Siege of Orgrimmar – Immerseus Cleansed


Patch 5.4 is finally here and with it comes a new raid to tackle, the Siege of Orgrimmar.  The final raid of this expansion, we get to finally put an end to Garrosh’s tyrannical reign and bring order to the land of Pandaria and the state of our beloved Horde.  But first, we have to take out (or help free) Garrosh’s soldiers and minions he’s set upon on us. First up, Immerseus, a corrupted water being, created from the pools found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

We didn’t have Sorak or Wok last night, so that left the tanking duties to Tyle and me, with Adoe, Shadeey, Lyss, Zug and Bocat to dps and Slice, Van and Zarm healing.  We split the raid into separate quadrants around Immerseus to give everyone space to manage its abilities; Tyle and I, with Van, Adoe and Zarm between us, took one half of the room, keeping Immerseus’ frontal cone from hitting others and tank swapping every Corrosive Blast and rest of the dps with Slice took the other half of the room.  This set up gave everyone room to drop and move away from their Sha pools and kept the entire raid from getting hit at the same time by the Swirls and jet of water that Immerseus does in a spinning fashion, similar to Wise Mari’s ability in the Temple of the Jade Serpent instance.

This positioning also allowed us to manage the different puddles that Immerseus would split into around the room during phase two, with the healers healing the Contaminated Puddles and the tanks and dps killing the Sha Puddles.  Killing or healing these puddles provides a short buff that increases your damage or healing on other puddles in that phase.

It took us a handful of pulls to figure out the raid positioning and the split phase.  On the final pull, we had made it through the fourth split when I noticed the Berserk timer quickly approaching zero.  As the final remaining puddles reached Immerseus, the raid exploded and we thought that Berserk had gotten us….until the loot windows popped up and we saw Tyle still alive and breathing.  Go Tyle!

Immerseus Freed

The kill, I mean save, wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it.  Hopefully next week’s attempt will go a lot smoother, lol.

I was blessed by the weapon Gods again.  On our first Jin’rokh kill in Throne of Thunder, I won a tanking axe off a loot roll, the Worldbreaker’s Stormscythe.  On our first Siege of Orgrimmar boss kill, Immerseus dropped its tanking mace, the Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus (which oddly enough doesn’t show on Arv’s armory page).

Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus

We took a couple of pulls on the Fallen Protectors and then called it a night.  We have a few people out today, so we won’t raid again until next week.  But it was nice to start off the new raid with a new boss kill. =)

Super Soaker

Tuesday morning before work, I logged into WoW to do a little bit of bag cleaning on my toons when I noticed that Luxy had broadcasted a message looking for a Blood Elf with a Hozen Beach Ball to pose for a screenshot.  I was curious as to what she was up to, so I whispered her that I would be glad to help her out.  She wanted a pic on the beach and since we were on different realms, I suggested we queue up for the Unga Ingoo scenario for the shot.

So we got set up on the beach, both in our beach grab, when she started shooting me with a gun that was turning me blue.  I laughed and asked her what she was shooting me with and she laughed back and told me to read the post she would put up later.

After reading her post, I found out that the gun she was using was the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun, a rare item that can be found in Throne of Thunder.  The gun is bind on account, so it can be sent to other alts and you could also own multiple guns.

And the interesting thing is that it doesn’t drop off any boss, but comes from a jumping game that Blizz snuck into the raid.

Remember those geyser pools that form a circle on the top platform right before Tortos?  Yep, that’s where this mini-game is located.

Arv with the Geysers

I noticed these pools a while back when we first starting working on Tortos and always wondered what they were for.  I didn’t realize they would be part of a hidden game, let alone reward you with a nifty item.

Walking over one of these geysers will launch you in the air and forward in the direction that your toon is facing.  You will also receive a buff called Spray Water that lasts a few seconds.  After certain stacks of the buff, parts of your body begin to shimmer with a watery effect.

So what’s the catch?  You have to maintain not 25, not 50, but 250 consecutive stacks of the Spray Water buff without dropping any.  Yikes.

Sound easy, right?  Well, for some it was.  Luxy managed to get it after three tries and so did NaviLush.  Me?  Not that easy.

So after work Tuesday, I queued Rasfari up specifically for the Forgotten Depths wing of Throne.  As soon as we killed Ji-Kun and the raid left, I ran all the way back to the start of the wing to begin working towards that gun.

It took a couple attempts to get the mechanics of the geysers down, but then I started having trouble with my placements.  I don’t know if it was my computer lagging or what, but I would either swing my camera too far in, which would put me too far from the next pool and my stacks would fall off, or not swing my camera far enough, which would send me over the platform and into the surrounding water.

