When OpenRaid goes wrong….kinda

Yes, I know, I signed up for another OpenRaid, lol.  After flirting with almost getting 13K cheese points last night, I went to find a quick raid to join and saw a Onyxia 25 man one forming.  The raid lead, Rawrczar from Illidan, set the raid for 8:30 pm.  We had a full group by raid time, but none of us were officially accepted to the raid.  Some people were posting comments asking if the raid was gonna happen or not.  Fortunately, one of the signees, Neodragoon from Winterhoof, decided to form the raid anyways, gave his RealId in the comments and offered his vent as well.  We managed to assemble 15 members from the original sign up, plus Chewy, who I dragged for some easy cheese points.

Ony went down quick; she didn’t even get a single deep breath out.  Got the two achievees I needed from there and finally joined the 13K club!

After the raid, someone said that Rawr had a tendency to create raids and never start them and suggested that everyone should downrate him.  Another person said that Rawr posted a comment saying that his power went out, but I’m sure no one believed him.

So not all OpenRaids are perfect, but lucky for us, we had an awesome player who managed to put the raid together and successfully complete it.  Thanks Neodragoon!

Calling the Grand Crusade and More Dragons!

More of the same from the previous night, as SR went old raid hunting again Wednesday night.  We had Van, Lyssi, Slice, Moog, Tel, Adoe, Shadey, Bobcat, Chewy and me.  Trial of the Grand Crusader on heroic 10m was our first stop.  We thought that we would run into trouble, trying to go for the achievements while the raid was set to heroic, but we quickly found out and we definitely had plenty of dps to bypass a lot of the mechanics.  We killed Gormok so fast that the Snobolds almost didn’t come out for the Upper Back Pain achievement, lol.

Jaraxxus was more of the same, he went down pretty quick after we waited for two Mistresses of Pain to spawn from the portal.

I forgot that only 6 Faction Champs come out on 10-man, so with the 10 of us, we made quick work out of them.

We also got Salt and Pepper achievement on the Twin Valkyrs fight for those who didn’t have it.  Then we dropped down and waited to take Anub out.  And waited.  And waited.  And he never showed up.  We thought that we killed the Valkyrs so fast that Anub was waiting to spawn on a timer, but that wasn’t the case.  Apparently the raid bugs (lol) out if you change the raid difficulty while inside the raid.  So we weren’t able to complete ToTGC.  Oh well, I’ll remember to change it next time before we zone in.

Then it was off to kill more dragons.  Onxyia’s Lair was next.  We kept it at 25m for a chance that the mount would drop, but no luck for us tonight.  We missed out on She Deep Breaths More and Many Whelps! Handle It!  but we’ll get them next time.

The last stop was Halion in the Ruby Sanctum.  I think there were a few people who had never seen him before, RS was that “filler raid” in between the end of ICC and the beginning of Cataclysm.  We died once on a trash pack, but the rest of the raid went pretty quick and after a quick debrief from our Adoe Addon, Halion was out for the count.

Chewy had not seen ToTGC or RS before tonight, so it was pretty cool to bring him along for the ride.  Grats to everyone again on their cheeves!