Panda Play Day One – Shadow Rising Realm Firsts!

Last night was a pretty fun start to the expansion.  Chewy and I got to quest together for a couple of hours in the Jade Forest and by the end of the night, I was a couple of bars into 86, about to head to the Valley of the Four Winds.

As with every expansion, it was a night of firsts.

My first pet battles and pet battle achievements:

My kitty was clawing everyone up and it was funny to watch my Soul-Trader punching stuff in the face!

My first rare mob kill: Aethia, a Jinyu who used water-based attacks.  My NPCScan alert scared the crap outta me locating this guy, I forgot I had my speakers turned up high, lol.  He dropped some blue quality leather pants that were BoP, boooo. =P

My first exalted reputation in Pandaria: the Forest Hozen…..although this doesn’t count toward the achievements, hahaha.

My first encounter fighting my giant self thanks to those pesky Greenwood tricksters.  They like to copy you, make themselves bigger, or copy you AND make themselves bigger:

But a more impressive first was not one of mine, but one for our guildies, Zug.  Zug and a handful of others started right at launch and pretty much played straight through, non-stop.  I still think he’s a robot or at least half android, this guy is a beast!  He had a couple of Alliance camp him as he was pushing those last bars into 90.  But Zug, like a boss, did what he does best and got shit done.

I believe Zug got to 90 in less than 20 hours.  Impressive feat, sir!

Another guildie making the push to 90 yesterday was Fayle, our Fayleless leader.  Being an older model robot than Zug, he still managed to achieve his feat in the early hours this morning.

Well done, sir!  Congrats to the both of you!

UPDATE:  Slice just got [Realm First! Level 90 Priest]!  And I believe that he did it as Disc, impressive indeed!  Congrats yo!