I even turned on Ras’ Aspect of the Pack to give me a little help running back to a pool in case I overshot it and that helped a little.  I can’t remember how many attempts I took, but I know I was getting increasingly better: 75 stacks on one attempt, then 130 on another, then 162 and so forth.  After getting sick of hearing the pool splashes for the umpteenth time, I decided to give it a break and went to run some arenas with Ryugan to cap our Conquest for the week before the SR raid.

After our raid, I stayed in ToT and went back to work on the geysers again, this time on Arv.  I was on one run when Slice laughingly asked in guild chat if I was working on that spray gun.  I wanted to respond back quick, but couldn’t; good thing for Slice I didn’t have too many stacks before I failed and they dropped off, lol.

The next attempt started really good.  I took quick glances at the counter.

75 stacks, then 100.

This could be it.

150 stacks, then 200.

I finally got this.

212 stacks, then…..splash!

I zoned out and totally overshot the pool, straight into the water.


I was so pissed.  I vented my frustration in guild chat.  I whispered both Navi and Luxy how fail I was.  And I seriously thought about giving up, so frustrating to lose it, getting so close.

It was getting late, so I logged off and told myself that tomorrow would be a different day.


I woke up yesterday morning and logged into WoW again for some toon cleanup, when I decided to give the geysers one try before heading off to work.  Ras was still in ToT in the same place I left him before, so hopped over to him.

The first pull started off great.

25 stacks, then 50.

50 became 75, then 100 stacks.

I then stopped looking at the counter and zoned out again, but this time I was focused and was nailing each pool like a pro.

I took a quick glance at the counter and I was sitting at 200.

Then my hands started to go numb.

Oh noes, not again.

215 stacks, then 220.

I started to shake.

235 stacks, then 240.

I looked ahead and saw that I was coming around to the pools in the back of the platform, the same ones that I would always overshoot on my fail attempts.

If only I can get past these pools….

248 stack, then 249, then…..


BAM!  Finally!  I defeated the geyser boss!

Ras gets 250!

A wave of relief washed over me, no pun intended.  I was so excited that I almost forgot that I still had to go to work, lol.

Ras, on the other hand, looked exhausted.  After 250 stacks, your entire body shimmers and even snowflakes start to fall.

Well done, my friend. =)

"So tired, mon."

“So tired, mon.”

So after I got home from work, I logged in to finally test out my new toy.

As soon as you hit 250 stacks, you immediately get a mail from Taoshi, congratulating you on your efforts and crazy jumping skills.

Letter from Taoshi

Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

According to wowhead, you can target other players and most NPCs with the spray, so I sent the gun over to Arv, where I had some fun in Orgrimmar.

I tried to spray Gamon, but was one of the NPCs that couldn’t be effected by the spray. so I turned the jets on to the Kor’kron instead.

"Back off!"

“Back off!”

I then had some fun with my fellow blood elf brethren, I don’t think they looked too happy getting their hairdo wet, lol.

Spraying the Blood Elves in Org

And what better way to test out the gun’s effects than on that hot-headed orc himself, Garrosh.

"Cool it, brah."

“Cool it, brah.”

Here’s a close up of the gun, I’m not sure if it’s a unique model, but it is pretty cool-looking.

Arv with the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

I did get to spray my guildies as well last night as we were working on Lei Shen, but I forgot to take screenshots. I’ll have to get some next time.

I know this item may not mean a big deal to others and my bag space is definitely paying for it, but as I was going around Org spraying all the NPCs, all I could think of was the fun times I had with my brother when we were young, playing with the real Soakers.  We used to have all kinds of Super Soakers, from the small handguns to the midsized ones to the massive ones that felt like spraying a firehose, lol.  We even ran around with those belts that carried multiple tanks and we enjoyed spraying each other on those hot summer days.  Those were some good times. =)

Now I just need to get some guildies to get their guns so we can have some water fights of our own, lol.

Blacksmithing, Reborn

The Thunder Forge

Rejoice, fellow Blacksmiths, Patch 5.2 and the Isle of Thunder has finally given us a daily cooldown for our profession and the ability to learn new recipes!  These new recipes allow us to create PvP armor and new “Reborn” weapons; weapons that were learned back when Blacksmithing had the Weaponsmithing specializations, which was even more specialized to Hammer-, Axe- and Swordsmithing.  These specializations were removed at the beginning of Cataclysm because of their complexity, so if you didn’t have the plans before, you were out of luck making these weapons….until now.

Making these Reborn weapons requires several bars of a new reagent, the Lightning Steel Ingot, 2 to 3 bars of Living Steel and 3 Spirits of Harmony.

To begin making the Lightning Steel Ingot, you first have to obtain a quest item, a Strange Metal Ingot, from Itoka, the Master of the Forge, located on the Isle of Thunder.  He first becomes available once your realm opens up Stage 4 of the Isle.

Itoka, Master of the Forge

Once you have the quest item, you turn it in by reading one of the books in the Thunder Forge, which is located just north of Itoka.

Location of the Thunder Forge

Completing the quest rewards you with your first Lightning Steel Ingot and the Notes of Lightning Steel.  Opening the Notes provides you with the plans to create more Lightning Steel Ingots as well as the six “new” weapons I previously mentioned.  They are:

Reborn Weapons

The Reborn Weapons

These Reborn weapons are of rare quality and have an item level of 463, which would be perfect for fresh level 90 toons.  They are Bind on Equip, so you can craft these for your friends and fellow guildies or even sell them on the Auction House.  You can also mog these weapons if you prefer that instead.  Here are previews of each of the Reborn weapons.

EDIT: I just found out that you do need to use the anvils at the Thunder Forge to create any of the Reborn weapons.  Guess you have to make the trip out there after all, lol.

Drakefist Hammer, Reborn – this one-handed mace with spirit can be useful for Holy Paladins, Elemental/Restoration Shamans, Balance/Restoration Druids, Priests and Mistweaver Monks.

Drakefist Hammer, Reborn Description

Preview of Drakefist Hammer, Reborn

Fireguard, Reborn – this one-handed sword with agility can be useful for Rogues and Brewmaster/Windwalker Monks.

Fireguard, Reborn Description

Preview of Fireguard, Reborn

Lionheart Blade, Reborn – this two-handed sword with strength can be useful for Retribution Paladins, Blood/Unholy/Frost Death Knights, and Arms/Fury Warriors.

Lionheart Blade, Reborn Description

Preview of Lionheart Blade, Reborn

Lunar Crescent, Reborn – this two-handed axe with strength can also be useful for Retribution Paladins, Blood/Unholy/Frost Death Knights, and Arms/Fury Warriors.

Lunar Crescent, Reborn Description

Preview of Lunar Crescent, Reborn

The Planar Edge, Reborn – this one-handed axe with strength can be useful for Protection Paladins, Protection Warriors and Frost Death Knights.

The Planar Edge, Reborn Description

Preview of The Planar Edge, Reborn

Thunder, Reborn – this two-handed mace with agility can be useful for Guardian/Feral Druids.

Thunder, Reborn Description

Preview of Thunder, Reborn

Once you’ve created a Reborn weapon, you automatically learn how to create its upgraded version, which requires the Reborn weapon and additional Lightning Steel Ingots, Living Steel and Spirits of Harmony to make.  These upgraded weapons are epic quality and have an item level of 476.  They are:

And you can even upgrade these weapons one more time!  Once you’ve created these upgrades, you automatically learn how to create its final version, which requires the Reborn weapon and even more Lightning Steel Ingots, Living Steel and Spirits of Harmony to make.  These upgraded weapons are still epic quality and have an item level of 502.  They are:

….yeah, I’ll be crafting Lighting Steel Ingots for a while, just to learn all these new plans, lol.

So what weapon will I make first?  I like the look of the Lionheart Blade out of the six Reborn weapons and I probably won’t see a two-handed strength weapon drop for Arv unless I start running LFR as Retribution, so that’ll be the first weapon that gets made.

The Lightning Steel Ingot Cooldown

To craft all these Reborn weapons and to learn all the new plan is going to take a lot of Lightning Steel Ingots.  Creating a Lightning Steel Ingot requires 10 Ghost Iron bars and can only be made once a day.  At first, I thought these special Ingots could only be created at the Thunder Forge, but you can actually create them with any anvil you find, which is very convenient.  Thank God they are not like making the Dark Iron Bars from Vanilla WoW, which requires you to use the special Dark Iron Forge in Blackrock Depths to be smelted.

For every Ingot you make, you learn a new armor plan, either for PvP or PvE, similar to how Tailors learn their new plans from their Imperial Silk cooldowns.  So far, the only PvE plan I’ve learned is the Holy Paladin ilvl 522 boots, the Haunted Steel Greaves.  I have a handful of PvP plans learned, a couple of ilvl 458 Paladin ones (Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Ornamented Legplates and Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Scaled Helm) and some of the ilvl 458 Death Knight Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Desecration set. Crafting the PvP only requires Ghost Iron Bars, none of the precious Lighting Steel Ingots, whew.  The Death Knight set looks really cool, I’m tempted to make the set for Arv for transmog once I get the rest of the plans.

