Furtive Father Winter 2013: Silver Medals


Holy cow it’s been a long time since I posted on my blog!  I have so much to talk about that I’ll have to save it for future posts, but today I want to share with you my Furtive Father Winter gift from Libby from Lib Feathers!

Silver Medals: an Ode to the Challenge Mode Noobs

(tune of Silver Bells, of course)

Silver medals, silver medals
It’s Challenge Mode in the dungeons.
Fighting hard, kill them all.
Soon it will be Phoenix day.

Shado-Pan monks, martial arts monks,
Dressed in Pandaren style
In the air
There’s a feeling
of corruption.
Serpent flying
Cloudstrike fighting
Go through phase after phase
Till you burn them all down and they die.

Silver medals, silver medals
It’s time to face Master Snowdrift.
Watch his fists and tornado kicks
Victory will surely be swift.

Next the Sha who
Is so violent
Spikes and smashes his foes
But the heroes prevail
and loot treasures.

Taran Zhu next,
Filled with hatred.
The monastery’s big scene
Don’t get mad and you’ll win this one, too.

Silver medals, silver medals
It’s quiet now in the monastery.
Sha of Violence is no more.
Soon you will have your Phoenix mount.

This poem is pretty awesome!  The funny thing is that in my months-log blog silence, we did end up getting our final silver and our mounts; I’ve just been a total slacker about posting it, lol.  Thanks again Libby for the gift and thanks to Akabeko for hosting this event again!

Furtive Father Winter 2012: The Rhyme of the Ancient Collector

So I checked my email yesterday morning and found a nice surprise, my Furtive Father Winter gift from none other than The Godmother!  How cool is that!  I’ve been on vacation all week, so I’ve finally found some time to put together a post to share my gift for all to see.  Thank you very much Godmother, this poem is awesome!  And thanks to Akabeko for hosting this event!

Without further ado, here is my gift:

Ahoy there Crimson!

You don’t know me, so let me introduce myself: I’m The Godmother. I’m in the UK, and I’ve been sent here by that lovely Red Cow to bring you some festive cheer. A cursory glance at your Armoury tells me I can’t buy you anything you don’t already have in the Pets and Mounts department (though the thought did cross my mind!) so I’m going to create something for you using the one thing I can provide in abundance: words. I know this isn’t a fabulous wallpaper or anything else with actual use, but I hope it serves to make you realise that even though you and I have never met, we’re part of a pretty large group: the collectors.


The Rhyme of the Ancient Collector

Though separated by the sea
We’re much alike, yes, you and me
Are driven by a common thread.
Collecting’s what we like to do
Jumping on each thing that’s new
Keeping just one step ahead.

Every time they add a pet
It’s one more thing we need to get
A task we’re happy to endure.
When each new mount’s ticked off a list
A draw we simply can’t resist
No need to fight this strong allure.

Some people think that we are mad
That such devotion’s just all bad
But you and I we know the truth.
Collecting’s what we want to do
We’re much alike, yes, me and you
A way to keep us in our youth.

I wish you well along your way
And hope that there will come a day
When you can say your work is done.
And then it’s time to start again
Our joy this hobby to sustain
From owning each and every one.

May all your Battle Pets be rare, and may you have what remains of a fabulous Winter Break. Here’s to lots more stuff to catch in 2013!


So true, Godmother, so true. =)