Jaina Proudmore: Tides of War Machinima

If you were wondering what the Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War novel might look like in-game, watch this awesome machinima by Khayllys.  Like she says in the description, if you thought the Fall of Theramore scenario was lacking in story, this video will definitely fill in the gaps.

We’ll Win it Next Year!

Super Bowl 47

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens (and Chewy, lol) on winning Super Bowl 47! =P  It came down to the final series of the game, but my San Francisco 49ers fell a bit short of making an amazing comeback.

The game had a lot of exciting and interesting moments, from the 49ers making it a close game after being down 28 to 6, to Beyoncé’s halftime performance and a surprise appearance by the rest of the members of Destiny’s Child, to the weird power outage in the Superdome that caused a 30 plus minute delay to the game, lol.

I wish I could end my 100th post on a more positive note, but even though my team lost, I believe that the Niner franchise has made some really good moves in the organization to make them a contending team for a championship for years to come.  Thanks to the Niners for making this football season an exciting one to watch, hopefully next year we’ll be the ones to lift the Lombardi trophy and bring the championship back to the Bay Area!