing, a Hunter and a blood DK, who was sitting at 480K health.  We tried to focus down the DK, but he was doing some crazy self-healing and the Hunter eventually picked us off one by one.  We met the same group a few matches later, this time we burned the Hunter down and slowly killed the DK.  I’d like to try going prot once, but I doubt I’d last as long as a blood DK.

Teams with healers gave us the most difficulty, especially ones with Holy Paladins and Resto Druids.  I hate Holy Pallys in BGs because they’re so hard to kill and they are just the same in arenas.  We did find success against Disc Priests and Mistweaver Monks.  In the monk fight, I got caught up in their disarming ability, which was pretty annoying, but I don’t think their team was well geared because they went down fast.

Psy and I played enough winning games to reach the 1800 Conquest point cap for the week, the other 400 points have to come from rated BGs, which I don’t see myself getting into unless I can find a group, lol.  Our win-loss record may be abysmal, but hey, it was our first night running together.  =P

Morphlings Debut

I was able to snag the Tyrannical helm with my Conquest points to go along with the Tyrannical gloves I got off Nalak last week.  Psy said that the Tyrannical weapons are really good and he hopes to get one in a couple of weeks.  I’ll probably work towards that too, Starshatter is ok, but unless I get a two-handed drop from ToT, the Tyrannical one is my best bet.

Thanks guys for an awesome pvp night and thanks to Psy for getting me excited about doing arenas again!

Back Into the PvP Groove Again

Escorting a cart in Silvershard Mines

Last week, I finally finished up Wrathion’s A Test of Valor quest and got the 6k Valor needed to prove my worth to him (yes, I’m a total slacker =P).  So for my next tests, Wrathion asked me to kill some dwarf with braids at Lion’s Landing and earn a victory in each of the new BGs introduced in Mists, the Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines with the quest Glory to the Horde.

Now the last time I did any serious PvPing was towards the end of Cata and I’ve never seen either one of these new BGs, except for the time I queued up for Kotmogu just so that I could /love a Dancing Water Skimmer to complete the To All the Squirrels I Once Caressed? achievement, lol.

So I queued up for both BGs Sunday night in my Ret PvE gear and got the Temple of Kotmogu as my first one.  The object of this BG is to hold onto one of the four orbs that spawn in the corners of the field the longest.  The closer you bring the orbs to the center of the field, the more points you accumulate.  Kinda reminds me of one of the game modes in Halo, where you carry around a skull for as long as you can.

The Horde got obliterated and I could not for the life of me stay alive long enough to help out our cause.  I went back to my bank and grabbed all my Season 11 Cataclysmic Gladiator gear, replaced some of those pieces with a set of PvP gloves from an early Sha of Anger kill and a Season 13 Malevolent Gladiator helm and shoulders bought with my leftover Honor points.  I did some gemming, enchanting and reforging and I was ready to head back out to the battlefield.  Here is my “Sun Knight” look, lol:

Arvash in Malevolent Gladiator Gear

My next Kotmogu game was much better, as the Horde controlled the orbs for most of the match.  I even got the Temple of Kotmogu All-Star achievement without even knowing it.

Temple of Kotmogu All-Star

Temple of Kotmogu Victory

Next up was Silvershard Mines.  The premise for this BG is to escort slow-moving mine carts from the center of the mine to designated shafts spread around the edges.  To gain control of a mine cart, you need to be within a short-range of it and the more members of a faction near it will claim it.  You can’t ride the mine cart or make it move faster, but you can change the tracks to make it go to a different shaft.

The group I was in was really good and we quickly won the match for my first win in Silvershard Mines.

Silvershard Mines Victory

And with those three achievements, I finally joined the 16,000 achievement points club.

It's over 16,000 points!

It was nice to do some PvPing again, I just need to work on replacing my Cataclysmic gear with Malevolent and eventually to Tyrannic when I get more Conquest points.  I like the new BGs, especially the Kotmogu one.  Looking forward to farming more HKs and Honor/Conquest points!

Update to the PvP Weekend Update – Guess what…..

Arv and Adoe give the Alliance….Two Thumbs Down!


So Lyssi made a comment on my last post about how she was listening and watching Slice, Adoe and me tearin’ it up in Gilneas Sunday night and how she almost gave up Skyrim to PvP with us.  Well, I guess she sent Skyrim home packing for the night cause she surprised me and joined the three of us in some more PvP awesomeness Monday night.  Slice healed his ass off and Lyssi, Adoe and I blew up Alliance ass all over the place.  We had one match where we were behind and managed to come back at the last second to steal an almost guaranteed Alliance victory and won by less than 100 points.

Do you know who I am? I’m the Jugger Not, bitch!!!

We flirted with another Battle for Gilneas Perfection, but missed it again by mere seconds.  But we made our own perfection; of the 8 games we played, we won all of them!  Woot Woot!  I think Lyssi has just solidified herself as our fifth for 5s for MoP!  Congrats, lol! =)  Thanks again guys for another awesome PvP night!

