Squashing the Qon

Iron Qon

So last night, SR went back to Throne of Thunder to take care of some business after missing a few core members last week.  We used our lockout from last week where we killed Ji-Kun and began the night on Durumu.  A couple mishaps from peeps dying to Eye Sores and Adoe accidentally running the blue beam around the room revealing his add and we eventually got the big Eyehead down.

Primordius was a one-shot and so was the Ritualist trash before Dark Animus, which Sorak was very happy about, lol.  We had to adjust our positioning and assignments around for Dark Animus, since this time Tyledres was tanking and Vanicus went heals, who wasn’t there for our first kill.

Another couple pulls after working out some kinks with mistakenly activating the Large Golems and the Dark Animus soon fell over, which Sorak later proclaimed was less exciting than one-shotting the trash before, haha.

So it was off to Iron Qon and his flying doggies, Ro’shak, Quet’zal and Dam’ren.  The last time we faced Iron Qon, we were having trouble with Ro’shak’s Flame phase and the tornadoes from Quet’zal’s phase and only got to Iron Qon once.

It only took us a few attempts to get the flame phase right this time around, with the melee group and ranged group working in sync.  The tornado phase was much better as well, save for the first few attempts where I totally brain farted and failed on them, lol.  I tried to outrun them by running in front, but got caught every time, so I waited instead to let them pass and sprint my way through.  Dam’ren’s frozen stage was pretty trivial; it was pretty easy to avoid the lines of ice from the spear and attacking him on its non-shielded sides.

Then it was Iron Qon’s turn.  At this point, we still had everyone alive and it was just a matter of cycling through our defensive raid CDs during Qon’s Fist Smash and popping our offensive ones and before we knew, we had ourselves a new boss kill.

Iron Qon Down

We didn’t have much time left in the raid, so quickly made our way to the Twin Consorts to get a few attempts in.  We only managed two attempts and was pretty close to getting another boss kill when we wiped at around 5%, real close to the enrage too.  And that was pretty much without any Celestial help, save for maybe one crane assist that Zug was able to pull off.

Hopefully we can burn through the Twins quick tonight and finally get some work done on Lei Shen, maybe even a kill? =P

8 responses to “Squashing the Qon

    • Lol, of all the screenshots I took last night, this one made me laugh the most. I’m just thinking about how Adoe is ready to run and bust into the camera, then misdirecting the blame to Slice.

    • And we were so close too! I believe Primordius came back from the dead somehow to mess up our attempt, he wanted to be the only boss in ToT to get two-shotted by SR, lol.

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