Silverlet Monastery

Challenge Mode Noobs.  I think we need to change that name to Challenge Month Noobs, lol.  Whether it’s because someone’s out and we don’t have a full group to run CMs or just having frustrating weeks where we keep missing the silver timer, it seems like it takes a month before the CMN can scratch up a new medal.  It was about a month ago that we got our last silver in Stormstout Brewery and a month before that, it was a silver in Scholomance.  To keep that pattern going, we took on Scarlet Monastery on Saturday, which has been giving us issues for the past couple of weeks.

We had another CMN line up change this weekend.  Voros, a DK and fellow Frostwolf, took Sev’s dps spot for our Scarlet run.  He’s been running in our group lately and even helped Luxy, Lush, Navi and Sev get a silver in Gate of the Setting Sun, which I already had from an SR run a while back.

I also didn’t something different that I had never done before in all of our CM runs…I actually went dps instead of tank!  Yep, you heard that right, no tanking for me this time around.  I’ve been running around the Timeless Isle and LFRs as Ret and having some fun with it that I decided to give the tank reins to Lush’s monk, Aimei, and try dpsing for a change.  I specced into Repentance to give us another CC, instead of using Fist of Justice, which I use while tanking to get two stuns out every minute.

As per CMN protocol, it took us a couple attempts and resets before we got that winning run in, we even managed to handle the trash after Thalnos the Soulrender perfectly, which had caused us so many issues before.  A handful of mobs and a Korloff, Durand and Whitemane kill later, we finally, finally had our silver.

Scarlet Monastery Silver

Scarlet Monastery Complete

With that silver, that puts Navi, Luxy and I one more away from getting our Pandaren Phoenix mounts.  Woo!

So the last silver we need is in Shado-Pan Monastery, which is gonna be the toughest medal to get.  We gave it a couple tries and boy were they rough; Gu Cloudstrike is not melee friendly and the Sha of Violence just gassed out Navi and her heals.  It’ll take us some time and practice to get through, stay tuned for the next CMN update in a month! (or sooner) =)

Challenge Modes: An Undaunting Task

“A hero has faced it all: he need not be undefeated, but he must be undaunted.”
– Andrew Bernstein

So it’s been a while since I last posted about running Challenge Modes with the Challenge Mode Noobs.  We’ve been running it on the weekends while we can and Navi‘s been detailing our adventures as we go.  My screenshots have been piling up and I’ve been slacking on posting them, so here’s an image dump of our last runs.

There were three instances I needed to finish up the Challenge Conqueror: Bronze achievement:

Scarlet Monastery

Navi, me, Karn, Luxy and Lush in Scarlet Monastery

Navi, me, Karn, Luxy and Lush in Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery Bronze 05/24/13

Shado-Pan Monastery

Luxy, Navi, Karn, me and Lush in Shado-Pan Monastery

Luxy, Navi, Karn, me and Lush in Shado-Pan Monastery

Shado-Pan Monastery Bronze 05/24/13


Navi, Karn, me, Luxy and Lush in Scholomance

Navi, Karn, me, Luxy and Lush in Scholomance

Scholomance Bronze and Challenge Conqueror Bronze 05/25/13

Completing all the Challenge Modes with a bronze medal rewards you with a sweet title, “the Undaunted”.

Arvash the Undaunted

With bronzes safely secured, it was time to turn them into silvers.  I already had two in hand; one from an earlier CMN run in Mogu’shan Palace and the other in a CMS (Challenge Mode Slackers – aka my guildies, lol) run in Gate of the Setting Sun.

Temple of the Jade Serpent

Sev, Navi, me, Luxy and Lush in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Sev, Navi, me, Luxy and Lush in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Temple of the Jade Serpent Silver 06/22/13

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Karn, Luxy, me, Navi and Lush in Siege of Niuzao Temple

Karn, Luxy, me, Navi and Lush in Siege of Niuzao Temple

Siege of Niuzao Temple Silver 06/29/13

Scarlet Halls

Luxy, me and Navi in Scarlet Halls

Luxy, me and Navi in Scarlet Halls

Scarlet Halls Silver 07/06/13

This past Sunday, we tried for another silver in the Scarlet Monastery, but we had trouble with the trash pack after Thalnos the Soulrender.  When we finally figured out how to manage it, it got late and Sev had to go.  I think we’ll be ready this weekend to snag the silver in there.

With those three silvers, that puts me at 5/9 (4/9 for the Frostees), leaving four instance”S” to complete:  Scarlet Monastery, Stormstout Brewery, Shado-Pan Monastery and Scholomance.  Halfway there to our Ancestral Phoenix Mount!

To echo a comment that Luxy made on her most recent post (which you should check out for a hilarious pic of Navi, haha), I really enjoy running these CMs with the CMN (me, Lush, Luxy, Navi and our fifth revolving member, lol).  It can get frustrating at times when we make dumb mistakes on adds or missing medals by seconds, but the rewards for finally getting it are totally worth it.  It may take us one or two or four resets to earn that medal, but we never give up, everyone is a good sport and we just laugh about it after all is said and done.  Plus, what can beat bubble-running through adds and getting your favorite druid healer killed in the process? =P

Challenge Modes with the Frostees

Getting ready for Mogu'shan Palace Challenger

Challenge Modes.  Heroic instances on crack.  These special instances are not to be taken lightly and require strategy and finesse to complete.  There’s no chain pulling and AoE’ing all the things down; now you have to be smart and use CC and your class abilities to make it through safely and quickly.

