Lights Out for the Thunder King

Lei Shen

2 pulls….that’s all it took to take down the Thunder King last night.  Makes that 3% wipe feel so insignificant, lol.

We didn’t raid Tuesday night because we were missing Shadeey and Zarm, so we went into Wednesday night with a lot of anticipation and determination of finally clearing the Throne of Thunder and putting this raiding tier to rest.

We changed our strategy a little, opting to start the fight with Lei Shen on the north conduit (Static Shock), instead of the eastern one (Diffusion Chain), and going clockwise, ending up on the west conduit (Bouncing Bolt) before the first transition.

After the first transition was complete, we brought Lei Shen back to the western conduit and made our way around counter-clockwise, ending on the eastern one.  We used lust on this phase to quickly push us to the next transition.  And once the second transition was done, it was a matter of staying focused and out of bad before the big guy went down.

Our first attempt started off great, but Adoe and Shadeey had trouble on their quadrant during the first transition and were soon overwhelmed by adds.  The second attempt was nearly flawless and the fight just seemed to flow smoothly.

Wok and I managed Decapitate and taunting Lei Shen back and forth with ease.  The group handled Lei Shen other abilities perfectly, stacking tight and spreading out when needed, even during the transitions.  I made sure I positioned myself correctly for Fusion Slash on the second phase so I wouldn’t get punted off the edge like a noob, lol.  Wok did die on the last phase but was quickly brezzed and we finally killed Lei Shen with the entire raid alive.

Lei Shen Down

Shadow Rising Throne of Thunder Complete

From left to right: Zug, with Zarm and Adoe behind Lei Shen, me, Sorak, Van, Tyle, Slice, Wok and Shadeey.

We also got a nice Feat of Strength for completing ToT before the patch too:

Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen

I am really proud of my guild for this accomplishment.  We put in a lot of nights and attempts and used many feasts and flasks to achieve this moment.

Last tier, we missed out on a Sha of Fear kill in the Terrace of the Endless Spring by a week before patch 5.2 hit the servers.  I blame that on our guild meet up in Orlando though, which we totally had a blast at, lol.

Side note: The resort we stayed at in Orlando recently had a sinkhole swallow up part of the complex, which is just crazy and scary to hear.  I blame that on a certain fat shammy panda *cough*Sorak*cough* for loosening up the foundation before he left, lol j/k.

I want to give a special thanks to the other members of SR: Lyss, Psynite, Bocat, Zari, Ryugan and Chewy.  Even though they were not in on the Lei Shen kill, they were all a big part of our Throne of Thunder progression, from our countless wipes and frustrations, like Horridon and Tortos, to our first boss kills and easy ones, like Primordius and the Twin Consorts.

I want to also thank the delay in the release of patch 5.4, without that, this achievement would not be possible.  Bring on the Siege of Orgrimmar, we ready!

And one last small thanks goes to Final Fantasy 14.  Since most of SR is currently playing that, I’d like to believe they were eager to get back to it, so they all brought their A-game to kill Lei Shen quickly, lol.

Great job guys, I’ll see you next week when we down Lei Shen on Heroic and defeat Ra-den!

…..a pally can dream, right? =P


…is what we got Lei Shen down to last night on our best attempt…





That was only the second time we got into the last phase last night, so things were pretty hectic at that point.  But I think we’ve got this next week with better RNG and internetz.

Thank God that patch 5.4 has been delayed a couple of weeks to allow scrub guilds like ours to finish off Lei Shen.  I’d like for SR to start the Siege of Orgrimmar raid on a clean slate. =)

Super Soaker

Tuesday morning before work, I logged into WoW to do a little bit of bag cleaning on my toons when I noticed that Luxy had broadcasted a message looking for a Blood Elf with a Hozen Beach Ball to pose for a screenshot.  I was curious as to what she was up to, so I whispered her that I would be glad to help her out.  She wanted a pic on the beach and since we were on different realms, I suggested we queue up for the Unga Ingoo scenario for the shot.

So we got set up on the beach, both in our beach grab, when she started shooting me with a gun that was turning me blue.  I laughed and asked her what she was shooting me with and she laughed back and told me to read the post she would put up later.

After reading her post, I found out that the gun she was using was the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun, a rare item that can be found in Throne of Thunder.  The gun is bind on account, so it can be sent to other alts and you could also own multiple guns.

And the interesting thing is that it doesn’t drop off any boss, but comes from a jumping game that Blizz snuck into the raid.

Remember those geyser pools that form a circle on the top platform right before Tortos?  Yep, that’s where this mini-game is located.