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Desecration set

So, fellow blacksmiths, we finally get a second chance to create some old-school weapons and upgrade them to fit the current content.  Get those hammers ready and keep the anvil hot, we’ve got lots of work to do!

Ma Ma Ma My Monara

Monara, The Last Queen

As if the trash leading to Horridon wasn’t annoying enough, now we have to deal with this bitch, lol.

After dispatching Jin’rokh Tuesday night, we moved on to deal with the Tormented Spirit trash like we normally do when we noticed a giant quest marker hovering over the first set of stairs.  Walking towards it, we were presented with a quest, Requiem for a Queen, that asked us to put someone named Monara to rest.  Here is a description of the quest:

A chilling breeze sweeps across your body, bringing with it a haunting drape of sadness. Your soul sinks as you hear the faint, melodic cries of Monara, the last Queen of the Mogu.
Her sweet requiem creeps through the air, bending and shaping itself into a spectral hand, reaching for your heart. As it grabs hold, you see a brief flash of Monara’s last moments… her brutal murder by the hand of Lei Shen.
Song turns to sadness and Monara weeps, wailing louder and louder into the darkness.

We then realized we encountered something we haven’t seen since the days of raiding back in Wrath, the weekly raid quests.  Remember when we were tasked with killing Flame Leviathan, or Lord Marrowgar or the snow giant before Lootship or keeping Donovan alive during the Lady Deathwhisperer fight for the week and you got bonus Badges for it?  Yep, these weeklies are back, and for completing the quest, you are rewarded with the Spoils of the Thunder King, which contains gold and either a Blood Spirit or Mote of Harmony. No bonus Valor though, booooo.

So where do you find Monara?  She hovers over the platform after the first set of Tormented Spirits, where the giant Golem usually is.  Be aware of her Shadow Nova ability, which will blast anyone within a short-range of her a ways back.  We learned this the hard way, as most of us got knocked off the platform to our deaths.  After a few attempts and multiple deaths, someone read a forum post that said Monara can be pulled all the way back to Jin’rokh’s room to make killing her easier.

So our normal 20-30 minute Horridon trash turned into close to an hour of frustration.  And that frustration was made worse as we didn’t make significant progress on Horridon himself.  I hate this boss, lol.

Wednesday night, we decided to change it up a bit and do a quick clear of Terrace to get some upgrades that people could use.  And since most of us were swimming in Elder Charms from doing dailies on the Isle of Thunder, this would give us a better chance at getting those upgrades.

To throw a little fun into the mix, Lyss and I gave anyone who healed the Enchanted Plant and kept it alive during the Tsulong encounter 500 gold a piece, for a total of 1000 gold.  I threw a couple heals on the Plant and even Shadeey got into the action by bandaging it in between phases too, lol.  Easy achievement is easy.

Who's Got Two Green Thumbs?

We made quick work of the rest of Terrace, one-shotting the whole raid and some people got a few upgrades.  I even got my normal version of my Sha-touched weapon, Kilrak, Jaws of Terror, from the Sha of Fear to replace my raid finder one.  But I won’t be using though, the one-handed axe I got from Jin’rokh, the Worldbreaker’s Stormscythe, has better stats and a much higher ilvl.  I might need to revisit it laster to see if socketing Kilrak with the legendary gem and upgrading the weapon in 5.3 will make a difference.

After Terrace, we made our way back to Throne of Thunder to work on Horridon a bit.  As we were getting ready to kill the respawned Horridon trash, Wok noticed that Shirl was on the Isle of Giants and he asked if she was killing Oondasta.  She said yes, but the raid she was in had just wiped and were reforming for another shot at the giant T-Rex.  We made a quick decision to head out there for some possible ilvl 522 gear and grabbed Zari along the way.  We made it just in time and killed the beast, with most folks getting their first kills and achievements and even loot.  With 11 of us from the guild in on the kill, we even got the guild achievement too.

Oondasta Guild Run

So back to ToT we went, killing the trash quickly and Monara again, this time wasting no time and brought her straight into Jin’rokh’s room.  We didn’t get to complete the weekly quest again, even though the giant quest marker sat on the stairs taunting us.

