Paladin Symbiosis

So I just finished reading and watching a couple of articles in regards to the new Symbiosis spell that Druids are getting in MoP.  Essentially, it allows the Druid and another player to “trade” spells for a short duration, based on the player’s class and combat role and the Druid’s specialization.  You can still use your normal spells; you just gain one extra spell.  I was curious to see what paladins got and what they gave back to the Druid.

Let’s first see what Druids get from Paladins.

Paladin –> Druid

  • Balance Druids receive Hammer of Justice…I’m guessing this would be useful in PvP or to assist with controlling adds in a raid.
  • Feral Druids receive Divine Shield…this would be good for PvP or PvE content to mitigate heavy incoming damage, but would also cut feral damage by half for that duration.
  • Guardian Druids receive Consecration…this would be useful to Bears in a raiding setting to allow them to gain and maintain AoE threat on mobs if you’re assigned to add duty.
  • Restoration Druid receive Cleanse…Druids can already cure poisons, so this would be useful to cure diseases.

These seem to be ok, nothing OP, with a mix of PvP and PvE usefulness.  Now let’s take look at what Paladins get from Druids.

Druid –> Paladin

  • Holy Paladins receive Rebirth….what? Holy Pallys get a brez???  Hell yeah!
  • Protection Paladins receive Barkskin…meh, another CD for us, I think we’re good on them already.
  • Retribution Paladins receive Wrath………..WTF?  A 2 second cast ranged spell for a melee dps?  /facepalm

Not the Wrath!!!

Now this is still in the beta, so anything is still subject to change.  Please give us something other than Wrath!

What do you guys think of the new Symbiosis spell and how it relates to your non-Druid class and spec?  What about you Druids?