OpenRaid – Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25 man Complete!

Sorry for the OpenRaid spam, just trying to get many of these complete before I have to grind out levels in Pandaria next week. =)  This raid was led by Nananananan (lol!) from Zuluhed.  I’ve only attempted RS 25 man once before and we never completed it after 10 tries.  This run took 5 tries, after people learned to drop the debuff AWAY from the raid and peeps stopped dying to cutters in the Twilight Realm.

The weird thing about this achievement is that it says its worth 20 points, but it only gave my 10 according to the Armory.  Hmmm, oh well, lol.

One thing I want to mention that I noticed just recently….I use the Multishot addon to capture screenshots of my achievements and boss kills and didn’t know that they now added a timestamp at the top of your screenshot, showing your toon’s name, level, class, raid/instance, date, time and server you were on when the shot was taken (apologies for my Titan Panel getting in the way ><).