Arv with the Geysers

I noticed these pools a while back when we first starting working on Tortos and always wondered what they were for.  I didn’t realize they would be part of a hidden game, let alone reward you with a nifty item.

Walking over one of these geysers will launch you in the air and forward in the direction that your toon is facing.  You will also receive a buff called Spray Water that lasts a few seconds.  After certain stacks of the buff, parts of your body begin to shimmer with a watery effect.

So what’s the catch?  You have to maintain not 25, not 50, but 250 consecutive stacks of the Spray Water buff without dropping any.  Yikes.

Sound easy, right?  Well, for some it was.  Luxy managed to get it after three tries and so did NaviLush.  Me?  Not that easy.

So after work Tuesday, I queued Rasfari up specifically for the Forgotten Depths wing of Throne.  As soon as we killed Ji-Kun and the raid left, I ran all the way back to the start of the wing to begin working towards that gun.

It took a couple attempts to get the mechanics of the geysers down, but then I started having trouble with my placements.  I don’t know if it was my computer lagging or what, but I would either swing my camera too far in, which would put me too far from the next pool and my stacks would fall off, or not swing my camera far enough, which would send me over the platform and into the surrounding water.

I even turned on Ras’ Aspect of the Pack to give me a little help running back to a pool in case I overshot it and that helped a little.  I can’t remember how many attempts I took, but I know I was getting increasingly better: 75 stacks on one attempt, then 130 on another, then 162 and so forth.  After getting sick of hearing the pool splashes for the umpteenth time, I decided to give it a break and went to run some arenas with Ryugan to cap our Conquest for the week before the SR raid.

After our raid, I stayed in ToT and went back to work on the geysers again, this time on Arv.  I was on one run when Slice laughingly asked in guild chat if I was working on that spray gun.  I wanted to respond back quick, but couldn’t; good thing for Slice I didn’t have too many stacks before I failed and they dropped off, lol.

The next attempt started really good.  I took quick glances at the counter.

75 stacks, then 100.

This could be it.

150 stacks, then 200.

I finally got this.

212 stacks, then…..splash!

I zoned out and totally overshot the pool, straight into the water.


I was so pissed.  I vented my frustration in guild chat.  I whispered both Navi and Luxy how fail I was.  And I seriously thought about giving up, so frustrating to lose it, getting so close.

It was getting late, so I logged off and told myself that tomorrow would be a different day.


I woke up yesterday morning and logged into WoW again for some toon cleanup, when I decided to give the geysers one try before heading off to work.  Ras was still in ToT in the same place I left him before, so hopped over to him.

The first pull started off great.

25 stacks, then 50.

50 became 75, then 100 stacks.

I then stopped looking at the counter and zoned out again, but this time I was focused and was nailing each pool like a pro.

I took a quick glance at the counter and I was sitting at 200.

Then my hands started to go numb.

Oh noes, not again.

215 stacks, then 220.

I started to shake.

235 stacks, then 240.

I looked ahead and saw that I was coming around to the pools in the back of the platform, the same ones that I would always overshoot on my fail attempts.

If only I can get past these pools….

248 stack, then 249, then…..


BAM!  Finally!  I defeated the geyser boss!

Ras gets 250!

A wave of relief washed over me, no pun intended.  I was so excited that I almost forgot that I still had to go to work, lol.

Ras, on the other hand, looked exhausted.  After 250 stacks, your entire body shimmers and even snowflakes start to fall.

Well done, my friend. =)

"So tired, mon."

“So tired, mon.”

So after I got home from work, I logged in to finally test out my new toy.

As soon as you hit 250 stacks, you immediately get a mail from Taoshi, congratulating you on your efforts and crazy jumping skills.

Letter from Taoshi

Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

According to wowhead, you can target other players and most NPCs with the spray, so I sent the gun over to Arv, where I had some fun in Orgrimmar.

I tried to spray Gamon, but was one of the NPCs that couldn’t be effected by the spray. so I turned the jets on to the Kor’kron instead.

"Back off!"

“Back off!”

I then had some fun with my fellow blood elf brethren, I don’t think they looked too happy getting their hairdo wet, lol.

Spraying the Blood Elves in Org

And what better way to test out the gun’s effects than on that hot-headed orc himself, Garrosh.

"Cool it, brah."

“Cool it, brah.”

Here’s a close up of the gun, I’m not sure if it’s a unique model, but it is pretty cool-looking.

Arv with the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

I did get to spray my guildies as well last night as we were working on Lei Shen, but I forgot to take screenshots. I’ll have to get some next time.

