SDCC 2013 Blizzard Exclusives Review – Shadow Illidan and Sylvanas

So another Comic-Con has gone by and I again missed out on a good one.  The last time I attended the San Diego event was back in 2008 and because of it’s increasing popularity, it’s getting harder and harder just to get tickets to attend it.  I was fortunate to snag Blizzcon tickets though, so I still get to take a trip out to Cali this year.

One of the reasons I really wanted to attend this year’s Con was for the some of the Blizzard exclusives that were being sold, which wasn’t revealed until a couple of weeks before the event.  Two of the exclusives, a Shadow Illidan Funko Pop! figure and a mini Sylvanas figure, are what caught my eye, so I asked a friend who did attend the convention to snag me one of each.  But by the time he got around to the Blizzard booth, they has already sold out of all the figures.  I told him that it was ok and joked about how now I would have to sell my arm and a leg to get one off eBay, lol.  Needless to say, I didn’t have to cut off my appendages to purchase them and found both for a reasonable price.

So here they are in all their out-of-box glory (die-hard collectors must hate me right now =P).

Shadow Illidan and Sylvanas

Chibis in the flesh, er, plastic!  I’ll review each one next.

The Mini Betrayer

Shadow Illidan

I’ve always been a fan of Funko’s Pop! line of figures and Lil’ Ill is no exception.  He stands around 4 1/4 inches tall and despite his exaggerated head, he’s pretty sturdy standing upright.  The color scheme is simple; straight black all around, with the greens to accent the fel energies that flow within him.  My biggest gripe with the figure and you’ve probably already noticed it….one Warglaive.  Really?  Did the little guy get lazy and not go back to the Black Temple to farm the other one? Lol.

Here’s the front of the Illidan box.

Shadow Illidan Front

The SDCC 2013 sticker you see in the front says that the figure was limited to 1008 pieces.  Odd number, if you ask me.  I wonder what the significance is.

And here’s the box of the box.

Shadow Illidan Back

As you can see, the Pop! line is going to include a regular version of Illidan in his purplely form, along with Arthas as the Lich King for the Warcraft figures.  Also included in the Blizzard line are popular characters from the Diablo series, Diablo himself and Tyrael, and from the Starcraft universe, Kerrigan and Jim Raynor.  I plan to own all of them and I hope they look as good as they are on the box.

After studying the box for a bit, I came to the realization that this could be the only Blizzard figures that Funko will make.  The fact that they combined all three Blizzard products into one set leads me to believe that they only intend to sample it.  I’m not sure what other figures from Diablo and Starcraft they could make in Pop! form and we know there’s plenty of candidates from Warcraft.  I’ll take a mini Thrall or even a mini Alexstraza, lol.

As for Illidan here, I think he’s a great figure and recommend getting one yourself or just wait for the regular version to come out.

The Queen of the Undead


Lil’ Sylvanas surprised me…a lot.  I knew that the figure was small, but I didn’t realize until I got her how REEEEEALLY small she was.  She stands just under 2 1/2 inches tall and comes with a stand to keep her upright.  Most figure stands attach to the bottom of one’s foot; Lil Sylv here has her CAPE attached to base, lol.  Yes, she is that small.  The figure is based on an older model of Sylvanas, not her current smurfy skin-looking color.  She comes with a detachable crossbow that has little grooves that go over her small arms, but isn’t tightly secured.  The crossbow can stay in place, provided you don’t do a lot of moving around with her.

Here is the front of the Sylvanas box.

Sylvanas Front

The SDCC 2013 sticker on the front states that she is one of 2500, more than twice than the number of Illidans made.  Her quote on the front is pretty funny too, I wonder who she could be talking to.

Here is the back of the Sylv box.

Sylvanas Back

Nice little background on Sylvanas, for those who are new.  Other than that, that’s pretty much it.  Nothing on the box says of any other figures or if there’s even a line for them.  The company that produced the figure is called Happy Worker and it looks like this was specifically made for the convention.

Lil’ Sylvanas has great detail and i also recommend getting one if you can.  Just be careful with the crossbow, lol.

Sizing up the Competition

So how do these guys size up with other Warcraft figures made?  Let’s first compare them to the most current line of Warcraft toys out, the Mega Bloks.

Sylvanas, Varian and Shadow Illidan

Varian stands about 2 inches tall, the average height of a Mega Blok figure (unless you have a bunch of goblins and gnomes, then your average goes waaay down, lol).  Illidan easily doubles Varian’s height, his head alone is about the same size.  I expected Sylv to be a lot taller than the Mega Bloks, but she barely is.  I still think the detail on the smaller figures is what amazes me the most, if only we could be larger versions of these.

Speaking of larger figures, let’s now compare them to the now defunct line of Warcraft toys from DC Unlimited.  First up, Lil’ Ill and Big Ill.

Shadow Illidan and Shadow Illidan

*I guess the big guy still thinks he’s still the Dark Knight, lol

I think it’s a pretty close comparison, the Lil’ man needs to go farm for the other ‘glaive though.

And now for Lil’ Sylv and Big Sylv.

Sylvanas and Sylvanas

I guess Lil’ Sylv has a lot of growing up to do, lol.  If she’s not careful, she’ll end up as another skull on Big Sylv’s base.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my review, good luck to those who plan on getting one or both of these figures for themselves.  I plan to post another review once the other Blizzard Pop! figures come out.

Oh, and here’s one more photo for the road. =)

Sylvanas and Varian

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