We refined our strategy a little bit on Horridon and we made good progress as we were constantly getting to the fourth door.  We made it past the fourth door once, but by then most of the raid was dead.

Maybe it was the upgrades and/or the Oondasta kill, but to me, the feeling last night felt more enjoyable as we made significant progress and we got lots of loot.  We’re getting close, hopefully we can kill this damned triceratops next week. =)

Heart of Fear Complete!

What an exciting week of raiding for Shadow Rising!  Not only did we manage to get a new boss kill this week, we cleared up Heart of Fear and got two new kills!  Congrats guys on a job well done!  This is reminiscent of the night we finished up Mogu’shan Vaults where our first Elegon kill was followed-up by a Will of the Emperor kill to complete the raid.

Shadow Rising Ranking

This puts Shadow Rising as the only guild on Drak’Tharon with a complete clear of both Mogu’shan Vaults and Heart of Fear on normal mode 10 man.  Woot woot!

Rocked the Un’sok

We starting the raiding week wiping all Tuesday night and some more Wednesday on Amber-Shaper Un’sok.  It took a good amount of attempts to get everyone acclimated to the Mutated Construct driving and the timing on the different abilities.  We tried a couple different strats, including stacking Destabilize on Un’sok as high as we could, before pushing him into phase 2.  But in our kill attempt, we deployed the signature “SR brute force” strat by pushing through each phase without worrying about rolling the Destabilize stacks on either Un’sok or the Amber Monstrosity in the first two phases and making sure that every Amber Explosion was interrupted.  We saved our Bloodlust for phase 3 to maximize dps, especially for those who were already Mutated.  Un’sok went down with only seconds left on the Berserk timer and I think Wok, Van, Lyss and I were the only ones left standing, lol.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok Down

For my troubles and with a lucky Elder Charm of Good Fortune roll, I got a pretty sweet one-handed sword, the Scimitar of Seven Stars.

Scimitar of Seven Stars

I wasted no time and after the raid was over, I quickly upgraded it to the 500 ilvl version.  Just a couple more Valor points and I should be able to upgrade it once more to 504.

Eliminating the Empress

Honestly, I don’t remember much of the Grand Empress Shek’zeer fight, it was kind of a blur to me, maybe I was tired lol.  All I remember is that it was a tank and spank fight; Wok and I tanking the Empress and then the both us getting spanked and owned by the adds, lmao.

The ranged and healers did a really good job in handling the Dissonance Fields and Zug threw out his banners to help with the damage when the Fields died.   Wok and I did a tank swap at every 4 stacks of Eye of the Empress, if you get a fifth stack, bad things happen (more on that in a bit).

The problem we were running into was when the adds came out.  In phase 2, the Empress goes and hides and sends us 2 Reavers and 6 Windblades split into two groups for us to deal with.  The damage that they deal on the tanks is pretty insane, you have to utilize every CD you have and healers have to give everything they’ve got to keep them up.  We even had Adoe kite a few of them for a bit just so Wok and I could get some breathing room.  Once Wok and I got the adds under control, the rest of the raid made their Amber Traps from the Sticky Resin on the floor so we could trap the Reavers.  After all the adds are killed, the Empress comes back out and the cycle starts all over again.

Because of our dps, we were able to get the Empress down to 30% and into phase 3 before we got another wave of adds.  This phase got really hectic and I really don’t remember all of the abilities the Empress does, but she still continues applying that Eye of the Empress debuff on the tanks, so tank swapping is still needed.  Remember when I said that bad stuff happens when you get 5 stacks of the debuff?  Yeah, you get mind-controlled by the Empress and it doesn’t wear off until you are killed.  It happened to Wok when he accidentally taunted off me and he turned and started going to town on the rest of the raid.  All is not lost, though.  I called over vent to kill Wok and have him brezzed quickly.  The dps took him out quick and Wok was able to come back in time to taunt the Empress off me.  The funny thing was Zarm thought it was a wipe when Wok got MC’d and actually stopped healing for a bit.  Silly Zarm, it ain’t over until the fat panda sings (good thing Sorak’s mic was turned off, ha!).

After that quick recovery, it was just a matter of time before the Empress went down, no flirting with the Berserk timer either!

Grand Empress Shek'zeer Down

In the pic above from left to right is: Adoe, his pet Gurgie, Sorak, Zarm, Van, me, Zug’s big daddy, Liyhe, Zug, Lyss, Wok and Shadeey.

Heart of Fear Guild Run Complete

An awesome week with my awesome guildies, what more can you ask for?  =)  Next stop, Terrace of Endless Spring!