PvP Weekend Update – A Weekend of Crazyness

Frustrating.  Fun/Exciting.  Downright hilarious.  These words describe the crazy PvP weekend I had.  And it involved all different forms of PvPing, which I’ll explain below.


This past weekend’s Call to Arms was Warsong Gulch.  And Friday night was full of premades.  Of the Alliance variety.  And I’m Horde.  Yeah, you know where I’m going with this.  Of the five games involving Alliance premades, we lost all of them pretty bad.  I know that premades can still be beaten with good coordination from the group, but the groups I was in didn’t even try; as soon as the first flag was capped by the Alliance, the Horde would just run into the middle and try to get as many HKs they could get in before we got 3-capped.  We even had a game where our entire group spent the last 10 minutes as ghosts as the Alliance camped our graveyard, lol.


Not all the WG games were bad, some were really great ones and they involved…achievements!  Yay!  The first three achievees I got this weekend involved one of the easier ones (if you’ve played a lot of WG games) and two of the hardest ones to get in WG, imo.

I started the BG weekend with 80 flag carrier kills, so it was only a matter of time until I finished getting the 100 needed for:

I was focusing of the flag carriers so much that I ended up getting the first of two of the harder achievees in WG by returning 5 flags:

I also capped another 2 flags for an excellent and exciting Horde win:

The next achievement I got is probably by far the hardest WG achievement to get and probably the most stressful.  It involves killing the enemy flag carrier in their own flag room with their flag in their possession all while they are holding your flag and trying to cap it.  Pretty intense, if you ask me.  You can see how close the Alliance pally got before we stopped him in his tracks. I didn’t really “Save The Day” per se, more like “Save The Cap” as the Alliance would end up winning anyways.  But hey, I’ll take that achievee any day, any way I can!

Sunday morning, I grouped with Navi, Shab and Sev for more PvP fun.  The Frostees always seem to bring the good luck to the BGs I’m in whenever I run with them, I think we only lost one or two games out of five.  We had a WG where a encountered a very nice troll druid, who did a really nice thing for me.  I had already capped the first two flags without dying and on the third one, this troll druid had carried the flag all the way into our flag room and instead of capping it, he dropped it for me and allowed me to cap it for the Ironman achievement.  So, Trapt of Llane, thank you so much for your generosity!

After we finished our BG runs, Navi, Shab and Sev went off to try to win a Darkmoon Duel at the Faire for Navi.  I also went to Faire back on Drak to attempt to win one too.  When I reached the arena, I saw a Tauren pally and three Alliance there, waiting to get into the ring.  The Tauren asked me how many more trinkets I needed, and I told him this was my first time and that I was only looking to get one.  He offered to help me get that one, so we grouped up and managed to hold off the other three Alliance that were in the ring.  I looted the chest in the middle of the ring and got:

Inside the chest were a couple Mana potions, gold and a Pit Fighter trinket.  The trinket had a quest to collect 11 more Pit Fighter trinkets, which will nab you the Darkmoon Dominator achievement and a Master Pit Fighter trinket.  I didn’t realize that this is similar to the Gurubashi Arena Master and Gurubashi Arena Grand Master achievements from Stranglethorn.  The Tauren pally I was grouped with had already 6 of the Pit Fighter trinkets, so I told him I would help him get the rest if we were on at the same time.  Looks like this is gonna be another achievement that will take some time to get, lol.

I’ll be back for the rest of the trinkets!

Downright hilarious

I came back online Sunday night just to reset my Auction House postings, when I noticed that Navi was online again.  We were going back and forth, thinking of something to do and was about to go on a Blue Proto Drake run in Utgarde Pinnacle, when she got an invite to do a Rated Battleground with Joubran‘s guild.  The group also had an extra spot, so Navi invited me to come along.  She also gave me a heads up and told me that the RBG leader, Gatemaster, can be very animated over vent.  Talk about a sailor’s mouth!  Let’s just say it was like having Richard Pryor or George Carlin with an Aussie accent (or was it Irish, lol, I’m not sure) spitting curses like every other word.  It was actually pretty hilarious because I was laughing so hard, which kinda took the edge off a bit, as I was essentially the noob in the group and didn’t want to disappoint.  I had run a couple Rated BGs with the Frostees in the past, but we lost both as we played against some really good teams and we were still learning how to work as one.

Navi and I played two games, both Eye of the Storm, before the group took a break from RBGs.  Gate and another member gave really good directions and orders and the group worked really well together.  Even though Gate was swearing constantly, he never berated anyone in the group, most of it was directed towards the Alliance, lol.  He just seems really passionate about his PvPing.

My first game was horrible, I don’t think I even had a single kill.  But I managed to delay the Alliance for a while by AoEing around the central flag, keeping them from taking it and assisting with capping other bases.  After an intense battle, I got my first Rated BG win.

The second game was much, much better, as I switched over to tanky spec and managed to stay alive a lot longer.  I even ninja assaulted two bases and capped the flag twice, lol.

Navi got three achievements and titles (Grunt, Sergeant, Senior Sergeant) in those two wins alone.  Grats Navi!  Me?  I got a long way to go for a title with my paltry 384 rating.  Woohoo!

By the end of the weekend, I nabbed a few achievements, got some more experience in Rated BGs, saw some random acts of kindness and finally got friendly with the Warsong Riders (which means it’ll only take like 4000 more WG games to get Exalted, lol).  Sorry for the long post, but as you can see it was filled with a lot of crazy PvPing for a crazy PvP weekend!

PvP Weekend Update – Eye of the Storm Weekend

It started out promising.

This past weekend’s PvP Call to Arms was Eye of the Storm.  The Horde was perfect in the games I was in Friday night and I ended up going 5-0.  I was surprised to see that each group worked well together; people were calling out incomings, we controlled 3 bases in each match and controlled the middle to cap flags.  Just like how well-oiled organized teams should be.

It’s amazing how you can get a totally different group the next day.

Saturday morning and night were like a bizarro world.  Really, really bad groups.  Lots of players with no resilient gear.  Lots of fighting on the roads.  No base reinforcement.  The alliance even 4 capped at least 4 of the games I was in.  I think I finished the day at 2-6…./sigh…

“I don’t understand it either, guys.”

Oh well, at least I got an achievee in one of the good games I was in: