The Heroic Tier 11 Trifecta


A couple of days ago, Adoe and I had a conversation about going back one night and doing some older raid content, like Throne of the Four Winds or Bastion of Twilight, for achievements and titles.  We attempted to get a Heroic Cho’gall kill towards the end of Cataclysm, but we just didn’t have enough dps to burn through him for a shot at Sinestra.

We didn’t have enough people on last night to do more progression work on Wind Lord Mel’jarak and we already cleared MSV the night before, so we decided to head out and do some Tier 11 content instead.

Our first stop was at the Bastion of Twilight.  We quickly brute forced, SR style, through the etinn Helpus Whinebreaker, the duo dragons Therma and Valouise and the Barbershop Ascendant Quartet.  We did the first three on normal, because we wanted to get though it as fast as possible, but looking back, we probably should have just done all of them on heroic.

Cho’gallbladder was more of the same, 30 seconds and he was down and we promptly fell through the floor, a la Trial of the Crusader-style, to meet P Deathy’s booty call, Sexy Sinestra.

Heroic Cho'gall

Time to kill Sinestra

We thought we could just mow right through Sinestra, but we were so wrong.  She still has abilities that can even one-shot the best geared level 90 raider, like Wrack and the beam from the Orbs.  You also are forced to deal with all three phases of the fight, so no killing her in phase one.  After the first three wipes, we took a break to watch a video of the fight to learn the mechanics.  After that break, the next attempt had everyone making it through to phase 3 and even though a couple of people ran the orb beams through the raid (lol), we finally killed Sinestra and got what is probably one of the best titles in the game, probably because we kill and ride so many of these damn things!

Heroic Sinestra

Dragonslayer Arvash

The next stop on our Heroic tour of Tier 11 was a visit to Uldum to the Throne of the Four Winds.  My first heroic kill of the Conclave of Wind, aka the Three Airmigos, was in an OpenRaid night I did last September.  So we broke some wind, quickly dispatching the trio, and met up with Big Weird Al.

Big Al

Now I missed killing Heroic Al by less than a percent in the previously mentioned OpenRaid night, so I had no doubt that I would have my revenge this time around.

Heroic Al'Akir

Arvash of the Four Winds

After riding like the wind for a bit, Sorak suggested that we do some OS3D for mounts for those that needed it.  I mentioned Nefarian and Blackwing Descent and some thought I was kidding.  Well, we did clear the first two T11 raids easily and we had about an hour left in the raid, why not? =P

Blackwing Descent was the last raid Moog/Wok did with us before he left to play something called Rift or Aion or whatever, so this was kinda of a homecoming for him.  Moog came back to us for MoP and has been an awesome monk co-tank with me and I can’t thank him enough for it, Cayle was just tanking the floor way too much, lol.

We again made quick work of another T11 raid, doing it all on heroic, defeating Mag-AwHellNaw-Maw, crushing Omnomnomnom-tron, putting Chimerella to sleep for good, gonging Altomedes and squashing Maloricrack.

Oh, if you kill Maloriak on Heroic difficulty without dying, you also get a nifty title.

Liyhe, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

Yeah, I had to grab Slice’s title, because I died at the end of the fight and didn’t get it.  I would say this is best title ever, even more than Dragonslayer, but the title is only a temporary one.  Booooooo, lol.  I guess Blizzard didn’t want us clogging up screen space, running around with this lengthy title, but nonetheless, it is still pretty awesome.

And here’s more achievement spam for BWD:

Heroic BWD Achievements

I got my Heroic Atramedes and Heroic Chimeron achievements in a run I did with the Frostees last July too. =)

At last it was Nefarian and Zombie Onxyia time.  Nefarian, the harbinger of Nightmares for me back when he was current content.  We had countless wipes on him, mainly because I couldn’t tank the Animated Bone Warriors right.  And there were night where I couldn’t sleep, just thinking about that fight.  Eventually, I got my act together and got those warriors to die properly, finally putting those nightmares to rest.  Still couldn’t sleep that night, though, only because the adrenaline was still pumping, hours after the kill, lol.

We made several attempts on Nef, most of it were trying to remember how to swim and jump up on the columns again.  And as with standard SR operating procedure, we finally got our kill on the last pull of the night.

Heroic Nefarian

Arvash, Blackwing's Bane

So with all our achievements, titles and transmog gear in hand, we called it a night. Next up for another time is Heroic Rags for the Firelord title (which I already got =)) and maybe Heroic Deathwing for the Savior of Azeroth title.  Grats and thanks to all for a fun night!

