An Invitation and An Invasion from the Land Down Under

Last night, Cayle, on his fail rogue Fayle, wanted to practice his rotations and new talents and abilities by running some random dungeons.  So he, Slice on his shammy and I went and queued up and got End Time as our first one.  We tried to do the Severed Ties achievement on Sylvanas in the Ruby Dragonshrine, but the lock and hunter we picked up in our group had subpar dps and we could only manage to kill one of the ghouls before the phase ended.  The run went fine, no wipes, and Fayle and I even beat the two others in dps on Murozond. ><

Adoe then logs in and we invite him to our group and Slice switches over to his Druid.  I see Cymre log in from my RealID, so I asked if she wanted to run some randoms with us and she said ok and I invite her along as well.  I think this was her first time running a 5-man with SR; I know she’s raided with some of our guildies before in some older raids and even in JD‘s Laid Back ones.  Not sure what impression she got from our guild before, but after tonight she definitely knows how crazy and fun we can be, lol.

Our next instance was Well of Eternity.  Ugh, ugly nelfs! So we’re doing our thing, proceeding through the instance when we come to the second crystal and find out we can’t click on it.  So we’re kinda sitting around, thinking the encounter is bugged and watching Adoe die repeatedly as he tries to stealth past the line of minions marching past.  After a couple of minutes or so, Cym goes off that finds out that Illidan is still waiting at the first crystal, the one we didn’t unlock in the first place.  D’oh!  I told everyone in the group that I didn’t think our guild is ready for MoP yet, lol.  Cym was probably thinking what kind of fail group did I get myself into. =P  So we finally get to Pero’tharn after clicking all three crystals and we try to get the Lazy Eye achievement.  And guess who “fayles” it for us, hint hint?  Yep, the fail ninja. ><  I should have known he’d effed it up, after seeing his “fayled” performance on Madness of Deathwing the night before, lol.  But it was all good, the rest of the run went well and we had no more Fayle Floor Tanking.

We all queued up for another and got End Time again.  And we also got the Ruby Dragonshrine and Sylvanas again and this time with our awesome dps, we were able to finally kill two ghouls and get the Severed Ties achievement.

We got the Emerald Dragonshrine and Tyrande next, so we decided to go for the Moon Guard achievement.  Cym had gotten this before and suggested to leave Slice at the portal at the beginning so he wouldn’t get hit by any of the mobs while we made our way around to reach Tyrande.  It wasn’t bad at all, I think Cym popped a couple heals and I was able to keep myself healed up too, though we did have one Fayle Tanks Floor, as his Alabama internetz hotel room connection went out which caused him to DC and come back to angry mobs by himself, lol.  Slice then met us up at Tyrande and we finished off her off for the achievement.

So during this last encounter, Navi pops up and whispers me through RealID, asking for Lyss’s info.  I think Lyss was trying to help her out with setting up Vuhdo or something.  I whisper Navi back to hold on for a sec, as I’m trying to keep aggro on the mobs and keep Fayle from dying again as we’re making our way to Tyrande.  I guess I was taking too long to respond back, so she logs into her Level 1 Lock that I invited to the guild a couple of weeks ago and invades our guild chat, saying how I was being mean to her!  LOL!  By this time, Lyss has already logged on and the two of them spam guild chat of how big of a meanie I was, Lyss even broadcasted it on RealID. LMAO!!  But it was all in good fun. That’s just how our guild is, we like to pick on one another and make fun of each other and just have a good time.

After killing quickly killing Murozond again, Adoe leaves the group to fix an issue he’s having with his raid frames and Slice drops off to help him.  So Fayle, Cym and I just chat it up, talking about things like our upcoming guild meet up in February, how rich Fayle is in real life and how Cym could take Slice’s spot in our raid group, since Slice kinda doesn’t have a feel for his new priest talents/spells yet, haha.  Then Cym tells us that she has almost 400 pets in her pet journal!!!  I think I only have like 208 and Fayle had like 71.  Lol, I told Cym that Fayle hates me because I didn’t help him out with his pet number and I said I only give pets to my real friends, =P.  But Fayle doesn’t care about pets anyways, I mean, he’s got Fire Anzu, what more does he need, right?

So we decided to finish the night by doing a bear mount run in Zul Aman and getting Slice his Amani War Bear.  Lyss replaced Adoe in our group and off we went.  Man, it is so much easier to do now, with everyone in DS gear and these new abilities, lol.  We even had the time to grab two more achievements, one for not killing any of Halazzi’s totems and the other for fighting Daakara within his own blue rectangular box of shame.

We had a really good night with achievements and mount and all.  Cym wished that Coolidge was on, as she said that he also needed a couple of the achievements that we got.  I told her that I’d come back when they were both on to help them out with it and I’m sure the rest of the SR crew would be able to assist.

Thank you Cym and Navi for hanging out with us, we really enjoyed your company and hope you guys had fun too!  You guys are pretty awesome Aussies!

