Cleaning up LK’s and KT’s house and Half-Mogs

Hmmm….what should I wear?

We’ll get to what the above screenshot means a little bit later.  Sorry, no PvP Weekend update post this time around.  Wait…no PvP?  Yep, nada.  Was it because of Isle of Conquest weekend?  Nah, I decided to take a break from smashing Alliance heads and just settled for some old raid fun time.  Maybe you’ll get a PvP update next week, lol.

Last week, SR decided to head into 25-man Icecrown Citadel and work on Zug’s Shadowmourne quest.  We had Adoe, Cayle, Chewy, Lyssi, Bocat, Van, Zug, Slice on his chain-healing noob shammy and me.  Zug was on the part we he had to take Sindy’s bad breaths to the face four times.  So we made quick work of the Lower Spire, Lootship 1.0, Deathbringer Saurfang and healed Valithria Dreamwalker to full.  It took us a few tries to get Sindy down, but Zug got his Shadow’s Edge all covered with Sindy’s halitosis and we got a nice achievement for it.

So Zug turned his completed quest into Darion Mograine, and Darion told Zug that now he had to bring him 50 Shadowfrost Shards, which only drop off 25 man ICC bosses.   50!!!  According to wowhead, all normal 25-man bosses have a 25%-50% chance to drop a shard, while heroic 25-man bosses have a 50%-75% chance to drop a shard.  /facepalm ><  So we headed over to the Plagueworks and decided to try the Abomination twins on heroic.  We used SR’s long-standing tactic, the Brute-Force, and one-shotted both Rotface and Festergut.  I think Zug might have gotten a shard or two out of the twins.  Adoe then said hell no to Heroic Putricide, which everyone pretty much agreed, lol.  I took up the Abom driving duties since I was also working on my own Shadowmourne on the Unholy Infusion quest, just a couple behind Zug.  The pools ended up getting out of control and I died before I could complete my quest, but it was fun watching Cayle soloing Putricide for the last 10%.  We did get two achievements out of it and a shard, so that made up for my missed quest.

Chewy gets it in the face by Rotface, lol

We finished the night clearing the Blood Princes and Blood-Queen Lana’thel on normal, grabbing another achievement.

I think Zug ended up with 4 shards for the night…..we gots a long ways to go, lol.  And we might need a couple more peeps to down Lich King on 25-man too. =)

I picked up the last Conqueror’s Mark of Sanctification in that run to complete my Tier 10.5 Lightsworn set and in my excitement, rushed over to Tirion to show him the good stuff.  I don’t think he was impressed though; he was being all “Mr. Srs Bznz” and stuff. =P

Look at me, Tirion! =P

Saturday morning, Navimie, being the awesome person she is, rounded up a couple of the Frostees (Tacky, Aza and Faithless) to help me get Shocking in 25-man Naxx.  I also brought Chewy along for the ride since he was up just as early as I was.  I had just missed joining the Frostees last week when they had just finished Shocking and Navi was so kind enough to help me get it this week.  Getting Shocking also gave me Glory of the Raider, so a very nice one-for-two special.  Thanks guys for helping me finish this up! FAFA!

I just kicked Thaddius in the nuts, lol

Now you’re probably wondering what the hell this Half-Mogs stuff is that I mentioned in the post title.  Well, from these two ICC and Naxx runs, along with some gear stashed in my bank, I tried another attempt at mogging my gear into something visual-worthy.  Slice and Zari probably think I’m sick, but I wanted to redeem myself from my prior failures, which you can see for yourself below:

Courtesy of Repgrind

Courtesy of Repgrind

So, yeah….um….yeah.  Pretty bad huh?  I think JD and crew would definitely throw me out of the Mogolympics if I tried entering this atrocity into their competition, lol.  Hey JD, maybe for the next Mogolympics, you could have a Juggling event…I could definitely whip up a mad clown suit, haha.

Anywho, I managed to gather up a couple of pieces together and create a new look for my Prot set.  When Adoe first saw this on me, he said that I looked pretty cool and I was ready “to tank the shit out of something”, lol.  Navi kinda dubbed my look as the “Unholy Paladin”, so I’ll go with that.

Unholy Paladin

Unholy Paladin with Crimson Deathcharger mount

Unholy Paladin set

I couldn’t half-mog my Prot set without having done my Ret set too, so I put together some pieces which are basically recolors of the Unholy Paladin set.  Couldn’t think of a name for this set, so I came up with the first /facepalming thought that crossed my mind.

