My Darkmoon Faire Pro Pet Team

Arv vs. Jeremy Feasel

If you’re having trouble beating Jeremy Feasel at the Darkmoon Faire, I’ve found a pretty good pet battle team that will give you a win every time (as long as you don’t bad RNG and miss your big attacks).  Here are the pets I used and the abilities I chose for them (all pets are level 25 and Rare quality):

Stop, the Wild Crimson Hatchling

Stop, the Wild Crimson Hatchling

Kelvin, the Fel Flame

Kelvin, the Fel Flame

Sheldon, the Fluxfire Feline

Sheldon, the Fluxfire Feline

Each of these pets have abilities that are strong against Feasel’s team: Judgement, the Darkmoon Eye, Honky-Tonk, the Darkmoon Tonk and Fezwick, the Darkmoon Monkey.  I like to face Judgement first, so I’ll keep forfeiting matches if Honky-Tonk leads off.

Vs. Judgement

Dragonkin are strong against Magic pets and Stop’s damaging abilities, Breath and Deep Breath, can do major damage when they connect.  Judgement will counter these attacks by using Darkmoon Curse first, which will reduce the damage you deal for two rounds.  Since Stop has a speed advantage over Judgement, he’ll use Breath two rounds in a row, the first will hit for a good chunk and the second will do half as much, under the effects of the Curse.  On the third round, Stop will initiate Deep Breath, which takes an additional round to charge.  When Deep Breath goes off, it should be enough to knockdown Judgement for good, if not, one more Breath should finish him off.  I wouldn’t worry about using Healing Flame, but if your pet is really low (around 400 hp or less), go ahead and use it before you start Deep Breath.

Vs. Honky-Tonk

At this point, Stop will be pretty low on health, but if he’s lucky, Honky will use Lock-On, which will allow Stop to use one Breath on the tonk.  Honky will then finish off Stop with either the second use of Lock-On or a Missile to the face.  Kelvin will jump in next, since Elementals are strong against Mechanical pets.  He’ll start off using Immolate, which will leave a Burning debuff on Honky for four rounds.  Kelvin will then follow-up with Conflagrate, which does double damage when Honky has the Burning debuff.  It shouldn’t take long for Honky to go down, as long as Kelvin keeps the Burning debuff rolling on the tonk.  Even though Honky will come back alive (thanks to Mechanical pet’s passive self-rez ability) after Kelvin destroys him, the Burning debuff and a single Flame Breath attack should finish off the Darkmoon Tonk.

The only problem you might have with Honky is if the Shock and Awe manages to stun your pet, which will allow Honky to get a free hit in.  I’ve only seen this happen to Kelvin once or twice and it’s only a 25% chance to get stunned, so don’t be too worried about it.

Vs. Fezwick

Fezwick will join the fray and immediately use Clobber, which never seems to miss and will stun Kelvin.  Sheldon will then tag in for Kelvin and will begin to charge up the biggest attack combo of the battle.  Fez’s Banana Barrage can be pretty annoying, but won’t be a problem for Sheldon to handle.  Sheldon will first use Supercharge and follow-up with Wind-Up, which is a Mechanical ability that is strong against Beasts.  With this combo of Supercharge, Wind-Up and the Beast damage bonus, Sheldon will usually crit Fez for about 2500 to 2800 damage, more than enough to take out the Darkmoon Monkey.

With this setup, I can defeat Feasel’s team in one attempt.  But that might all change in patch 5.2, when a wrench will be thrown in all Fluxfire Felines, no pun intended.  Because their Supercharge/Wind-Up combo is so powerful, all Fluxfire Felines will be getting nerfed.  The damage bonus from Supercharge will go from 150% to 125% and Wind-Up will be replaced by a new ability called Flux, which damages the enemy team (dispersed and probably for less damage than Wind-Up would deal).  Might have to change my line-up for 5.2, but I’ll be definitely taking advantage of my current team for now.

Good luck in defeating Jeremy Feasel and getting that Darkmoon Eye!

8 responses to “My Darkmoon Faire Pro Pet Team

  1. Your combo might be faster, but almost any combo that is strong against his types will work. I use the Celestial Dragon, Water Waveling, and Clockwork Gnome. Not quite as power-heavy as your group, but the frost nova + ice lance combo is pretty tough on the tonk, and the gnome hits hard enough.

    • Yeah, I’m curious to see what’s going to happen to the Fluxfire Felines. When 5.2 hits, if Sheldon can’t take out Fezwick before he kills him after he rezzes, I might have to replace him with Dudley, my Clockwork Gnome.

  2. I use him to level, so I use Spawn of Onyxia and Water Waveling and whatever I”m levelling. I usually swap the baby toon in for that monkey stun and hope to god I can kill it.

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