When OpenRaid goes wrong….kinda

Yes, I know, I signed up for another OpenRaid, lol.  After flirting with almost getting 13K cheese points last night, I went to find a quick raid to join and saw a Onyxia 25 man one forming.  The raid lead, Rawrczar from Illidan, set the raid for 8:30 pm.  We had a full group by raid time, but none of us were officially accepted to the raid.  Some people were posting comments asking if the raid was gonna happen or not.  Fortunately, one of the signees, Neodragoon from Winterhoof, decided to form the raid anyways, gave his RealId in the comments and offered his vent as well.  We managed to assemble 15 members from the original sign up, plus Chewy, who I dragged for some easy cheese points.

Ony went down quick; she didn’t even get a single deep breath out.  Got the two achievees I needed from there and finally joined the 13K club!

After the raid, someone said that Rawr had a tendency to create raids and never start them and suggested that everyone should downrate him.  Another person said that Rawr posted a comment saying that his power went out, but I’m sure no one believed him.

So not all OpenRaids are perfect, but lucky for us, we had an awesome player who managed to put the raid together and successfully complete it.  Thanks Neodragoon!

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