PvP and Arena Fun

An interesting thing happened over the weekend.  We actually did some pvp with the guild, lol.  Saturday night, Psynite and Slice were chatting it up in guild chat and someone mentioned about running some BGs as a group.  I was messing around on an alt trying to get a second farm going, but I quickly abandoned that and switched over to Arv to tag along for some BGs.  Adoe and Lyss also joined and so we had a nice 5-man group ready to pvp.

Our first BG was Silvershard Mines.  I noticed that the northern cart was close to the depot, so I made a run for it as soon as the gates dropped.  I was accompanied by a few Hordies and there was only one Alliance there to challenge us, so we quickly took control of the cart right as it entered the shaft for a nice achievement.

End of the Line

We ended up winning that BG pretty decisively.  I’m not sure what it is about Silvershard, but I’ve won it in every group I’ve been with.  Crazy luck maybe?

We had a couple of games in The Battle of Gilneas, which went really well and also turned out to be both Horde victories.  I decided to go Prot with my pvp gear on to protect and AoE around the flags, which turned out really well.  The Alliance could not assault a flag that I guarded. =)

Next up was Warsong Gulch.  For capture the flag BGs like this and Twin Peaks, I usually go Prot and volunteer to be the flag carrier.  Right off the bat, I raced over the Alliance base and quickly ran back, ready to capture it.  It didn’t take long, as our Horde flag carrier kill group quickly downed the Alliance flag carrier for a quick capture.  As Slice mentioned that night, the Alliance quickly gave up and didn’t bother trying to cap our flag from that point on.   They pretty much hovered in the middle, trying to get Honor kills instead.  That seems to be the norm, though.  I ‘ve been in many Horde groups where we would also lose the first flag and everyone would just give up.  I’ll at least make a game out of it; I’ll keep running after the flag even if we’re down 2-0.

It didn’t take too long to cap the other two flags, the Alliance tried to slow me down on the third, but I popped my trinket and sped up the ramp for another quick capture and another achievement for finishing in under 7 minutes.

Warsong Expedience

The next BG was another Silvershard Mines match.  Like the previous SM game, the Horde dominated and we were capturing carts left and right.  We had such a big lead that I even had time to run around to find the Restoration and Berserking buffs for an achievement.

Greed is Good

And I even escorted a cart from the spawn point all the way to the depot.

The Long Riders

Those final achievements finally pushed me in the 17,000 club too.

It's Over 17000!

Our last BG of the night was Arathi Basin, which we didn’t win.  We couldn’t overcome the Alliance resources and they pretty much controlled 3 out of the 5 territories the entire match.  Still, winning 5 of 6 BGs was a pretty successful night for us.

Adoe, Lyss and Slice decided to call it a night after the AB game, so Psynite asked me if I wanted to do some 2v2 arenas with him.  The last time I did any arenas was with Slice and Adoe towards the end of Cata.  I’ve been wanting to get back into them, as this is the easiest way to cap your Conquest points for the week.  So I dropped the team I was on with Adoe and joined Psy’s Morphlings.

Before Psy joined SR, he was an avid pvper back on his other server.  He mainly ran as either a paladin or a hunter and I think he mentioned he did 2s, 3s, 5s and even rated BGs, so he has a lot of experience.  Sorak invited his Rogue over to Drak to help fill our raid dps when we were short peeps and has done an awesome job getting raid ready with all the gear he’s been getting.  He’s been pvping on his Rogue a lot lately, and even though it was new to him, he still tears up the charts, lol.

While waiting for our first arena match, I bought the last two Malevolent pieces I needed to complete my set, the bracers and cloak, with the Honor points I accumulated that night.  I didn’t get to gem or enchant several of my pieces before the matches started to roll in.

Our first handful of matches were…..bleh.  I was rusty and it showed.  I was popping my trinkets at the wrong times, blowing my CDs on the wrong target and was just getting owned.  I was worried that Psy was thinking he made a mistake pairing up with me, lol.  But we kept at it and eventually started to get some wins in.  I took a break about halfway through our matches to gem/enchant/reforge my gear and it definitely made a difference.  Psy noticed it too, as my burst was quicker and damage higher, which increased my confidence.

As double dps, we had to rely on a lot of burst and damage on one player, throwing in CCs when we could.  We tried different strats on the start, from going in stealth with Psy cloaking the both of us to me running in like a madman to bait the other team from coming out of stealth.  Once a meat shield, always a meat shield, right? Lol

We found success against teams with double dps too, Death Knights seemed the squishiest, so we always targeted them first.  We did go up against add odd pairing, a Hunter and a blood DK, who was sitting at 480K health.  We tried to focus down the DK, but he was doing some crazy self-healing and the Hunter eventually picked us off one by one.  We met the same group a few matches later, this time we burned the Hunter down and slowly killed the DK.  I’d like to try going prot once, but I doubt I’d last as long as a blood DK.

Teams with healers gave us the most difficulty, especially ones with Holy Paladins and Resto Druids.  I hate Holy Pallys in BGs because they’re so hard to kill and they are just the same in arenas.  We did find success against Disc Priests and Mistweaver Monks.  In the monk fight, I got caught up in their disarming ability, which was pretty annoying, but I don’t think their team was well geared because they went down fast.

