Friday Fun Night – Shadow Wolves Raids T11 and T12

Lyss and I had a discussion a couple of weeks ago about organizing a fun guild night where we would do things like raid old content or farming dino bones on the Isle of Giants, all while chatting it up and laughing on vent.  We wanted to do this to bring in more guild interaction on our off raid nights and to also break up the monotony of wiping on progression bosses, week in and week out *cough*Horridon*cough*.  The last time SR did a fun night like this was back in January, where we raided T11 and in one night, killed Heroic Cho’gall, Heroic Al’Akir, Heroic Nefarian and even Sinestra.

Our first fun raid night was scheduled two Fridays ago, with the intentions of finishing up the T11 achievees for the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider.  We had 9 SR peeps sign up for the event (me, Van, Bocat, Slice, Lyss, Shirl, Zari, Adoe and Shadeey), and so I asked Navi earlier in the day if she wanted to come.  She said she was still missing a lot of the T11 achievees, so it was a definite yes for her.  Adoe and Shadeey weren’t able to make it to the raid that night, so Navi brought in Lushnek and Exray from her guild to fill out the remaining spots.

We started the night with Bastion of Twilight and left it on Heroic the whole way through.  Halfus ran over me like a truck and I died once, but came back quick to finish the fight.  I honestly think we ended the fight not releasing any of the drakes…maybe that could have helped out a little, lol.

Two of the few achievements I had left for the meta came on the next fight, the twin dragons Valiona and Theralion.  We barely got the Double Dragon achievement as we killed the last Twilight Fiend just in time before the Twilight Realm team died.

Heroic: Valiona and Theralion

Double Dragon

The Ascendant Council was next;  I remember reading about how this was the hardest Heroic encounter back in Cataclysm.  They didn’t stand a chance to our army of 90s.

Heroic: Ascendant Council

We tried to get The Abyss Will Gaze Back Into You on the Cho’gall fight, but with the additional adds and all the bad going out to deal with, we couldn’t keep the corruption levels low enough.  So we avoided that achievement and just killed him for those who needed the Heroic kill.

A few people hadn’t seen the Sinestra fight before, so after explaining a little bit of the fight and handing out assignments, we managed to one-shot her, getting some people their Dragonslayer titles.

Next up was Blackwing Descent.  Again, we did the whole raid on Heroic and it went pretty smoothly, except for a couple of hiccups on Heroic Nefarian.  We did have another close achievee call by just getting Nef to 50% before he landed in Phase 3 to get Keeping it in the Family.

Keeping it in the Family

Oh, and I finally got the best temporary title in the game during the Heroic Maloriak encounter.  I managed to stay alive this time around, helping those that needed the Aberrant Behavior achievement and not getting blown up by the adds and bad.  Looking at this title makes me feel like I just killed some of Gru’s unfortunate friends from Despicable Me, lol.

Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

We ended the night working on the Stay Chill achievement in Throne of the Four Winds, but it was getting late and we had trouble getting our stacks up, so we left it for the next fun raid night.

– – – – – –

Shadow Wolves Heroic Al'Akir Kill

So last Friday, we headed back to T11 land.  Our raid comp was a little different from the prior week, with Chewy coming in on his Drak shammy, Smutt, in place of Shirl.  Navi said that Exray wouldn’t be able to make it, and so we brought in another fellow Frostee, Luxygaga.  We started in BoT again, this time doing everything on Normal, even Cho’gall, to make the run quicker and the achievement easier to get.

The Abyss Will Gaze Back Into You

We then went to BWD to get the last part of Achieve-a-tron for Van and killed Atramedes for some transmog gear for Navi.

Then it was off to Tot4W again to finish up the meta.  We tried different strats to get everyone the correct amount of Wind Chill stacks and after a few attempts, the achievement was finally ours.

Stay Chill

And with that, my meta was complete.

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider

The reward for completing this meta is another directional Wind drake mount, the Reins of the Drake of the East Wind, which is a really nice-looking red drake.

Reins of the Drake of the East Wind

We finished Tot4W by killing Al’Akir on Heroic for those who needed the “of the Four Winds” title.

Since we finished T11 so quick, Lyss suggested that we go to T12 for a quick Firelands run to get the “Firelord” title.  I had gotten my title in an OpenRaid run last year and I remembered how crazy and hectic that fight was, especially to see a Leggy Rags running around, so I was eager to hear what the rest of the group thought about it when we got to him.  Luxy mentioned before we got to Firelands that she solo’d Alysrazor earlier in the week farming for the mount and that we wouldn’t be able to see the Firebird, but we decided to go through with it anyways.  One by one, each Heroic boss fell; Shannox, Beth’tilac, Rhyolith, Baleroc and Staghelm.

I did want to test out something with the Baleroc fight.  With such high health pools in MoP, I wanted to see how high I could stack my health on the gatekeeper.  I was already at 700K HP before the fight started and hoped to hit 2 million HP by the end, but I didn’t quite reach it.  I got pretty damn close to it, though, Like a (Mini-Raid) Boss!

