WarFare Theater: Navimie





This was my Furtive Father Winter gift to Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf.  The event was put together by Akabeko of Red Cow Rise.  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I made one of these, apparently I need to a Furtive Father Winter every week in order to make them regularly, lol.  I’ve been brainstorming a lot of ideas lately and acquired new “stars” to feature in future posts, now I just need to stop slacking and put them together already!


A Prize from the Heavens

Pets.  There are some pets in WoW that you just can’t get enough of.  Like the Imperial Silkworm for example.  We have a guild tab that’s almost half full of them from people doing their Imperial Silk cooldowns daily.  We would have more, but I think we’ve started to vendor them because we can’t get rid of them and they don’t sell at all on the auction house.

Then there are the rare pets, ones locked behind crazy achievements, like the Stunted Direhorn, or those that require lots of RNG luck, like the Darkmoon Eye ( I hate you, Jeremy Feasel).

And then there are the ultra-rare pets, ones that now fetch a pretty price on eBay, like the Vanilla Collector Edition pets, the Mini Diablo, Panda Cub and the Zergling.

Well, leave it to a certain Druid to come up with a crazy game for a chance at another one of those ultra-rare pets, a Mini Tyrael!

"Who you calling 'Mini'?"

“Who you calling ‘Mini’?”

Last weekend, as part of her “Moving House Giveaway” post, Navi created a scavenger hunt where you had to search for clues found in 16 links from various blog posts in a cleaver poem she wrote and put them together.  The clues combined to form more questions to answer and once you answered those, you got your name entered into a drawing for awesome prizes.  In addition to the Mini Tyrael pet, there was a Riding Turtle mount and Gusting Grimoire to be won.

This contest was not easy at all.  I clicked on ALL the posts and ALL the links.  It took me a long time to find all the clues (I was even one of them, lol) and even longer to find out who Navi’s favorite NPC was, which took me a couple tries to get that right.

With that hard part over, it was just a matter of waiting, along with the two others that got the questions right, Cymre and Luxy, to see which prizes we would be drawn for.

And I couldn’t believe it, I got picked for Tyrael’s Hilt!  Take that, Feasel! =P

To claim my prize, I had to go and visit Edward Cairn in Undercity.  I guess they didn’t trust Landro Longshot enough to hold onto a special pet like this, haha.

Edward Cairn

Tyrael's Hilt

With my own mini Archangel of Justice in hand, it was off to take some pics!

"You cannot judge me. I am Justice itself!" - Diablo III

“You cannot judge me. I am Justice itself!”
– Diablo III

"The human spirit never ceases to amaze me." - Diablo III

“The human blood elf spirit never ceases to amaze me.”
– Diablo III

And after our most recent Throne of Thunder kill of Ji-Kun, I decided to do a little flying myself with Mini Tyrael.

Flying Like Tyrael

So congrats to Cym and Luxy on their prizes and thanks to Navi for an awesome, albeit crazy and difficult, contest and prize!  Now it’s time to go level this bad boy to 25!


So I was checking my email yesterday when I found this little gift sitting in my Inbox from some TaurenDruid wanting to thank me for making a comment on her blog birthday post:

Sometimes I think how everything
Has changed since I met you.
Giving gifts shows character
Want to be like that too!

Twas fun to have you in our raids
And also in BGs
It’s coz of you I’m baller now
You have to stop me PLEASE!!!!

hahaha! ❤ Navi

Navi, you never cease to amaze and humor me with your lyrical poems, lol.  Thanks for the gift!

For more awesome poetry, check out her post here.


An Invitation and An Invasion from the Land Down Under

Last night, Cayle, on his fail rogue Fayle, wanted to practice his rotations and new talents and abilities by running some random dungeons.  So he, Slice on his shammy and I went and queued up and got End Time as our first one.  We tried to do the Severed Ties achievement on Sylvanas in the Ruby Dragonshrine, but the lock and hunter we picked up in our group had subpar dps and we could only manage to kill one of the ghouls before the phase ended.  The run went fine, no wipes, and Fayle and I even beat the two others in dps on Murozond. ><

Adoe then logs in and we invite him to our group and Slice switches over to his Druid.  I see Cymre log in from my RealID, so I asked if she wanted to run some randoms with us and she said ok and I invite her along as well.  I think this was her first time running a 5-man with SR; I know she’s raided with some of our guildies before in some older raids and even in JD‘s Laid Back ones.  Not sure what impression she got from our guild before, but after tonight she definitely knows how crazy and fun we can be, lol.

Our next instance was Well of Eternity.  Ugh, ugly nelfs! So we’re doing our thing, proceeding through the instance when we come to the second crystal and find out we can’t click on it.  So we’re kinda sitting around, thinking the encounter is bugged and watching Adoe die repeatedly as he tries to stealth past the line of minions marching past.  After a couple of minutes or so, Cym goes off that finds out that Illidan is still waiting at the first crystal, the one we didn’t unlock in the first place.  D’oh!  I told everyone in the group that I didn’t think our guild is ready for MoP yet, lol.  Cym was probably thinking what kind of fail group did I get myself into. =P  So we finally get to Pero’tharn after clicking all three crystals and we try to get the Lazy Eye achievement.  And guess who “fayles” it for us, hint hint?  Yep, the fail ninja. ><  I should have known he’d effed it up, after seeing his “fayled” performance on Madness of Deathwing the night before, lol.  But it was all good, the rest of the run went well and we had no more Fayle Floor Tanking.

