LootMogu Twin Consorts

Yep.  One-shotted the Twins Wednesday night.  ‘Nuff said.

Twin Consorts Down

Why did they have to wait to put the LootBosses™ in the second half of Throne of Thunder?  Why couldn’t they make Horridon a LootDirehorn™ when patch 5.2 came out so we didn’t have to take several weeks and numerous nerfs before we could down the dino?

Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait deep into the Siege of Orgrimmar raid to get our next share of LootBosses™, mmkay Blizz?

The Twins fight is pretty much the same as the LFR version, the only difference I noticed was that the tank who was tanking the Beast of Nightmares cannot be healed by your healers, or else they would get a stacking debuff of them for each heal.

Tanks still have to swap after 2 stacks of Fan of Flames when fighting Suen. She still needs to be dragged to the Ice Comets that Lu’lin periodically leaves to keep Suen’s  Blazing Radiance buff low.

You could use the Celestial buffs to aid you with the fight, but they didn’t seem necessary.  I think Zug was able to get Niuzao’s Fortitude of the Ox (increases health) and Yu’lon’s Serpent’s Vitality (restores health and mana) once.  There may have been Chi-Ji’s A Rush of Cranes (damages enemies) that went out, but I’m not sure.  I did want to see my favorite Celestial come out, Xuen, who grants The Tiger’s Celerity (slows boss abilities), but his buff wasn’t really needed.

And for the final phase, we just rotated raid CDs to minimize the Tidal Force damage that Lu’lin uses.  And that’s pretty much it.

The Twins even fell over the same way next to each other.  Arv’s sleeping with the ladies, lol.

Sleeping with the Ladies

So we spent the rest of the night on Lei Shen.  We put in about 20 attempts on him and on our last and best attempt, we got him down to 30% and into the second transition phase before everything fell apart.  I think once we smooth out our transitions and keep the adds to a minimum, we’ll eventually get him down.

One more boss guys, let’s finish this so Slice can get back to pet battling!

15 responses to “LootMogu Twin Consorts

  1. Grats on your kills. Seems like you’ll have another one soon. They definitely should have moved horidon so he was boss 11 instead of 2. It’s fine to have him be hard, but put him late in the raid so you’ve already killed a lot of bosses before you get to him.

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