Master of Tol Barad

Finally!  Tol Barad is complete!  Going into Friday, I needed only 5 more wins to get Tol Barad Veteran, which in turn would get me Master of Tol Barad.  It took all day, since the games were at least 2 hours apart and the Alliance won some of them, but I dun did it.

I’m glad I finished this zone before MoP gets released; I haven’t seen more than 10 Horde queue up for this BG in the past week.  Now I wish I could have completed Wintergrasp when it was current.  It takes forever now to build up kills and run the siege engines to the bring down the walls in Wintergrasp that it’s practically not worth it, especially if you’re the only one in the zone. Oh well.

Since I plan on not coming back here (unless SR wants a Alizabal guild kill), I took a couple of screenshots before I left the zone:

Warden’s Vigil


Ironclad Garrison

Mo Problim

For you pet and mount collectors out there, don’t forget that you can get the Rustberg Gull, the Reins of the Spectral Wolf and the Reins of the Drake of the West Wind with the commendations that you earn by doing the dailies in the zone.  I had some leftover commendations and forgot that the vendor sold this trinket, the Baradin Grunt’s Talisman.  I believe he can aid you in attacking mobs for a short duration, but I didn’t get to test it out.

Baradin Grunt’s Talisman

Now I won’t ever have to worry about zoning in here anymore!  Yay!!

Wait…..there’s a Fox Kit pet that drops in this zone, you say???  #$%^&!!!

Goodbye, Tol Barad……or is it?

PvP Weekend Update

So this weekend’s Call to Arms was Twin Peaks.  I usually go tanky spec in CTF BGs to give our team a good chance of capping/protecting the flag and it usually goes great when you have a dedicated healer or two and pretty good dps on the EFCs.  Well, the Horde had a lot of fail this weekend.  I get that some people may be going after achievees in capping the flag, which I’m perfectly fine with and will drop the flag for, but if you’re say a ret pally with 120K health buffed with the flag and don’t respond back to me about going for said achievement, well….I blame this loss on you, buddy.  I can’t help that my tanky dps can’t save your sorry ass, while three rogues are stabbing you to death.  I was in a TP with Navi this morning and had a fail druid who grabbed the flag and didn’t know how to cap and didn’t bother help keeping the dps off Navi and she was his dedicated healer!  I ended up capping the first flag, when fail druid miraculously found brains and ended up capping the second before we won due to time running out.

Navi then grabbed Gutsy and I grabbed Adoe and we had an awesome Arathi Basin.  So awesome that we ended up 5-capping it and came reeeeeeeal close to getting Arathi Basin Perfection, only managing the Alliance to get 100 points off.  I did snag me an achievee, though.

The Frostees ended up logging out for the night afterwards and Adoe and I ran an Isle of Conquest that we surprisingly won real quick.  Next week’s Call to Arms is Arathi Basin, hopefully more wins (and HKs =)) may come to the Horde then.

Edit: Just did another AB at the end of Sunday night……FU Wrecking Ball achievee, lol.

Hanging out with the Frostees

Wednesday morning, I got up early to raid with Navimie and the Frostwolves.  They tried to see if they could get me into Vault of Archavon, but I guess that raid instance is server-only, so we ended up going to Blackwing Descent instead.  We had me, Navimie, Azalpha, Biship, Jinjersnaps, Lushnek, Mctacky, Roshii, Sevros and Souglyy in the raid.  Their vent was pretty entertaining, as it was pretty similar to Shadow Rising’s chatter, only with Aussie accents. =)

We tried to do Heroic Magmaw, but the encounter was pretty hectic, even for our gear levels.  so we decided to clear that on normal.

Next was the Omnotron Defense System.  We didn’t attempt that on heroic, but most, if not all of us, needed to not get hit by the Arcane Annihilator to get Achieve-a-tron.  We had several tries and kept messing up the interrupts on Arcanotron, but on the last attempt, the encounter bugged out and Electron was the only construct active the whole fight, so we burned him down and got our acheesement.

We then went over to Chimaeron and blew him up on heroic.