We all queued up for another and got End Time again.  And we also got the Ruby Dragonshrine and Sylvanas again and this time with our awesome dps, we were able to finally kill two ghouls and get the Severed Ties achievement.

We got the Emerald Dragonshrine and Tyrande next, so we decided to go for the Moon Guard achievement.  Cym had gotten this before and suggested to leave Slice at the portal at the beginning so he wouldn’t get hit by any of the mobs while we made our way around to reach Tyrande.  It wasn’t bad at all, I think Cym popped a couple heals and I was able to keep myself healed up too, though we did have one Fayle Tanks Floor, as his Alabama internetz hotel room connection went out which caused him to DC and come back to angry mobs by himself, lol.  Slice then met us up at Tyrande and we finished off her off for the achievement.

So during this last encounter, Navi pops up and whispers me through RealID, asking for Lyss’s info.  I think Lyss was trying to help her out with setting up Vuhdo or something.  I whisper Navi back to hold on for a sec, as I’m trying to keep aggro on the mobs and keep Fayle from dying again as we’re making our way to Tyrande.  I guess I was taking too long to respond back, so she logs into her Level 1 Lock that I invited to the guild a couple of weeks ago and invades our guild chat, saying how I was being mean to her!  LOL!  By this time, Lyss has already logged on and the two of them spam guild chat of how big of a meanie I was, Lyss even broadcasted it on RealID. LMAO!!  But it was all in good fun. That’s just how our guild is, we like to pick on one another and make fun of each other and just have a good time.

After killing quickly killing Murozond again, Adoe leaves the group to fix an issue he’s having with his raid frames and Slice drops off to help him.  So Fayle, Cym and I just chat it up, talking about things like our upcoming guild meet up in February, how rich Fayle is in real life and how Cym could take Slice’s spot in our raid group, since Slice kinda doesn’t have a feel for his new priest talents/spells yet, haha.  Then Cym tells us that she has almost 400 pets in her pet journal!!!  I think I only have like 208 and Fayle had like 71.  Lol, I told Cym that Fayle hates me because I didn’t help him out with his pet number and I said I only give pets to my real friends, =P.  But Fayle doesn’t care about pets anyways, I mean, he’s got Fire Anzu, what more does he need, right?

So we decided to finish the night by doing a bear mount run in Zul Aman and getting Slice his Amani War Bear.  Lyss replaced Adoe in our group and off we went.  Man, it is so much easier to do now, with everyone in DS gear and these new abilities, lol.  We even had the time to grab two more achievements, one for not killing any of Halazzi’s totems and the other for fighting Daakara within his own blue rectangular box of shame.

We had a really good night with achievements and mount and all.  Cym wished that Coolidge was on, as she said that he also needed a couple of the achievements that we got.  I told her that I’d come back when they were both on to help them out with it and I’m sure the rest of the SR crew would be able to assist.

Thank you Cym and Navi for hanging out with us, we really enjoyed your company and hope you guys had fun too!  You guys are pretty awesome Aussies!

Frostin’ an Old God with the Frostees and Killin’ a Dragon with a Dragon(ray)

Last Saturday morning, I joined a 25-man Ulduar raid with Navi, Tacky and the Frostees and Dragonray and a couple of her crew.  Most of them were there for transmog pieces, but said they would go for some achievements too.  I was hoping that the two-handed sword, Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion, would drop from General Vezax so I could complete my Ulduar sword collection along with Aesir’s Edge, Abaddon and Stormrune Edge.

We started with Flame Leviathan, where I only need to defeat him in a Salvage Chopper to finish off Three Car Garage.

Ignis was next and after we made quick work of him, we skipped Razorscale and went straight to XT.  Lol, I don’t think we meant to push him to hardmode, but we downed him anyways to get Heartbreaker.

Next was the Assembly of Iron, where a couple of poeple needed to kill Runemaster Molgeim to finish all the achievements in this fight and we got I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim for it.

Made quick work of Algalon, then moved onto Kologarn.  We tried to get Rubble and Roll last week while trying to do If Looks Could Kill at the same time, but it didn’t work out, so we just went with one of them instead and got Navi an achievement.

I died a couple of times tanking Auriya’s Sanctum Sentries, but the rest of the group cleaned her up quick to get Crazy Cat Lady.

Got an easy one on Hodir, Staying Buffed All Winter.

Missed Don’t Stand in the Lightning again on Thorim, but I made up for it by getting 3 achievements on Freya by killing her with all three Elders up for Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood.

Probably the hardest achievement to get when it was current, but we made Firefighter look easy in this run.

We did Vezax’s I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning, sadly, he did not drop my sword. =(

We tried to do Alone in the Darkness when we got to Yogg,  but the damage got too crazy and peeps were losing all their sanity, so we decided to quickly kill him and brought all the Keepers in for the fight.  I did manage to snag He’s Not Getting Any Older.

Afterwards, everyone left and Navi, me and two other stayed to help Tacky get Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare to complete his Glory of the Ulduar Raider.  Grats Tacky on the new mount!

So after that was all said and done, I realized that I was closer to getting my own Glory of the Ulduar Raider than I thought I was.  I’m gonna have to go back and finish this bad boy up!

Sunday morning, I got invited to a group with Dragonray, some of her guildies and Navi.  Dragonray wanted to kill Maly on 10 man for her husband so he could get the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.  I got another two achievements from this:

Which brought me one achievement away from finishing Glory of the Raider.

Hopefully, I can finish these two metas off before MoP arrives.  Thanks to Navi and Dragonray for bringing me along for the cheeves!