Arvash, the Mini Raid Boss

In order to see Heroic Rags, you have to kill every other boss on Heroic, so when we got to his Lair, of course Rags was nowhere to be found.  So we flipped the raid to Normal and just burned him down quick, no pun intended.  We even had Seeds, Sons of Flame and Scions all at the same time as we transitioned into phase 3. =P

Shadow Wolves Rags Kill

It was nice to blast those achievements out of the way and I had a good time hanging out with everyone.  We’re planning to do Dragon Soul achievements this Friday and maybe we can also get some Firelord titles too.  Thanks again to the Frostees for joining us for the runs and grats to everyone on their achievements!

The Heroic Tier 11 Trifecta


A couple of days ago, Adoe and I had a conversation about going back one night and doing some older raid content, like Throne of the Four Winds or Bastion of Twilight, for achievements and titles.  We attempted to get a Heroic Cho’gall kill towards the end of Cataclysm, but we just didn’t have enough dps to burn through him for a shot at Sinestra.

We didn’t have enough people on last night to do more progression work on Wind Lord Mel’jarak and we already cleared MSV the night before, so we decided to head out and do some Tier 11 content instead.

Our first stop was at the Bastion of Twilight.  We quickly brute forced, SR style, through the etinn Helpus Whinebreaker, the duo dragons Therma and Valouise and the Barbershop Ascendant Quartet.  We did the first three on normal, because we wanted to get though it as fast as possible, but looking back, we probably should have just done all of them on heroic.

Cho’gallbladder was more of the same, 30 seconds and he was down and we promptly fell through the floor, a la Trial of the Crusader-style, to meet P Deathy’s booty call, Sexy Sinestra.

Heroic Cho'gall

Time to kill Sinestra

We thought we could just mow right through Sinestra, but we were so wrong.  She still has abilities that can even one-shot the best geared level 90 raider, like Wrack and the beam from the Orbs.  You also are forced to deal with all three phases of the fight, so no killing her in phase one.  After the first three wipes, we took a break to watch a video of the fight to learn the mechanics.  After that break, the next attempt had everyone making it through to phase 3 and even though a couple of people ran the orb beams through the raid (lol), we finally killed Sinestra and got what is probably one of the best titles in the game, probably because we kill and ride so many of these damn things!

Heroic Sinestra

Dragonslayer Arvash

The next stop on our Heroic tour of Tier 11 was a visit to Uldum to the Throne of the Four Winds.  My first heroic kill of the Conclave of Wind, aka the Three Airmigos, was in an OpenRaid night I did last September.  So we broke some wind, quickly dispatching the trio, and met up with Big Weird Al.

Big Al

Now I missed killing Heroic Al by less than a percent in the previously mentioned OpenRaid night, so I had no doubt that I would have my revenge this time around.

Heroic Al'Akir

Arvash of the Four Winds

After riding like the wind for a bit, Sorak suggested that we do some OS3D for mounts for those that needed it.  I mentioned Nefarian and Blackwing Descent and some thought I was kidding.  Well, we did clear the first two T11 raids easily and we had about an hour left in the raid, why not? =P

Blackwing Descent was the last raid Moog/Wok did with us before he left to play something called Rift or Aion or whatever, so this was kinda of a homecoming for him.  Moog came back to us for MoP and has been an awesome monk co-tank with me and I can’t thank him enough for it, Cayle was just tanking the floor way too much, lol.

We again made quick work of another T11 raid, doing it all on heroic, defeating Mag-AwHellNaw-Maw, crushing Omnomnomnom-tron, putting Chimerella to sleep for good, gonging Altomedes and squashing Maloricrack.

Oh, if you kill Maloriak on Heroic difficulty without dying, you also get a nifty title.

Liyhe, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

Yeah, I had to grab Slice’s title, because I died at the end of the fight and didn’t get it.  I would say this is best title ever, even more than Dragonslayer, but the title is only a temporary one.  Booooooo, lol.  I guess Blizzard didn’t want us clogging up screen space, running around with this lengthy title, but nonetheless, it is still pretty awesome.

And here’s more achievement spam for BWD:

Heroic BWD Achievements

I got my Heroic Atramedes and Heroic Chimeron achievements in a run I did with the Frostees last July too. =)

At last it was Nefarian and Zombie Onxyia time.  Nefarian, the harbinger of Nightmares for me back when he was current content.  We had countless wipes on him, mainly because I couldn’t tank the Animated Bone Warriors right.  And there were night where I couldn’t sleep, just thinking about that fight.  Eventually, I got my act together and got those warriors to die properly, finally putting those nightmares to rest.  Still couldn’t sleep that night, though, only because the adrenaline was still pumping, hours after the kill, lol.

We made several attempts on Nef, most of it were trying to remember how to swim and jump up on the columns again.  And as with standard SR operating procedure, we finally got our kill on the last pull of the night.

Heroic Nefarian

Arvash, Blackwing's Bane

So with all our achievements, titles and transmog gear in hand, we called it a night. Next up for another time is Heroic Rags for the Firelord title (which I already got =)) and maybe Heroic Deathwing for the Savior of Azeroth title.  Grats and thanks to all for a fun night!