OpenRaid – Extinguishing the Lord of Fire and Heroics, Heroics, Heroics Galore!

I have…..LEGS!!!

This past weekend was a very busy OpenRaid weekend for me, probably the last one for a while as we focus and progress through the land of Pandaria tomorrow.  All the raids were mostly successful; one was a miss and one was heart-breaking, sub 1% miss.

My OpenRaid binge started on Thursday night, where I got invited to tank a Bastion of Twilight Heroic Cho’gall 10 man raid, with possible work on Sinestra.  This raid was led by Agrophobia from Azshara, who made a comment during the raid that he’s been working on this fight for quite some time and had about 150 pulls under his belt with no success.  I think SR attempted this boss a couple of times, but we weren’t able to kill Cho’gall either.

We gave it a good shot, putting in about 10 attempts and getting to phase 2 three or four times, but we could not kill the two-headed monster within our allotted time.  I guess my date with Sinestra will have to wait for later. =(

Friday night, I signed up for two raids back to back; a Heroic Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 man and a Heroic Ragnaros 10 man.  The Heroic TotGC 25m was scheduled for 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm and was hosted by Zzigg from Zul’jin.  I figured this would be a quick run, since we had a full raid and we were not attempting The Traitor King achievement.

It took us a little bit to get everyone summoned and we didn’t get started until about 7:45 pm.  I got worried that we wouldn’t be able to finish the raid before I had to leave for my Heroic Rag run (which I preferred to go to and didn’t want to miss), so I whispered Zzigg that I would have to drop if we weren’t done by 8:00 pm, which she was okay with.  Thankfully, everyone cooperated and we zerged through all five bosses quickly and finished just in time for my next raid.

On to meet the Lord of the Firelands.

Prior to this run, I was already 6/7 in Heroic Firelands with SR and we also completed the meta achievements to earn our Purple Birdies.  I can’t remember if we ever attempted Heroic Rags as a guild, but this was definitely a kill that I wanted before MoP came out.

This raid was led by Wildlight from Hyjal and was supposed to go from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  Wild had killed Heroic Rags quite a bit and actually put this raid together to get his buddy, who was helping him out with his OpenRaids, the Pureblood Fire Hawk mount (which Wild had reserved before the raid started).  Everyone was cool with it; I think we just wanted the kill for the achievement and title.

Even though we were decked out with DS gear, this fight was still not easy for us.  Wild started on his hunter, but moved over to his holy pally, and we also replaced a couple healers and dps that were failing to the easy stuff.  The first three phases of the fight are similar to normal Rags, except with increased damage and the World In Flames ability in phase 2 and 3.  It had been a while since I killed normal Rags, but I quickly remembered the “dance” of the fight.

It took us about 5 or 6 attempts to finally push Rags into Phase 4, where he finally gets tired of sitting in his lava pool hot tub and decides to comes out of it, where you can actually see his legs!  LOL.  And you get help from Cenarius, Malfurion Stormrage and Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem as well in Phase 4, how cool is that?  We had a trouble getting Rags caught in the Entrapping Roots that Hamuul Runetotem set out, which caused a couple wipes.  We kept at Rags strong all night, passing the designated stop time of 9:30 pm, but after a total 15 pulls and spending three hours in the Firelands, we came out victorious!

I was so excited about getting the Firelord title that even though it was getting late, I decided to sign up for another raid, Heroic Throne of the Four Winds, for a shot at another title, “of the Four Winds”.

This raid was led by Saltbutter from Zul’jin, and was scheduled for 1:00 am to 2:30 am, so this was already Saturday morning, lol.  Salt’s original plan was to do a 10 man version, but if he had enough interest, he would turn it into a 25 man raid, which is what happened.  I was originally set to go in as dps, but got asked to tank Nezir instead, which I was happy to do.

We had a lot of trouble with peeps dying on Anshal’s and Rohash’s platforms to basic mechanics and after a good hour, Salt decided to convert the raid to a 10 man version.  A lot of people were upset at this, but there was no way we could have completed the encounter with the some group not getting out of the bad stuff.  From what others were saying on vent, Heroic Conclave of the Wind is still one of the hardest T11 bosses to do, next to Heroic Ascendant Council and Sinestra.  I was thankful that Salt decided to keep me in for the 10 man run and after two tries, we finally got them down.