Frostin’ an Old God with the Frostees and Killin’ a Dragon with a Dragon(ray)

Last Saturday morning, I joined a 25-man Ulduar raid with Navi, Tacky and the Frostees and Dragonray and a couple of her crew.  Most of them were there for transmog pieces, but said they would go for some achievements too.  I was hoping that the two-handed sword, Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion, would drop from General Vezax so I could complete my Ulduar sword collection along with Aesir’s Edge, Abaddon and Stormrune Edge.

We started with Flame Leviathan, where I only need to defeat him in a Salvage Chopper to finish off Three Car Garage.

Ignis was next and after we made quick work of him, we skipped Razorscale and went straight to XT.  Lol, I don’t think we meant to push him to hardmode, but we downed him anyways to get Heartbreaker.

Next was the Assembly of Iron, where a couple of poeple needed to kill Runemaster Molgeim to finish all the achievements in this fight and we got I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim for it.

Made quick work of Algalon, then moved onto Kologarn.  We tried to get Rubble and Roll last week while trying to do If Looks Could Kill at the same time, but it didn’t work out, so we just went with one of them instead and got Navi an achievement.

I died a couple of times tanking Auriya’s Sanctum Sentries, but the rest of the group cleaned her up quick to get Crazy Cat Lady.

Got an easy one on Hodir, Staying Buffed All Winter.

Missed Don’t Stand in the Lightning again on Thorim, but I made up for it by getting 3 achievements on Freya by killing her with all three Elders up for Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood.

Probably the hardest achievement to get when it was current, but we made Firefighter look easy in this run.

We did Vezax’s I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning, sadly, he did not drop my sword. =(

We tried to do Alone in the Darkness when we got to Yogg,  but the damage got too crazy and peeps were losing all their sanity, so we decided to quickly kill him and brought all the Keepers in for the fight.  I did manage to snag He’s Not Getting Any Older.

Afterwards, everyone left and Navi, me and two other stayed to help Tacky get Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare to complete his Glory of the Ulduar Raider.  Grats Tacky on the new mount!

So after that was all said and done, I realized that I was closer to getting my own Glory of the Ulduar Raider than I thought I was.  I’m gonna have to go back and finish this bad boy up!

Sunday morning, I got invited to a group with Dragonray, some of her guildies and Navi.  Dragonray wanted to kill Maly on 10 man for her husband so he could get the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.  I got another two achievements from this:

Which brought me one achievement away from finishing Glory of the Raider.

Hopefully, I can finish these two metas off before MoP arrives.  Thanks to Navi and Dragonray for bringing me along for the cheeves!

Ambermist’s August Challenge: I’m a Collector

Ambermist over at Tastes Like Battle Chicken issued this challenge for the month of August to her readers:

Do you cling to materials in the hopes of always having what you need, or do you store things for the sake of nostalgia? Is your inventory or storage neatly organized or do you rely heavily on search tools to find what you need? Do you collect pets? Mounts? Gear? Memories?

So this is your challenge: I want to know what you collect in the game or games you play. However and why-ever you loot, keep, store, organize, whatever you hold onto, or even if you refuse to hold onto anything–tell me about it!

If you don’t know by now, I’m a big collector, both in-game and out-of-game.  In-game, I collect what most WoW collectors get:  mounts, pets and gear.  I couldn’t imagine how it used to be when your pets and mounts took up bag space, we would have some ridiculously huge bags right now!

I use Bagnon as my addon of choice for item management.  It combines all your items into one big bag, one for your personal bank and one for the bags you carry on your toon.  It’s not as organized like other bag addons like AdiBags, but it suits me fine and allows me to organize my stuff the way I want to see it.

Here’s a screenshot of my Void Storage:

As you can see, it’s already full and most of it is old tier gear of various sorts up to tier 12 collected throughout the years or by transmog runs.  Most of the gear hold special memories for me, like items I’ve been waiting to drop after million kills to gear used to take down end bosses like the Lich King and Nefarian.

Next, let’s look at Arv’s bank:

Lol, yeah, I’m definitely running out of space.  Not sure what I’m gonna do when the gear from MoP starts rolling in unless we get even bigger bags.  My bank contains all my quest reward fun items, archy finds, weapons, shields, robot fuel (do the Dew!) and TCG toys that I don’t use regularly.  The tabards you see at the top are ones that you cannot buy back from the Tabard Vendor or require a special currency to purchase.  This includes holiday tabards, achievement tabards, certain faction tabards and the tabards bought from the UDE points website (Tabard of Frost, Void, Brilliance, Fury, Nature, Defender and Arcane).  At one point in my early days playing WoW, I ended up deleting all my tabards, including my UDE point tabards, and other items just to make space.  Thankfully, Blizz was very helpful in restoring my UDE point tabards back.  I been wishing for Blizz to give us a Tabard Storage too, or even a drop down similar to our Titles, so that we free up some space.  My current PvE ret set is at the bottom left and since Arv is my JC and main AHer, I keep my extra gems in the bottom right.  And yes, I do have one of the Bindings of the Windseeker, if I ever wanted to complete Thunderfury, lol.