One more thing before I end this update, Adoe had found the PvP vendor last night in Area 52 in the Netherstorm that sold old gear and weapons from past PvP seasons.  Tonight, he showed me his new transmogged bow which I believe he may have had in the past, the Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow.  He then told me to check out another weapon that would look good with my Snow Knight set, the Vengeful Gladiator’s Greatsword.  I picked it up since I was already Honor capped and I think I’ve found my new favorite transmog PvP sword.  Thanks Adoe!

Snow Knight with Vengeful Gladiator’s Greatsword

PvP Weekend Update – Maybe Gilneas doesn’t suck so much after all….

This weekend’s Call to Arms battleground was Battle of Gilneas.  I know I blasted it the last time I talked about it here, but it actually wasn’t that bad this time around, lol.  I logged on Sunday night and Adoe was telling me that Gilneas was being really good to him and that he was 12-1 so far for the day.  I was actually surprised, I mean, the Horde winning that many BGs in a single day???  I had to see this for myself and told Adoe to queue Slice and me up for some of that Gilneas luck.

The way the battleground is set up is the Alliance start point is close to the Lighthouse and the Horde start point is close to the Mines, with the Waterworks equidistant from both.  The strat we use is we try to take the Lighthouse off the bat through the back way along the coast, to try to evade any Alliance going after Mines.  According to the Adoe Addon (which is not available on Curse and you cannot haz =P), either we successfully take LH, if the majority of the Alliance group heads off to Mines/WW, or we hold off what Alliance force stays behind at LH for as long as possible to give our team a chance at securing Mine/WW.

The first match pretty much set the tone for the night.  As our team quickly grabbed the Mines and WW, Slice, Adoe and I made quick work of the Alliance at LH and 3 capped them.  They did manage to get 10 points off before Slice was able to capture the flag, so we just missed out on getting Gilneas Perfection.  We did win under 6 minutes and got an achievement for it, so it was all good.

The second match started off bad.  Our group was very disorganized and many of the group either quit and just stood on the boat or left the BG all together.  The SR trio kept match from getting too out of hand by capping and maintaining as many flags as we could, but we were at a 2 to 1 flag disadvantage for a good while.  We had a big gap in resources and needed to make a move if we wanted to win.  As we started to get replacements for those who had left at the beginning,  Adoe and Slice gave out orders in BG chat and the rest of the group listened and came together.  We flipped the 2 to 1 advantage in our favor and slowly were coming back, eventually taking the win.  It ended up to be a great comeback match for which we were nicely awarded with:

We played another 6 games, only losing 2 to some really good and well-geared Alliance teams and closed out the night with 6 wins and 2 losses.  I had a really good time last night.  I think with Adoe, Slice and me communicating and coordinating well on vent, it made the experience better.  It’s really nice to have good teammates and ones who give good directions to others in the group. =)

We did talk about future plans to get an arena team going in MoP and possibly work on some titles.  I think we’ll start with 3s and I know Zug said he’d like to join so would could probably rotate in and out.  If we could find a fifth, running 5s would be awesome.  We’re also looking forward to the new BGs coming out in MoP too, they look different enough to be a new challenge to experience.  Thanks guys for a pretty awesome and fun night!

PvP Weekend Update – Gotta Love Me Some Southern Cappin’

This weekend’s Call to Arms BG was Strand of the Ancients, which has the potential to be the quickest BG to finish.  It all depends on how quickly you can capture the opposing team’s relic and how quickly you can stop them from grabbing yours.  I read a couple of weeks ago a very helpful and interesting post from Cynwise, explaining the pitfalls of capturing the Southern Graveyard in SotA.  His advice?  Don’t cap it.  I can recall capping the South once, when I was new to PvP, but never really understood the purpose of it until I read Cyn’s post.  Capping the Southern graveyard can put you at a farther rez point if you die, therefore making it difficult to get back to the workshops to grab Demolishers to break down the gates.  I saw this happen twice this weekend, both from an attacking and defending standpoint, and both times it turned the tide of the battle.

Here is a screenshot of my chat box, as the Alliance captures the Southern Graveyard:

The Alliance had us pinned up against the Yellow Gate and they were making great time, but we built our reinforcements at the gate and as the Alliance were dying, they had a longer run back to the Demolishers and we ended up winning as time ran out for them.

Now here’s another chat box shot, this time with the Horde on the attacking end:

As you can see, some of our team members vented their frustration at the South being capped, lol.  The exact same thing happened, only to us; we were making good time, about to take the Yellow Gate down, and we eventually lost because it took too much time to get back to the Demos.  Personally, I think they should remove the South Graveyard completely, as there is only one use for it, but the circumstances have to be right in order to do it, which is outlined in Cyn’s post.

I did get one achievee in SotA, which means I’m no longer on turret duty, yay!

I also got another achievee in AV, before the SotA weekend started.  When I usually get AV as a random, I either go all the way to Vann to take him down once the Alliance towers are destroyed, or I usually help out with recapping our towers when they get assaulted.  This time, I decided to go after one of the harder cheeves in AV.  I’ve always come close to completing this before, but I would always be either a graveyard or tower short.  Finally got lucky and scratched another cheeve off the list, lol.