WarFare Theater: Navimie





This was my Furtive Father Winter gift to Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf.  The event was put together by Akabeko of Red Cow Rise.  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I made one of these, apparently I need to a Furtive Father Winter every week in order to make them regularly, lol.  I’ve been brainstorming a lot of ideas lately and acquired new “stars” to feature in future posts, now I just need to stop slacking and put them together already!


The Crimson Hammer 2013 Year in Review

Another year in the books, a new year to look forward to.  Lol, wow I really did slack off in the last quarter of 2013, hopefully I can back on the ball and start posting regularly in 2014.  Thanks again to those who’s visited and commented on my blog. =)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Furtive Father Winter 2013: Silver Medals


Holy cow it’s been a long time since I posted on my blog!  I have so much to talk about that I’ll have to save it for future posts, but today I want to share with you my Furtive Father Winter gift from Libby from Lib Feathers!

Silver Medals: an Ode to the Challenge Mode Noobs

(tune of Silver Bells, of course)

Silver medals, silver medals
It’s Challenge Mode in the dungeons.
Fighting hard, kill them all.
Soon it will be Phoenix day.

Shado-Pan monks, martial arts monks,
Dressed in Pandaren style
In the air
There’s a feeling
of corruption.
Serpent flying
Cloudstrike fighting
Go through phase after phase
Till you burn them all down and they die.

Silver medals, silver medals
It’s time to face Master Snowdrift.
Watch his fists and tornado kicks
Victory will surely be swift.

Next the Sha who
Is so violent
Spikes and smashes his foes
But the heroes prevail
and loot treasures.

Taran Zhu next,
Filled with hatred.
The monastery’s big scene
Don’t get mad and you’ll win this one, too.

Silver medals, silver medals
It’s quiet now in the monastery.
Sha of Violence is no more.
Soon you will have your Phoenix mount.

This poem is pretty awesome!  The funny thing is that in my months-log blog silence, we did end up getting our final silver and our mounts; I’ve just been a total slacker about posting it, lol.  Thanks again Libby for the gift and thanks to Akabeko for hosting this event again!

New Headers

A week or so ago, I was talking to Luxy about changing up my header image for my blog.  I jokingly asked her if she would create some for me and she surprised me by saying she would gladly do it, lol.  Luxy has a real talent for putting together some awesome and funny screenshots together, just check out the various images on her blog and the comic that she and Navi created, The Faily Frostwolf.

So I gave her some of my toons to use and a dew ideas and here are the images she came up with:

First are my Blood Elf siblings, my rogue Kaelina and my mage Kerian.

Kaelina and Kerian

Next are my Tauren twins, my shaman Vynndicator and my druid Caden.

Vynn and Caden

And the last one features my paladins duking it out, Arvash and Valoree.

Arv vs. Val

Thanks again Luxy, my new headers look awesome! =)

Lights Out for the Thunder King

Lei Shen

2 pulls….that’s all it took to take down the Thunder King last night.  Makes that 3% wipe feel so insignificant, lol.

We didn’t raid Tuesday night because we were missing Shadeey and Zarm, so we went into Wednesday night with a lot of anticipation and determination of finally clearing the Throne of Thunder and putting this raiding tier to rest.

We changed our strategy a little, opting to start the fight with Lei Shen on the north conduit (Static Shock), instead of the eastern one (Diffusion Chain), and going clockwise, ending up on the west conduit (Bouncing Bolt) before the first transition.

After the first transition was complete, we brought Lei Shen back to the western conduit and made our way around counter-clockwise, ending on the eastern one.  We used lust on this phase to quickly push us to the next transition.  And once the second transition was done, it was a matter of staying focused and out of bad before the big guy went down.

Our first attempt started off great, but Adoe and Shadeey had trouble on their quadrant during the first transition and were soon overwhelmed by adds.  The second attempt was nearly flawless and the fight just seemed to flow smoothly.

Wok and I managed Decapitate and taunting Lei Shen back and forth with ease.  The group handled Lei Shen other abilities perfectly, stacking tight and spreading out when needed, even during the transitions.  I made sure I positioned myself correctly for Fusion Slash on the second phase so I wouldn’t get punted off the edge like a noob, lol.  Wok did die on the last phase but was quickly brezzed and we finally killed Lei Shen with the entire raid alive.

Lei Shen Down

Shadow Rising Throne of Thunder Complete

From left to right: Zug, with Zarm and Adoe behind Lei Shen, me, Sorak, Van, Tyle, Slice, Wok and Shadeey.

We also got a nice Feat of Strength for completing ToT before the patch too:

Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen

I am really proud of my guild for this accomplishment.  We put in a lot of nights and attempts and used many feasts and flasks to achieve this moment.

Last tier, we missed out on a Sha of Fear kill in the Terrace of the Endless Spring by a week before patch 5.2 hit the servers.  I blame that on our guild meet up in Orlando though, which we totally had a blast at, lol.

Side note: The resort we stayed at in Orlando recently had a sinkhole swallow up part of the complex, which is just crazy and scary to hear.  I blame that on a certain fat shammy panda *cough*Sorak*cough* for loosening up the foundation before he left, lol j/k.

I want to give a special thanks to the other members of SR: Lyss, Psynite, Bocat, Zari, Ryugan and Chewy.  Even though they were not in on the Lei Shen kill, they were all a big part of our Throne of Thunder progression, from our countless wipes and frustrations, like Horridon and Tortos, to our first boss kills and easy ones, like Primordius and the Twin Consorts.

I want to also thank the delay in the release of patch 5.4, without that, this achievement would not be possible.  Bring on the Siege of Orgrimmar, we ready!

And one last small thanks goes to Final Fantasy 14.  Since most of SR is currently playing that, I’d like to believe they were eager to get back to it, so they all brought their A-game to kill Lei Shen quickly, lol.

Great job guys, I’ll see you next week when we down Lei Shen on Heroic and defeat Ra-den!

…..a pally can dream, right? =P