Silver Lining Scholomance

So after a couple frustrating weeks trying to get a silver in Scarlet Monastery, the CMNs decided to change it up this past weekend and we headed out to Scholomance instead.  We had the usual suspects: me, Navi, Luxy, Aimei (Lush’s monk) and brought Sev along for the run.

One of the longer instances with five bosses to kill, I wasn’t sure we were going to get silver and thought we were going to have a tough time, similar to SM.  But I was wrong.

Our first attempt in Scholo was almost perfect; no one was dying, trash was handled swiftly and even bosses that have given us trouble in the past, Jandice Barov and Rattlegore, went down with ease…..until we got to the last boss, Darkmaster Gandling.

We were making really good time and poised to get a silver, when everything blew up in our faces, literally.  In the Challenge Mode version of this fight, the tank always gets targeted first with Harsh Lesson, unlike the normal version where it is random.  So I was trying to quickly dps myself out of the room so I could grab the ghouls that Gandling summons, but everyone was getting owned as the ghouls exploded on them.  When I was able to aggro the ghouls, I found out that I couldn’t survive the explosion myself, as they pretty much would one-shot me.

Aza, who was listening to us on vent, said that ghouls explode on a timer after being summoned and offered a suggestion to help us out.  He said that Luxy and Sev should set themselves on the second floor of the room, opposite from the stairs, and AoE the ghouls down from above.  Doing this would cause the ghouls to run up the stairs and around the second floor to get to Luxy and Sev, but the ghouls would explode before reaching them.  With the silver medal timer already passed, we practiced Aza’s tactic until we could get Gandling down, getting Aimei and Sev their bronze medals.

Our second attempt went a lot better and Gandling finally went down easily.  Thanks Aza for the tips!

Scholomance Silver Time

Scholomance Silver Complete

I was pretty pumped after that and thought about going back to SM to finish that pos, but it was getting late for Lush and Sev, so we decided to call it there.

Six down and three to go…I can smell the Ancestral Phoenix mount getting closer (and no, I’m not smelling it’s poop =P).

Oh, I did want to mention one about the valor you get from doing Challenge Modes; it definitely beats the hell out of doing the Barrens weekly by yourself, lol.

I managed to cap out on valor last week on Ras first (I’m REEEEALLY enjoying playing my hunter lately, lol), so Arv got to reap the benefits of the 50% extra valor points from the Valor of the Ancients buff.

Completing a Challenge Mode with a medal nets you the following valor:  125 for bronze, 150 for silver and 165 for gold.

So our first Scholo run where we finished with a bronze, I got 188 valor (125 + 63 from VotA).  Our silver medal run netted me 225 valor (150 + 75 from VotA).  And when we finally get gold, that should reward us with 248 valor (165 + 83 from VotA).

And if the daily Challenge Mode quest that’s offered at the Shrine is the same one you’ve just completed, you can earn yourself an additional 80 valor.  With the VotA buff, that would give you 276 valor for a bronze run, 305 valor for a silver run and 328 valor for a gold run.

Not a bad valor haul for a Challenge Mode run, right?  Most bronze medal times are easily obtainable with a good group and as long as you’re careful with the trash and boss pulls, you really won’t have to rush through it as quick.

I think the Barrens and it’s weekly quest just got a little more…barren, lol.