Next up was Heroic Al’Akir.

It was getting really late at this point, we were pushing it past 3:00 am my time, so we gave it about five tries before people had to log.  We had two attempts under 1%, which was so frustrating, but we just couldn’t push the dps over.  Oh well, gonna have to come back here later in MoP to get this one along with Heroic Cho’gall and Sinestra, lol.

The last OpenRaid I signed up for this weekend was a OS3D 25 man raid.  This was hosted by Saevia from Tortheldrin.  Now we’ve been running this raid in SR for the past month or so to get everyone their Twilight Drake mounts that drops from Sarth, but I haven’t been able to win it on my rolls.  Well, I guess it was my lucky night!

Whew, that was a lot of raiding this weekend, what a fun and exciting end to Cataclysm for me.  Now it time for the leveling grind to begin, see you all in Pandaria!

OpenRaid – Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25 man Complete!

Sorry for the OpenRaid spam, just trying to get many of these complete before I have to grind out levels in Pandaria next week. =)  This raid was led by Nananananan (lol!) from Zuluhed.  I’ve only attempted RS 25 man once before and we never completed it after 10 tries.  This run took 5 tries, after people learned to drop the debuff AWAY from the raid and peeps stopped dying to cutters in the Twilight Realm.

The weird thing about this achievement is that it says its worth 20 points, but it only gave my 10 according to the Armory.  Hmmm, oh well, lol.

One thing I want to mention that I noticed just recently….I use the Multishot addon to capture screenshots of my achievements and boss kills and didn’t know that they now added a timestamp at the top of your screenshot, showing your toon’s name, level, class, raid/instance, date, time and server you were on when the shot was taken (apologies for my Titan Panel getting in the way ><).

When OpenRaid goes wrong….kinda

Yes, I know, I signed up for another OpenRaid, lol.  After flirting with almost getting 13K cheese points last night, I went to find a quick raid to join and saw a Onyxia 25 man one forming.  The raid lead, Rawrczar from Illidan, set the raid for 8:30 pm.  We had a full group by raid time, but none of us were officially accepted to the raid.  Some people were posting comments asking if the raid was gonna happen or not.  Fortunately, one of the signees, Neodragoon from Winterhoof, decided to form the raid anyways, gave his RealId in the comments and offered his vent as well.  We managed to assemble 15 members from the original sign up, plus Chewy, who I dragged for some easy cheese points.

Ony went down quick; she didn’t even get a single deep breath out.  Got the two achievees I needed from there and finally joined the 13K club!

After the raid, someone said that Rawr had a tendency to create raids and never start them and suggested that everyone should downrate him.  Another person said that Rawr posted a comment saying that his power went out, but I’m sure no one believed him.

So not all OpenRaids are perfect, but lucky for us, we had an awesome player who managed to put the raid together and successfully complete it.  Thanks Neodragoon!

OpenRaid – ICC 25 man Meta Complete!

Introducing the newest float to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sorry for the week-long blog silence, just came back from a wonderful vacation, celebrating the wifey’s b-day with her family.  =)  Boy, do I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on, so I’m apologizing in advance if I spam yours with comments, lol.

Sunday night, JD was very generous to set up an ICC 25 man raid to help me finish the rest of the achievements I needed for the meta.  I had already signed up Arv for an OpenRaid run for Monday night before I saw JD’s LBR, so I brought Dizzee my warrior instead.  We had server troubles with some of our raiders and they kept getting DC’d throughout the night, even JD himself.  We weren’t able to get any of the achievements I needed (coming real close to getting Full House), but nevertheless I had a good time hanging out with fellow bloggers, including Lyss, Van, Navi, Cymre, Draynee, Akabeko and JD.  We didn’t get to kill the Lich King, but we’ll probably extend the raid and finish him off this weekend.

Monday night, I joined an ICC 25 man raid hosted by Darriepants from Kil’jaeden.

Another great raid leader, she explained the fights really well and we finished the raid 20 minutes ahead of schedule with a lot of peeps completing their metas, including me =)

Here’s the last four I needed:

To finish off the meta and receive my mount:

A nice shot of both ICC mounts, with Lyssi on the 10 man version

This mount looks awesome with my Snow Knight set =)

Another awesome OpenRaid complete and another Meta achievement down!

Oh, I went to check my cheese points after the raid and I’m at:

Stupid frackin’ five points, lol =P