Terrace of Endless Spring Complete!

Finishing the Sha of Fear

After wiping all Tuesday night to Horridon the Horrible, SR went back into Terrace of Endless Spring last night to finish what we started a while back, the Sha of Fear.  Our problem before was killing the pandas in gazebos in time before the second team got sent away, but we just didn’t have enough dps or they would get healed too much by the healy orbs.

We tried to killed the Sha before patch 5.2 came out for a chance at the Feat of Strength, but we ran out of time.  I blame that on an awesome guild meet we had. =)

After 5.2 hit, we received a 10% buff to the Tier 14 raids.  The panada adds were much easier to kill and although we had a hiccup on our first attempt, the second one proved no contest.  I think we had only 6 or 7 Ominous Cackles before the Sha of Fear went down for good.

Tier 14 Complete!

Shadow Rising Terrace of Endless Spring Complete!

And for killing all the major Shas in Pandaria, you’re rewarded with a nifty title, the Tranquil Master.

Arvash the Tranquil Master

Tranquil Master

So with that, all of Tier 14 raiding content is now complete.  Shadow Rising is the only guild on Drak’Tharon with completed MSV, HoF and ToES raids.  DEFAULT, FTW! lol

Not sure if we’ll go back to do any heroics, I think the Throne of Thunder will keep us busy for a while.  Great job again to everyone, now let’s go kill us some trolls and dinos!