And lastly, here are Arv’s bags:

You’re probably thinking, “What’s he talking about?  He’s got a lot of space left!”  Like I mentioned above, Arv is my main AHer, so I have just enough space to repost my items from the mailbox in one trip.  Otherwise, I’d be making 5 to 6 trips back and forth.  Thank God Blizz finally allowed us to stack cut gems, it was such a PITA before, lol.  Also in the screenshot, you can see my tank set, gems for cuts on the fly, profession equipment and my most frequently used toys.

Oh, and another reason for all that space?  AoE looting.  I try to loot every shiny I see, so I gotta make space for all those entire room pulls like I would do for a Rivendare’s mount run.  I’m so excited not having to spend more time looting than actually killing the mobs and bosses, haha.

So there you have it,  that’s the inside scoop to what goes on in my crazy collection in WoW!

Update to the PvP Weekend Update – Guess what…..

Arv and Adoe give the Alliance….Two Thumbs Down!


So Lyssi made a comment on my last post about how she was listening and watching Slice, Adoe and me tearin’ it up in Gilneas Sunday night and how she almost gave up Skyrim to PvP with us.  Well, I guess she sent Skyrim home packing for the night cause she surprised me and joined the three of us in some more PvP awesomeness Monday night.  Slice healed his ass off and Lyssi, Adoe and I blew up Alliance ass all over the place.  We had one match where we were behind and managed to come back at the last second to steal an almost guaranteed Alliance victory and won by less than 100 points.

Do you know who I am? I’m the Jugger Not, bitch!!!

We flirted with another Battle for Gilneas Perfection, but missed it again by mere seconds.  But we made our own perfection; of the 8 games we played, we won all of them!  Woot Woot!  I think Lyssi has just solidified herself as our fifth for 5s for MoP!  Congrats, lol! =)  Thanks again guys for another awesome PvP night!

One more thing before I end this update, Adoe had found the PvP vendor last night in Area 52 in the Netherstorm that sold old gear and weapons from past PvP seasons.  Tonight, he showed me his new transmogged bow which I believe he may have had in the past, the Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow.  He then told me to check out another weapon that would look good with my Snow Knight set, the Vengeful Gladiator’s Greatsword.  I picked it up since I was already Honor capped and I think I’ve found my new favorite transmog PvP sword.  Thanks Adoe!

Snow Knight with Vengeful Gladiator’s Greatsword

PvP Weekend Update – Maybe Gilneas doesn’t suck so much after all….

This weekend’s Call to Arms battleground was Battle of Gilneas.  I know I blasted it the last time I talked about it here, but it actually wasn’t that bad this time around, lol.  I logged on Sunday night and Adoe was telling me that Gilneas was being really good to him and that he was 12-1 so far for the day.  I was actually surprised, I mean, the Horde winning that many BGs in a single day???  I had to see this for myself and told Adoe to queue Slice and me up for some of that Gilneas luck.

The way the battleground is set up is the Alliance start point is close to the Lighthouse and the Horde start point is close to the Mines, with the Waterworks equidistant from both.  The strat we use is we try to take the Lighthouse off the bat through the back way along the coast, to try to evade any Alliance going after Mines.  According to the Adoe Addon (which is not available on Curse and you cannot haz =P), either we successfully take LH, if the majority of the Alliance group heads off to Mines/WW, or we hold off what Alliance force stays behind at LH for as long as possible to give our team a chance at securing Mine/WW.

The first match pretty much set the tone for the night.  As our team quickly grabbed the Mines and WW, Slice, Adoe and I made quick work of the Alliance at LH and 3 capped them.  They did manage to get 10 points off before Slice was able to capture the flag, so we just missed out on getting Gilneas Perfection.  We did win under 6 minutes and got an achievement for it, so it was all good.

The second match started off bad.  Our group was very disorganized and many of the group either quit and just stood on the boat or left the BG all together.  The SR trio kept match from getting too out of hand by capping and maintaining as many flags as we could, but we were at a 2 to 1 flag disadvantage for a good while.  We had a big gap in resources and needed to make a move if we wanted to win.  As we started to get replacements for those who had left at the beginning,  Adoe and Slice gave out orders in BG chat and the rest of the group listened and came together.  We flipped the 2 to 1 advantage in our favor and slowly were coming back, eventually taking the win.  It ended up to be a great comeback match for which we were nicely awarded with:

We played another 6 games, only losing 2 to some really good and well-geared Alliance teams and closed out the night with 6 wins and 2 losses.  I had a really good time last night.  I think with Adoe, Slice and me communicating and coordinating well on vent, it made the experience better.  It’s really nice to have good teammates and ones who give good directions to others in the group. =)

We did talk about future plans to get an arena team going in MoP and possibly work on some titles.  I think we’ll start with 3s and I know Zug said he’d like to join so would could probably rotate in and out.  If we could find a fifth, running 5s would be awesome.  We’re also looking forward to the new BGs coming out in MoP too, they look different enough to be a new challenge to experience.  Thanks guys for a pretty awesome and fun night!