WarFare Theater: Illidan Stormrage is really….

So who’s gonna see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend?

Edit:  My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims and their families of the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado where a masked gunman opened fire at a midnight showing of the The Dark Knight Rises, killing 14 and wounding 50 people.  The gunman has been caught and arrested and I pray that he is punished for this heinous act of violence against innocent and defenseless human beings.

21 responses to “WarFare Theater: Illidan Stormrage is really….

  1. Dude, how many action figures do you have?

    Arv: Mommy, does Barbie come with Ken?

    Arv’s mom: No dear, Barbie comes with GI Joe, she just pretends with Ken

  2. The Mrs. and myself saw it Friday night.

    Parts of it were as funny as this was, and anything with Michael Caine was amazing. I’m also pleasantly surprised to have someone surpass Julie Newmar as my ideal Catwoman (and no, it had nothing to do with the suit).

      • I concur. Perfect ending.

        I remember during the financial, erm, handover I went “wait a minute…I bet that’s…” and turned out I was right.

        Also, I knew Cilian Murphy was in it again, but not when or how. That was an awesome cameo.

      • It was neat how they brought back everyone from the prior movies in some form or another, although I really didn’t see any Joker references.

      • No, and that’s because Nolan didn’t want some throw away line about him. Given everything, that was respectful.

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