The first time I attempted a Challenge Mode was back during early 5.1.  It was me, Zug, Sorak on Fayle, Slice and Adoe and we tried out Gate of the Setting Sun.  I don’t really remember much of the instance, but I think we got the first two bosses down before we got stuck, frustrated and eventually gave up and decided to come back to try this another time.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a whisper from Navi asking if I wanted to run some Challenge Modes with her and Luxy.  I’ve been wanting to get back and try them again since my first attempts at it, so I was excited to go and said yes.  Originally, we were supposed to have Roshii and Souglyy round out the group, but they weren’t able to make it, so Navi brought Lushnek instead and Luxy invited her mage friend, Karnmageddon.  Navi wrote up an excellent post about our first week with the Challenge Modes here, even making an interesting comparison between Challenge Modes to the Disney movie, Wreck-it Ralph, lol.  I’ll summarize a little bit of that week.

Our first Challenge Mode was Scarlet Monastery, which was our trial by fire run.  We wiped plenty of times and didn’t medal, but we did see it the whole way through and still got an achievement for completing it.

Scarlet Monastery Challenger Time 04/13/13

I also unintentionally got an achievement off Thalnos the Soulrender by leaving three Empowered Zombies alive.  The fight did last a while and I guess we were so focused on the boss that we really weren’t paying attention to the adds, lol.

Empowered Spiritualist

The next day, we tried our hands at the Temple of the Jade Serpent.  Karn had done this Challenge Mode before, so he gave us some good tips along the way and we managed to squeak by with our first medal, a bronze!

Temple of the Jade Serpent Challenger Time 04/14/13

A pretty nice reward for our first go at Challenge Modes. =)

Temple of the Jade Serpent Challenger Groupshot 04/14/13

Temple of the Jade Serpent Challenger Achievements


Last Saturday, we started out our Challenge Mode weekend with Mogu’shan Palace, which was the  daily on Dath’Remar.  The instance went pretty smooth and quick and we improved on our bronze medal the week before by snagging our first silver!

Mogu'shan Palace Challenger Time 04/20/13

Taking the group shot was a challenge in itself, at least for me.  Apparently, I just fail in jumping onto objects and kept leaping over Xin the Weaponmaster’s chair for our group shot.  After a couple of attempts (I got on the chair once and tried to use my Instant Statue Pedestal and fell right though the chair, ><), I finally got settled to take our screenshot.

Mogu'shan Challenger Groupshot 04/20/13

Mogu'shan Palace Challenger Achievements

We then tried to do the Challenge Mode daily on Drak’Tharon, Scholomance, but I didn’t have enough time to do it.  With the five bosses and all that trash, I decided that it would take too long to do.  So we opted for Scarlet Halls instead, which Navi heard was the easiest of all the Challenge Modes.

I don’t know how this was supposed to be the easiest or maybe we were just doing it wrong, but we ended up dying…a lot, lol.  Most of it was because I didn’t have any Invisible Potions on me to skip a lot of the trash, especially the gauntlet after defeating Houndmaster Braun.  I think even Luxy had some defective pots on her, she would pop them running in, but the mobs would immediately see her and destroy her.  So we spent a lot of time corpse running through the gauntlet, while Navi and Lushnek would rez us at the end of it.  We eventually got to Flameweaver Koegler with just minutes left to get a bronze medal, but we messed up on interrupting his Book Burner ability, which filled the room with fire and wiped us.  Nevertheless, we got back and finished the instance, hopefully we can make it smoother next time. =)

Scarlet Halls Challenger Time 04/20/13

Getting two medals out of four instances isn’t bad for our first time running Challenge Modes.  I had a lot of fun doing these and I know everyone else agrees.  We will definitely be prepared (and I will be POTpared, lol) for next time.

Ransacking the Monastery

Yeah, I’m in the middle there, somewhere….

Anne Stickney of WoW Insider put out a post last week that reminded us of the new changes to the Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery instances and the chance that we may not see some of the old gear drops when the instances get upgraded to heroic.  One of the items that was listed that caught my eye was the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, a green quality tabard that only drops from the Scarlet Trainees that appear after Herod is killed.  I already have this tabard on Val, but since these aren’t account wide, I figured it would be a quick run and something to add to my ever-growing number of tabards that are taking up so much space in Arv’s bank (Tabard Storage, please Blizz!!!)

So Monday night, I headed off to the Monastery and apparently being the noob I am, I took the wrong door and ended up in the Library part of SM. ><  Oh well, I thought, might as well blast through this quick then.  I remembered a post that Hyperious wrote about the Dog Whistle trinket that dropped from Houndmaster Loksey and how that it could also be removed from the game after Mist of Pandaria releases.  And come to find out, I didn’t have that trinket either on Arv, lol.  So after a long and hard 0.001 second battle with the Houndmaster, I got lucky and the trinket dropped for me on the first go.

Sit Booboo sit…good dog!

Ok, now off to the Armory part of SM, which is where I needed to be for the tabard.  I killed Herod so many times and kept resetting the instance that after the sixth of seventh time, the instance gods had enough of me and told me I could do no more for a while.  Oh well.  So I hearthed back and sold al the silk cloth on the AH for a nice bit of change and called in a night.

WTB AoE looting….hurry up 5.0.4!

I decided to try my luck again Tuesday night and brought Chewy’s newly created level 30 shammy along for the ride.  After the fourth pass through, I finally got what I came for.

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

So if you’re looking to get any of the old gear, trinkets or tabard from Scholo or SM, I’d suggest you better get a crackin’ before Blizz sends these to the gear archives.  Now if only the RNG gods would drop that damned fox kit pet so I can stop doing those effing dailies in TB and be finally done with that place!