I know this item may not mean a big deal to others and my bag space is definitely paying for it, but as I was going around Org spraying all the NPCs, all I could think of was the fun times I had with my brother when we were young, playing with the real Soakers.  We used to have all kinds of Super Soakers, from the small handguns to the midsized ones to the massive ones that felt like spraying a firehose, lol.  We even ran around with those belts that carried multiple tanks and we enjoyed spraying each other on those hot summer days.  Those were some good times. =)

Now I just need to get some guildies to get their guns so we can have some water fights of our own, lol.

LootMogu Twin Consorts

Yep.  One-shotted the Twins Wednesday night.  ‘Nuff said.

Twin Consorts Down

Why did they have to wait to put the LootBosses™ in the second half of Throne of Thunder?  Why couldn’t they make Horridon a LootDirehorn™ when patch 5.2 came out so we didn’t have to take several weeks and numerous nerfs before we could down the dino?

Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait deep into the Siege of Orgrimmar raid to get our next share of LootBosses™, mmkay Blizz?

The Twins fight is pretty much the same as the LFR version, the only difference I noticed was that the tank who was tanking the Beast of Nightmares cannot be healed by your healers, or else they would get a stacking debuff of them for each heal.

Tanks still have to swap after 2 stacks of Fan of Flames when fighting Suen. She still needs to be dragged to the Ice Comets that Lu’lin periodically leaves to keep Suen’s  Blazing Radiance buff low.

You could use the Celestial buffs to aid you with the fight, but they didn’t seem necessary.  I think Zug was able to get Niuzao’s Fortitude of the Ox (increases health) and Yu’lon’s Serpent’s Vitality (restores health and mana) once.  There may have been Chi-Ji’s A Rush of Cranes (damages enemies) that went out, but I’m not sure.  I did want to see my favorite Celestial come out, Xuen, who grants The Tiger’s Celerity (slows boss abilities), but his buff wasn’t really needed.

And for the final phase, we just rotated raid CDs to minimize the Tidal Force damage that Lu’lin uses.  And that’s pretty much it.

The Twins even fell over the same way next to each other.  Arv’s sleeping with the ladies, lol.

Sleeping with the Ladies

So we spent the rest of the night on Lei Shen.  We put in about 20 attempts on him and on our last and best attempt, we got him down to 30% and into the second transition phase before everything fell apart.  I think once we smooth out our transitions and keep the adds to a minimum, we’ll eventually get him down.

One more boss guys, let’s finish this so Slice can get back to pet battling!

Squashing the Qon

Iron Qon

So last night, SR went back to Throne of Thunder to take care of some business after missing a few core members last week.  We used our lockout from last week where we killed Ji-Kun and began the night on Durumu.  A couple mishaps from peeps dying to Eye Sores and Adoe accidentally running the blue beam around the room revealing his add and we eventually got the big Eyehead down.

Primordius was a one-shot and so was the Ritualist trash before Dark Animus, which Sorak was very happy about, lol.  We had to adjust our positioning and assignments around for Dark Animus, since this time Tyledres was tanking and Vanicus went heals, who wasn’t there for our first kill.

Another couple pulls after working out some kinks with mistakenly activating the Large Golems and the Dark Animus soon fell over, which Sorak later proclaimed was less exciting than one-shotting the trash before, haha.

So it was off to Iron Qon and his flying doggies, Ro’shak, Quet’zal and Dam’ren.  The last time we faced Iron Qon, we were having trouble with Ro’shak’s Flame phase and the tornadoes from Quet’zal’s phase and only got to Iron Qon once.

It only took us a few attempts to get the flame phase right this time around, with the melee group and ranged group working in sync.  The tornado phase was much better as well, save for the first few attempts where I totally brain farted and failed on them, lol.  I tried to outrun them by running in front, but got caught every time, so I waited instead to let them pass and sprint my way through.  Dam’ren’s frozen stage was pretty trivial; it was pretty easy to avoid the lines of ice from the spear and attacking him on its non-shielded sides.

Then it was Iron Qon’s turn.  At this point, we still had everyone alive and it was just a matter of cycling through our defensive raid CDs during Qon’s Fist Smash and popping our offensive ones and before we knew, we had ourselves a new boss kill.

Iron Qon Down

We didn’t have much time left in the raid, so quickly made our way to the Twin Consorts to get a few attempts in.  We only managed two attempts and was pretty close to getting another boss kill when we wiped at around 5%, real close to the enrage too.  And that was pretty much without any Celestial help, save for maybe one crane assist that Zug was able to pull off.

Hopefully we can burn through the Twins quick tonight and finally get some work done on Lei Shen, maybe even a kill? =P