Psy and I played enough winning games to reach the 1800 Conquest point cap for the week, the other 400 points have to come from rated BGs, which I don’t see myself getting into unless I can find a group, lol.  Our win-loss record may be abysmal, but hey, it was our first night running together.  =P

Morphlings Debut

I was able to snag the Tyrannical helm with my Conquest points to go along with the Tyrannical gloves I got off Nalak last week.  Psy said that the Tyrannical weapons are really good and he hopes to get one in a couple of weeks.  I’ll probably work towards that too, Starshatter is ok, but unless I get a two-handed drop from ToT, the Tyrannical one is my best bet.

Thanks guys for an awesome pvp night and thanks to Psy for getting me excited about doing arenas again!

PvP Weekend Update – Arathi Basin Weekend

I currently have a love-hate relationship with Arathi Basin.  I love it cause it reminds me a lot of those countless hours I spent in the original Blood Gulch in the first Halo.  The openness and fast-paced action and running from node to node capturing/defending flags.  And the view from the Lumber Mill overlooking the other nodes is pretty awesome too.  There is also reputation with The Defilers to be gained, although getting to Exalted with them is gonna take a hell of a long time, lol.

The weekend started off great, I think I went 5-2 on Friday.  We had some 4-cap games and even beat a premade that was just so unorganized I don’t know if you can even call them a premade.  Even though Arathi is one of my favorite BGs, I didn’t really get to play much in them as I was preoccupied with other things, so I finished the weekend at 9-5.

Then comes the hate.

One match, one loss, forever scarred into my brain and I will never ever forget it.

You’re probably thinking how could one match create all this hate for a favorite BG of mine.  Let me explain.

The match started like any other, Horde capturing Mines and Farm, while Alliance capturing Lumber Mill and Stables.  Then you have your epic battle at Blacksmith, which lasted forever before we were able to cap it.  Both teams were very evenly matched; we often traded one node for another, losing the lead, then gaining it back, all close the whole time.

We finally get to the 1500 point mark and it’s dead even at 1500-1500.  I can feel the stress coming on, this is gonna be close.  I’m battling my heart out at the Lumber Mill, dropping consecrate at the flag and Holy Wrathing like crazy, trying to keep a decent size Alliance group from assaulting the flag.

Then I see the Alliance lose the Stables, 3 nodes to 1 for the Horde, 1550 to 1540 Alliance, with DBM saying Alliance wins in 45 secs.

Horde loses Mines, 2 nodes to 1 for the Horde, 1570 to 1550 Alliance, DBM says Alliance wins in 30 secs.

Alliance loses Blacksmith, Horde loses Farm, 1 node to zero for the Horde, 1590 to 1580 Alliance, DBM announcing Horde wins in 5 secs.

Alliance defends Blacksmith, 1 node a piece, 1590 to 1590, effing DBM says Alliance wins in 1 sec.

Alliance wins, 1600 to 1590.


And to add salt to the wound, the Alliance around me have their We Had It All Along *cough* achievement pop up in chat.  FML.

It still stings.  I couldn’t believe it…we were coming back and that win and achievement was ours for the taking, but we just came up too short.  I was heated and flustered for the first time in any BG that I’ve played in.  Oh well, maybe next time…./sigh.

I did try out a Rated BG with the Frostees and we got Gilneasucksass.  Man, Rated is a totally different beast than a normal BG.  I think someone said in vent that the Alliance had a rating of like 1900 or something; I’m pretty sure mine and several others in our group was like zero.  Needless to say, we got our asses handed to us and put up a decent fight, but it was definitely a learning experience.  I think with more practice, our group can definitely hold our own next time.

PvP Weekend Update

So this weekend’s Call to Arms was Twin Peaks.  I usually go tanky spec in CTF BGs to give our team a good chance of capping/protecting the flag and it usually goes great when you have a dedicated healer or two and pretty good dps on the EFCs.  Well, the Horde had a lot of fail this weekend.  I get that some people may be going after achievees in capping the flag, which I’m perfectly fine with and will drop the flag for, but if you’re say a ret pally with 120K health buffed with the flag and don’t respond back to me about going for said achievement, well….I blame this loss on you, buddy.  I can’t help that my tanky dps can’t save your sorry ass, while three rogues are stabbing you to death.  I was in a TP with Navi this morning and had a fail druid who grabbed the flag and didn’t know how to cap and didn’t bother help keeping the dps off Navi and she was his dedicated healer!  I ended up capping the first flag, when fail druid miraculously found brains and ended up capping the second before we won due to time running out.

Navi then grabbed Gutsy and I grabbed Adoe and we had an awesome Arathi Basin.  So awesome that we ended up 5-capping it and came reeeeeeeal close to getting Arathi Basin Perfection, only managing the Alliance to get 100 points off.  I did snag me an achievee, though.

The Frostees ended up logging out for the night afterwards and Adoe and I ran an Isle of Conquest that we surprisingly won real quick.  Next week’s Call to Arms is Arathi Basin, hopefully more wins (and HKs =)) may come to the Horde then.

Edit: Just did another AB at the end of Sunday night……FU Wrecking Ball achievee, lol.