Throne of Thunder – Horridon Hors d’oeuvre

Ready to Kill Horridon

After what felt like 6 months of fighting this stupid sack of triceratops poop, Horridon the Horrible has finally fallen to the Shadow Rising sword.  I know we have to come back next week to kill him again when everything resets, but I’m damn glad we got this kill under our belts.

We went with three healers for our attempts last night, with making our best attempts with this composition last week.  This gave us a good cushion for heals when adds got too crazy and for Jalak’s massive AoE pulses and for an angry enraged Horridon after seeing his master fall.

One thing I did change to help myself for this fight was to turn my nameplates off.  I was responsible for add control on the first and third doors and had a difficult time controlling the Drakkari warriors trolls and their frost orbs on the third door.  I usually run with nameplates on so that I can grab adds easier when they start running all over the place.  With all the graphics and numbers and nameplates cluttering my screen, I couldn’t move the mobs out of range fast enough of the orbs.  And with Shadeey throwing in her own frost orb into mix, things just got too crazy.  With the nameplates turned off, it made seeing the Drakkaris casting the orbs a lot easier and allowed me to move them out of bad quicker.

We had some really good attempts, getting past the fourth door consistently and even hitting the berserk timer a few times.  On our kill attempt, everything was going smooth as we had everyone alive burning down an enraged Horridon, when I suddenly went down with about 30% to go.  With our brez already used, it was up to Wok to solo tank the dino.  His debuff stacks getting high, Van threw a BoP on him to clear it, but Wok forgot to cancel it and I think Zug got one-shotted by Horridon as he was next highest on threat.  So Van yelled at Wok in vent to quickly click it off and shortly afterwards the dino went down.  Crazy ending to a crazy fight, lol.

Dino Meat

Next up is the Council of Elders, hopefully they won’t take as long to kill as Horridon the Horrible.  Good job SR!

16 responses to “Throne of Thunder – Horridon Hors d’oeuvre

  1. I think council will be easier in that it won’t take as long, but we will still need a lot of practice on it. There are too many things going on at once and we will need to see all of them to learn how to handle them.

    • I agree, there’s nothing like putting in 50 plus attempts on a fight to get it right, right? =P

      I’m sick of trolls, Vol’jin needs to come get his homeboys and throw them into Troll Alcatraz already.

      • There is a difference between learning attempts and people not doing the right thing and wiping the raid.

        Horridon took so long because 1) it was a long fight with several different phases and 2) we had to get each phase down correctly before we could work on the next phase.

        I think all of our work on Horridon will actually help us for continuous kills. I keep reading about guilds that killed him fairly quickly but haven’t been able to repeat it. That means the kill was a fluke and they didn’t fully learn the fight. Our kill was NOT a fluke. We worked our butts off and we know the fight. We should be able to kill him again next week.

      • With all the attempts we had on Horridon, we should be able to do this now in our sleep, I know I should (my nightmares are filling up quickly with all the animated bone warriors, Jason Vorhees and now Horridon trolls in there).

        I think the great part of the kill last night was we did it without our regular raid team. With Zarm out, Bocat did an awesome job filling in for him (she was even alive for the kill shot, I guess I took her spot, lol) and Sorak swapped to the role he says is easier and loves the most, Resto. We need to check his Spirit Link Totem’s back though, that poor totem was carrying him all night.

      • Only when he placed it where people could stand in it!

        During the 3rd door he kept placing it next to a frozen orb, there wasn’t any way I could stand in it without getting hit.

  2. I was alive? Something is very wrong lol!
    Grats on getting that miserable pile of dinosaur poop down! Good thing I have push-to-talk because at the end I was yelling “Die you ! Die!” 😀
    Just for the record, I’m really sick of trolls.

    • I think you were, I couldn’t remember, I was cheering you guys from the deadlines and watching Wok sit there bubbled up for what seemed like forever, lol. Thanks for coming again last night. =)

      Yeah, I’m done with trolls. The only good ones worth keeping around is Vol’jin and his Darkspears, my hunter, Zari and Adoe……and maybe, maybe Sorak…

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  4. It was a nice kill indeed. Lets hope for a new kill tonight! Maybe! please! Also here’s to killing him again and having Moog skin him again!

    (also bring ear plugs in case of another pet drop and Arv gets it)

    • Lol, you won’t have to worry about me screaming for it, I bought mine on da ‘Hoof from the AH for cheap a couple of weeks ago.

      Now if I looted the Darkmoon Eye while you guys are on vent, I might scream just a little bit…

    • I’ve no idea what you’re talking about and it was Men in Black, btw….and not a scream, but more of a War Shout, cause I was killing you guys in dps, lol

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