A couple of weeks ago, Lyss invited a new alt that Cymre made on Drak so that she could work on getting one of the pets she coveted, the Lil’ Tarecgosa.  I gave her some gold to help her out buying the guild tabard and the pets and the guild supported her with some friendly guild banter as she was grinding her way to Exalted with the guild.  She got Exalted really quick and wasted no time in power leveling Lil’ Tarecgosa to 25, the same day she got it, lol.

Cym gave some of us a Pandaren Spirit pet for helping her out and I ended up giving my Fire Spirit to Lyss because I had one already.  I told Cym about it to make sure it was ok with her and that I appreciated the nice gesture.

She’s been trying to get me a pet I don’t have in my collection, which isn’t very much to choose from, but each one she’s tried to farm for me, I’ve ended up getting it for myself, lol.  For months, I’ve been working tirelessly in the Molten Front and recently got the Seared Scorchling and I also spent endless nights farming Pandaren and Mogu artifacts to turn into crates to finally get the Crawling Claw, two pets she tried to help me get.

I don’t expect anything in return when I give pets away to my friends; as long as they enjoy it, that’s all the gift back I’ll ever need.

But I think Cym was determined to give me something.  And she did the next best thing, she made me into a superhero!


When I first saw her post about it, I was immediately floored.  I really enjoyed her Super Sunday series and felt honored that she turned me into one.  Maybe her inspiration came from a certain WarFare Theater post of mine, but either way, I thought it was an awesome and original gift.

Thanks again Cym!