OpenRaid – Ulduar 25 man Meta Complete!

Joined another OpenRaid Wednesday night, this time to finish the rest of the Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) achievements I needed.

This raid was led by Serrafina from US – Proudmoore.

We had a full 25 man raid for this run so again, things went by quick.

I even got a couple of non-meta achievements that I didn’t have already:

And after two hours, I finally had my Ironbound Proto-Drake:

One thing I noticed (and I think this was included with the latest patch) was that you no longer had to go to a mailbox to retrieve your mount once the meta was completed; it automatically gets sent to your Mounts tab, ready to be used.  Sweet!

Serrafina was an awesome raid leader and gave clear instructions and directions and everyone cooperated really well.  She said she usually does these runs every Wednesday night and ICC 25 man runs on Friday nights, so if you’re looking to get your metas done, go and check her out on OpenRaid.

Now to finish off ICC 25 man and Naxx 10 man before MoP…so close to 13K achievees, lol