Terrace of Endless Spring – Punishing the Protectors

Ready to Punish

The Protectors of the Endless is the first fight in the Terrace of Endless Spring, a council-type fight involving three bosses.  Just like the Assembly of Iron in Ulduar, depending on the order you kill the Protectors, you can obtain different parts of an achievement, Power Overwhelming, and even get a different level of loot, called Elite.  Elite loot is item level 503, which falls in-between normal (496) and heroic (509) raid loot.

Since this was our first night, we decided to use the normal strat.  We started using three healers, but after hitting the enrage timer a few times, we went with two and managed a kill for a good start to Terrace.

The easiest combination and order to kill the Protectors is Protector Kaolan first, followed by Elder Regail and Elder Asani last.  We split the bosses up at the start, with Wok tanking Kaolan and I tanked Regail and Asani together.

It is important to keep the bosses out of the Cleansing Water pools that spawn on the ground so that they don’t get healed.  For the tank that has both Regail and Asani, try to interrupt their Lightning and Water Bolt spell as much as possible to help mitigate the raid damage.

Healers or anyone who can dispel, must do so on raid members that get caught in Lightning Prisons, as they will get stunned and take damage until they are freed.

Protectors of the Endless

When Kaolan dies, the other two will be healed to full and gain a damage increase and new abilities.  Elder Regail has an ability called Lightning Storm, where he creates 5 waves in a ring around him that does a lot of damage if you stand in it.  The key to this ability is to get close to the outer edge of one of the waves and quickly move in once it passes.

Elder Asani’s new ability is called Corrupted Waters, where he summons a globe.  This globe always appeared in the middle of the room for us, but I’m not sure if it spawns anywhere else based on where Asani is standing.  Anyways, once the globe is destroyed, it will grant all raid members close to it an attack or healing speed buff called Purity for 20 seconds.  Cleansing Water pools will also still remain, so make sure you keep the bosses off it.

Once Regail dies, it’s just a dps race to the finish.  Asani will continue to use Water Bolts and Corrupted Waters, so keep interrupting the bolts and destroying the globes.  Cleansing Waters again appears during this phase, make sure to keep Asani out of it.  Adoe mentioned about a stacking damaging debuff that is applied to the raid during this final phase, so help your healers out by using any cooldowns, cookies, pots, etc.

Overall, this was a pretty simple fight, the mechanics aren’t too difficult to execute.  I think once we get more kills on these guys, we might try our hand in changing the kill order a bit for a chance at some Elite loot.  We put in some attempts at Tsulong before we called it a night.  He’s a little bit more complicated than the Protectors, but maybe we can get him down tonight.

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