WoW Mega Bloks Review – Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault

So I found a really awesome deal last week.  In our Sunday newspaper, there was a Toys ‘R Us ad that had a coupon for a buy any Mega Blok set, get another set free.  I’ve been eyeing the two larger sets from the initial World of Warcraft Mega Bloks wave, Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault and Goblin Zeppelin Ambush, and this seem the perfect time to get it.  Both sets retail at $99.99 and $64.99, respectively, so with the coupon each set only came out to $50 a piece.  Score!

A little bit of my block-building history for you.  I love LEGO.  I’ve always been, and still am, a LEGO fan ever since my parents bought me my first set when I was little.  I’ve always wished that LEGO would pick up the Warcraft license, but Mega Bloks was quick to get there first.  Never owned a single Mega Blok in my life, but I was excited to finally see my favorite game in block form, so I couldn’t pass up on not getting these sets.  I’ve enjoyed these sets so much that I’ve also picked up a few Halo ones too.

Now with the review.  Let’s first start with the Alliance trio that comes with the set.  These guys vary in height from about 1 5/8 to 2 1/4 inches tall.  On the left, you have Barton, a gnome Death Knight with the Netherforce chest piece and Damselfish shoulders.  He also wields a two-handed mace, Demise.  As you can see, Barton is not in scale with the others, as gnomes in-game are much smaller than humans, but he’d be a tough figure to make if you made him any smaller.  In the middle is King Varian Wynn, human warrior extraordinaire, with his specially crafted chest and shoulders, a cape and his trusty sword, Shalamayne.  He really has a nice Alliance blue set going on there.  And on the right is Mythrin, a night elf priest, who sports the Avatar Tier 5 chest piece and the Undead Cleansing shoulders.  He wields a two-handed staff, the Spire Stonesh.  Night Elves are also taller than humans in-game, so he should also be a bit taller than Varian, but that’s ok.  They’re pretty cool figures.

One thing I like about the Mega Blok figures, especially the WoW ones, is that there is a lot of articulation put into each figure. I love figures with a lot of articulation, they can give you those cool different action poses that you can’t get with other, statuesque ones.  Most of the Mega Blok figures have 12 points of articulation, the ones that sport robes, like Mythrin here, lose the knee joints and only have 10 points.  That’s still a lot for a figure that small!  I have other figures that are 6 inches tall that only have 5 points of articulation, lol.

Another thing about these figures is that most of the armor (chest and shoulders) and the weapons are interchangeable.  That means you can even make Varian look like a priest!

“What the hell?”

Each figure has a hole in their back, so you could have them carry their weapons using a small attachment.  For Varian, you have remove his cape first before you can attach his weapon to his back.

In comparison, the LEGO figures are just as tall as Barton and the smaller WoW figures, but they lack the range of motion than the Mega Blok figures do.  And they only have 7 points of articulation.  Here’s a comparison shot:

LEGO Ninjago, WoW Mega Blok, Halo Mega Blok

Next we’ll review the big baddie of Cataclysm, Deathwing.

This is a pretty cool figure with a 14-inch wingspan, with the red and orange pieces added to give him the molten lava look and the silver and grey pieces give him that plate look that we’ve seen all expansion.  The head-piece is a fantastic mold with a movable jaw for those moments when you want him to omnomnom on Varian, haha.  He’s not to scale with the other figures, so there is definitely no room on his back to recreate the Spine of Deathwing encounter in the Dragon Soul raid.  My only gripe with the figure is that there isn’t an extra “wrist” joint in his front legs, so it looks like he’s on his tippy toes.  But I think the reason for this is so that he can prop himself on the castle better, as you’ll see later.

Onwards to Stormwind!

Stormwind comes with two towers, two archways, a catapult on wheels and a miniature version of the Valley of Heroes.  The Valley of Heroes consists of (from left to right) Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor, General Turalyon and Ranger Captain Alleria Windrunner.  They stand a little over 3 inches tall, again not to scale with the other Mega Blok figures.  Regardless, it still captures the essential look and feeling of having a mini Stormwind in your hands.  There is also a platform that connects the towers and arches together, which you can also use to prop Deathwing on to recreate his famous Cataclysm loading screen shot.

And there you have it, a mini Stormwind right in your own home.  It took me about 2 hours spread across a couple of days to put this together (lol, there were a lot of pieces!).  Other than the scaling issues and front legs on Deathwing, this is a great set and a must have for any WoW collector, especially if you favor the Alliance.

I’ll be doing reviews of the other WoW sets in the future, so stay tuned to those.  Now I can’t wait for Orgrimmar to be blockitized too, lol.

Blok Stats

Set: Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault

Number of Pieces: 809

Estimated Time to Complete: Around 2 hours


  • Deathwing
  • King Varian Wynn, Human Warrior (with Varian Chest and Shoulders and Shalamayne Sword)
  • Barton, Gnome Death Knight (with Netherforce Chest and Damselfish Shoulders and Demise 2-handed Mace)
  • Mythrin, Night Elf Priest (with Avatar Tier 5 Chest and Undead Cleansing Shoulders and Spire Stonesh Staff)
  • Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor (Valley of Heroes statue)
  • General Turalyon (Valley of Heroes statue)
  • Ranger Captain Alleria Windrunner (Valley of Heroes statue)

Shared Topic: What Spell Would You Most Want?

This week’s Shared Topic from Blog Azeroth comes from Arvash (wha?) who asks:

In the new Mist of Pandaria expansion, Druids will be getting a new spell called Symbiosis, which will allow them to “trade” a spell with another player, based on the player’s class and combat role and the Druid’s specialization.

So my question is, if you could have any spell you want from any other class, current spells or new ones in MoP, what would it be?  How would you work it into your rotation, gameplay, etc.?

This question came about when I wrote my post on Paladin Symbiosis.  In it, I talked about how Protection Paladins receive Barkskin from druids, which I thought was okay.  But if I had my own choice?

As a tank, my instincts are to rush in, shield first, and start pounding away at the boss and/or mobs, trying to generate as much aggro as a I can.  The problem?  Paladins don’t have a closer ability.  Sure, we have Avenger’s Shield to range pull Captain America-style the boss/mobs, but to me, I’d rather get up close a personal to my targets as quick as I can.  This is why I’d rather have something along the lines of a Druid’s Wild Charge or Skull Bash or even a Warrior’s Charge, Heroic Leap or Intervene.  Now those are instant and bring you straight to your target!

With the advent of the new level 15 talents for paladins, we have three abilities that give us that extra speed boost: Pursuit of Justice, Long Arm of the Law and Speed of Light (shown in the screenshot above).  Speed of Light comes close to what I’m looking for, but it only increases my speed by 70%.  It’s not quite the Charge I’m looking for, but it’s better than what we had before (which was nothing), right? =)

Here some other spells from other classes that I think would be pretty cool for paladins to have:

Army of Angels – Similar to a Death Knight’s Army of the Dead, only paladins would be summoning angels from above, ready to charge in.  How cool would that be!
Mirror Image – Four paladins with four shields and four swords/maces/axes smashing face all at the same time?  Yes, please!
Avatar – To be an unstoppable force for 20 seconds?  Paladin Smash!
Divine Intervention – Lol, I know this was paladin spell, but please can we haz back?

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Edit:  I got my post linked on WoW Insider today!  Pretty.  Freakin’.  Awesome.  =)

So what spell or spells would you guys choose?