Direhorn Surprise

So I logged in Sunday night and I got a whisper from my friend Cain.  He had made a troll on Drak and asked me to meet him out on the Echo Isles.  I made my way on Arv over to him and as soon as a landed, I was greeted with and given this:

Pygmy Direhorn from Cain

Sweet, a Pygmy Direhorn!  I’ve never seen one drop from Horridon in my numerous runs through LFR and our guild runs and the only peeps I know who have the pet are Zari and Tyledres.  Cain said he was looking to get me something I didn’t have already, probably as a way of saying thanks for the Bloodwing mount he won.  You really didn’t have to, dude, but I do appreciate it. =)

Now that I think about it, I should have taken a screenshot of the Pygmy with Mini Horridon too, lol.  The only Direhorn pet left to get is the Stunted one.  It’s gonna be a while for that, I haven’t done any PvP pet battles yet…/sigh.

20 responses to “Direhorn Surprise

    • Lol, that’s true Tome! I usually don’t have a problem with buying the rare pets off the AH, like Ji-Kun, but the Drak AH has been so bad lately that the rarest pet I would find on there would be those Elementium Geodes, lol. I’m hoping that when Virtual Realms hit Live (that sounds weird), it will bring along more items and pets to stock the AH. Just need to get those Primordius pets and the last few carps to be current….until patch 5.4 dumps more pets on us, hahaha.

  1. Grats! Direhorns are so cute!
    I noticed the pet offerings at the AH were a little thin 😛 Although some good pets are available on Winterhoof, they cost more gold than I ever have – ever lol 😀

  2. It was a fun weekend making trolls and giving out pets. I’m just glad I managed to find something you didn’t have. You and Navi both have very limited options. I hope you enjoy it.

    • I really do appreciate it; I’m not running much of the first wing of ToT anymore, even through LFR on my alts, so the likelihood of the pet dropping for me got real slim. Thanks again =)

      • Yeah I don’t run it either. I pretty much only run the last two parts for runestones, and even that is dwindling as two toons are done with their cloaks. Zeirah’s and Navi’s were both pets I had that I noticed they didn’t. Yours was I looked at what you didn’t have the other day and remembered that was one of them when I saw it for sale.

      • You’ve got two toons with the epic/soon-to-be-legendary cloaks??? That’s awesome, all my alts have various numbers of Sigils of Power/Wisdom still sitting in their bags.

  3. What do you mean Zari is the only person you know with the pet! I’ve been dragging mine out for raids since the first week Tyle’s been going! Anyway, congrats on your new pet! Hmm…carp. I should go fishing again.

    • Lmao, mah bad! I didn’t realize that you’ve had one for a while now, I probably thought that you were running around with the Direhorn Runt instead. Funny thing is that I did see your Pygmy during last night’s raid and thought to myself, “Hmmmm, when did she get that?”

      This post has been edited for inaccuracies. =P

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