We then tried to get Heroic Atramedes and the Silence is Golden achievees, but it got too crazy to do both at the same time, so we just downed him on heroic.

It got late for some of the Frostees, so me, Navi and Jinjer did a couple of BGs.  We won a GSA (Gilneasucksass), almost 5-capped an Arathi Basin and lost a Warsong Gulch in the final mintues.  All in all, it was pretty fun morning for me.  Thanks again guys for letting me raid with you all and grats on everyone’s achievees.  Now I’m gonna go check out the new Spiderman movie with Chewy.

PvPeeing with Friends and The Battle for Gilneasucksass.

Yeah, not so good Call to Arms BG weekend for the Horde, especially the groups I was in.  This weekend’s Call to Arms was The Battle for Gilneas, a BG similar to Arathi Basin, but only with less nodes to capture.  I don’t know what was going on with the Hordies I was grouped in, but they were just terribad.  Some of the groups would quit at the start, soon after the Alliance immediately capped two nodes.  We even got 3 capped at least four times, which would give the Alliance a quick win.  I ended up finishing the weekend with 10 wins to 17 losses in Gilneas.  I got some achievements and a chunk of HKs to make the weekend worthwhile though.

Battle for Gilneas All-Star

Double Rainbow


Bustin’ Caps to Make It Haps

Stormy Assassin

Friday night, Adoe decided to run a couple BGs with me.  He was in a couple of those failed Gilneas groups, but we also ran some randoms and got Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks.  We 3 capped both of those BG quick; me tanky flag cappin’, while Adoe was mowing down their flag carriers ez-mode.

Saturday morning, I ran more BGs with Navimie and some of her Frostee crew.  While waiting for our group to assemble, Navi got a tell from a well-known blogger, Rioriel from Postcards from Azeroth.  She invited  his level one orc to our party and the three of us had some small talk.  I thought it was pretty cool that the three of us were from different countries/servers, chatting at the same time; Navi from Oceanic, Rioriel from EU and me from US.

Our BGs that morning weren’t great either; I think we won one Isle of Conquest and lost the rest.

After the BGs, I accompanied Navi to Stratholme, where she was farming for some transmog gear and rare NPCs.  I suggested that we also do a Baron mount run, which of course the bastard didn’t drop.

We even held a secret Illuminati Shadow Rising – Frostwolves meeting in the Baron’s room to discuss the future state of the Horde and strategies on defeating the Alliance.

Kara Chess! Check!

Afterwards, Navi wanted to get a quick achivement for me in ToC, The Faceroller.  We then realized it was taking too long for us to joust the Faction Champs down, so we restarted the encounter and she called in Roshii and Souglyy to help us out.  It took us a bit to kill Eadric with his hammer, but we finally got the job done.

Sunday was a different story, the Frostees and I tore it up in WG, TP and AB, going undeafeted before I had to go.  I stopped queuing for Gilneas cause I got what I wanted from there and was pretty sick of it by then.

Pretty enjoyable weekend for me, with the exception of Gilneas, lol.  I want to say a special thanks to Navi, Aza, Shab, Gutsy, Lush, Sev, Roshii, Souglyy and any Frostees I might have left out for allowing me to group with them.  It’s nice to finally play with these guys that Navi talks highly about on her blog. =)

Oh, one last thing, I found this player in one of my many Gilneas BGs:

Twins separated at birth???

Glory of the Firelands Raider

So last night, SR decided to finish up some Firelands achievements to get our purple birdies.  Most of us had a couple left to do, mainly Death From Above and the Brushfire part of Do a Barrel Roll!  We had 8 people on: Ado, Fahalala, Cayle, Liyhe, Lyssianna, Vanicus, Notari and me.

For Death From Above, I ended up tanking all three drones, not killing a single one, while the group burned Beth down.

It took us three tries for Do a Barrel Roll!, but we did work and got it done.

The achievements may have came late in the expansion, but we got some pretty sweet mounts for it!

Thanks guys for a great run and grats on the mounts!