The Chibi Hammer Strikes Again!

Many of you have probably seen some of Sleepingfox’s amazing chibi work. She’s done some awesome pieces for Navi and some of her fellow guildies, Cymre, Coolidge, Dragonray, and for JD’s Mrs. and friend.  So I requested a commission from her, one to capture the essence of my blog and another to honor a special friend of mine.  The wait list was pretty long when I made my request; I had emailed Sleepingfox back in July, but boy was the wait worth it!

First up is the chibi for my blog:

SleepingFox did an amazing job, exactly capturing the look I was going for!  This shows my faction of choice, the class I love to play the most and showcases the best-looking pally PVP set out there!  The detail on the gear with the Abaddon sword from Ulduar is unbelievable!  For the Horde!

For the second piece, I wanted to honor a really good friend of mine, pretty much the guy who got me into this game in the first place, Chewy.  If it wasn’t for him, none of this would be here…Arv and his band of heroes, the achievees, the toys, the raiding, the pvping, meeting awesome guildies, bloggers and friends…and even this blog, lol.  I’d probably be grinding kills in Call of Duty/Gears of War on my Xbox or PS3 right now.  But I’d still be collecting the WoW TCG though…boy, would all those loot cards go to waste and sit there unredeemed, haha.

So Chewy, this one is for you, buddy! =)

One word.  Awesome. =)

Thanks Sleepingfox for the kick-ass chibis!

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