Snow Knight

Snow Knight with Phosphorescent Stone Drake mount

Snow Knight and the 7 non-matching pieces set (not including rings, trinks and relic and yes I know you can’t really see bracers or neck =P)

So yeah, I’m still using my Cataclysmic Gladiator PvP gear for the rest of the pieces and I know I have more work to do on it, but I think it looks ok for now.  I don’t know how crazy I’m gonna go with the whole transmogging craze most players are into now, but I did have fun putting these half-assed sets together. =)  I think the best mog outfit, though, is in the image below, I call it the Magic Arv set, lmao.

Courtesy of Repgrind

Paladin Symbiosis

So I just finished reading and watching a couple of articles in regards to the new Symbiosis spell that Druids are getting in MoP.  Essentially, it allows the Druid and another player to “trade” spells for a short duration, based on the player’s class and combat role and the Druid’s specialization.  You can still use your normal spells; you just gain one extra spell.  I was curious to see what paladins got and what they gave back to the Druid.

Let’s first see what Druids get from Paladins.

Paladin –> Druid

  • Balance Druids receive Hammer of Justice…I’m guessing this would be useful in PvP or to assist with controlling adds in a raid.
  • Feral Druids receive Divine Shield…this would be good for PvP or PvE content to mitigate heavy incoming damage, but would also cut feral damage by half for that duration.
  • Guardian Druids receive Consecration…this would be useful to Bears in a raiding setting to allow them to gain and maintain AoE threat on mobs if you’re assigned to add duty.
  • Restoration Druid receive Cleanse…Druids can already cure poisons, so this would be useful to cure diseases.

These seem to be ok, nothing OP, with a mix of PvP and PvE usefulness.  Now let’s take look at what Paladins get from Druids.

Druid –> Paladin

  • Holy Paladins receive Rebirth….what? Holy Pallys get a brez???  Hell yeah!
  • Protection Paladins receive Barkskin…meh, another CD for us, I think we’re good on them already.
  • Retribution Paladins receive Wrath………..WTF?  A 2 second cast ranged spell for a melee dps?  /facepalm

Not the Wrath!!!

Now this is still in the beta, so anything is still subject to change.  Please give us something other than Wrath!

What do you guys think of the new Symbiosis spell and how it relates to your non-Druid class and spec?  What about you Druids?

Master of Tol Barad

Finally!  Tol Barad is complete!  Going into Friday, I needed only 5 more wins to get Tol Barad Veteran, which in turn would get me Master of Tol Barad.  It took all day, since the games were at least 2 hours apart and the Alliance won some of them, but I dun did it.

I’m glad I finished this zone before MoP gets released; I haven’t seen more than 10 Horde queue up for this BG in the past week.  Now I wish I could have completed Wintergrasp when it was current.  It takes forever now to build up kills and run the siege engines to the bring down the walls in Wintergrasp that it’s practically not worth it, especially if you’re the only one in the zone. Oh well.

Since I plan on not coming back here (unless SR wants a Alizabal guild kill), I took a couple of screenshots before I left the zone:

Warden’s Vigil


Ironclad Garrison

Mo Problim

For you pet and mount collectors out there, don’t forget that you can get the Rustberg Gull, the Reins of the Spectral Wolf and the Reins of the Drake of the West Wind with the commendations that you earn by doing the dailies in the zone.  I had some leftover commendations and forgot that the vendor sold this trinket, the Baradin Grunt’s Talisman.  I believe he can aid you in attacking mobs for a short duration, but I didn’t get to test it out.

Baradin Grunt’s Talisman

Now I won’t ever have to worry about zoning in here anymore!  Yay!!

Wait…..there’s a Fox Kit pet that drops in this zone, you say???  #$%^&!!!

Goodbye, Tol Barad……or is it?

Guest Post – Sorak aka Fayle Tanks Floor

This post is brought to you by our fearless leader, Sorak, who wanted to add a picture to his comment on yesterday’s post, but because wordpress doesn’t allow pictures in comments and because he won’t post it on his own blog, Sorak, Don’t Hate, I decided to let him post here.

Warning: Politically Incorrect Post Ahead!  DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER if you get offended by:

Heroism (Bloodlust, For The Horde!)
or 80’s Cartoon Nostalgia

Enter at your own risk!

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