PvP Weekend Update – Alterac Valley Weekend

Got a late start on Call of Arms: Alterac Valley weekend, I didn’t get to log on until Sunday night.  I had only planned to run a couple of games to cap 4 graveyards to get Alterac Grave Robber.  It took four games, but now I can finally stop capping them, lol.

The Horde went 3-1 in those games, so I figured I’d ride this streak a little bit and see what happens.  And I went 3-0 in the next three.  Go figure. =P

The next game, right before the gates dropped, someone had yelled to turtle in Drek’s room.  I guess most of the players in the group had been zerging and zerging all weekend and wanted something different to do.  Surprisingly, the entire raid held back and didn’t bother to zerg Vanndar Stormpike.  So we took camp in front of the Frostwolf Graveyard and waited for the Alliance to come.  And they came.  And they died….a lot.  It was basically Alliance Farmville for us, the HKs were just piling up.  I figured this was the perfect time to try to go for the Wrecking Ball achievee.  I tried getting this achievement in an awesome Arathi Basin game a couple of weeks back, but came up short, dying twice in that game.  Our AV group had some really great healers that kept our front lines up, and in the final minutes, I finally got that achievee that eluded me the last time, as well as a crap ton of HKs.

A pretty fun PvP night, even if I didn’t get to do it much this weekend, lol.

Edit: Just a quick update.  I needed about 12 more kills to get Loyal Defender, so I finished that up Monday night.  I guess that’s all the easy achievees in AV now, lol.

Farming the Isle

So I decided to run a random BG before going to bed last night, hoping for maybe a quick AB or even SotA.  Instead, I got IoC.  Coming off an IoC weekend, I was already pretty sick of that BG, but it is a good source of Honor Kills if you can get a good group.  I was hoping we would kill High Commander Halford Wyrmbane and get it over with, but noticed that no one was assaulting any of the bases.  “Great, another turtle match,” I thought and almost left the group.  It didn’t take long for the HKs to start spamming my screen, so I decided to stay and wait it out.  We didn’t “turtle” per se, as they were not able to take any of our walls down, but we did manage to win by depleting all their reinforcements.

Got my 100 Conquest Points and a bunch of HKs, what more can you ask for?

297 down, only 11,402 more to go…

/sigh…this could take a while…