She’s a Hordebreaker

Valoree the Hordebreaker

…don’t you mess around with her!

With the Barrens event going away in patch 5.4, I wanted to make sure that I got at least one Alliance toon through the quests in the zone and get probably the best title for an Alliance character in the game, “the Hordebreaker”.  Valoree hit 90 back in April and is my only max-level Alliance toon, so she was going to have the honor of earning the title.

So one day last week, I switched over to Val on Winterhoof to start working on the Barrens quests.  I was doing pretty good on time, moving through the quests pretty quickly, until I reached the weekly 150 material gathering quest, the last one needed to get the title.  Even with the 502 boots from Kun-Lai and a handful of blues, I could only handle four or five mobs at the time without getting totally smashed.  I figured this was going to take more than a day to do, so I was planning on just getting one set of materials done and stopping for the day when I saw someone announce in Barrens chat that they were forming a group to kill the Kor’kron Commanders.

Hold on…a Barrens chat with no trolling or anything vulgar and instead useful?  Unpossible! Lol

Now Arv and Ras never got the pleasure of killing any of the Kor’kron Commanders because the Barrens on Drak’Tharon is just, well…barren.  I’m not sure if it is a CRZ, but even if it was, there was no one around when I was doing the weekly on those two.

So I joined a group that already had four others in it and we proceeded to take out the commanders one by one.  We plowed through each commander quick as more and more Alliance came to help.  Here are the five commanders that we encountered:

Ruka the Eruptor

Ruka the Eruptor

Jessina the Blazing

Jessina the Blazing

Kar Greyskull

Kar Greyskull

Speegle Blasttorch

Speegle Blasttorch

Get out of the fire!

Get out of the fire!

Commander To'karg

Commander To’karg

Killing the commanders nets you a lot more materials than any other mob in the barrens and they even give you all four types of them: stone, oil, wood and meat.  What would have taken days to solo took only hours to complete and soon I had all the materials I needed to complete the weekly for the achievement and title.


For the, Alliance!

For the Hord-…er, Alliance!

So thanks to all my fellow Alliance on da ‘Hoof for making the grind a lot faster and easier.  I think I’ve had enough messin’ around with my Horde spy and it’s time to move back to my Hordies on Drak to prepare them for Garrosh, lol.

14 responses to “She’s a Hordebreaker

  1. Grats!!!

    Makes me kind of sad that I haven’t bothered to touch my mage since Cata because she is the closest to 90 of the bunch. Oh well! 😀

    I can be jealous from afar!

    • One of the reasons why I have a max-level Alliance toon is for those faction-specific rewards. I’m kinda bummed that Val missed out on the tabard during the Theramore event before the release of Mists.

  2. I just did the opposite of this the past weekend. Unfortunately for me there were no commander groups. So it took a long time for me to gather the 150 of each type needed for the Darkspear Rebellion. I’ve enjoyed the story on Horde, although I’m experiencing it a bit out of order as I’ve completed Darkspear Rebellion but have not finished the Dominance Offensive from the horde point of view yet. I didn’t want to miss out though by putting it off until I finished, because I’d probably forget to finish it in time.

    • That’s funny that you mentioned the Dominance Offensive. I wanted to take Val through the Operation: Sheildwall storyline when she hit 90 so that she could get the Gryphon mount. But when I found out that she already got the mount once Arv bought the Windrider after completing the Dominance Offensive storyline and getting exalted with them, I kinda lost interest. I might go back just to experience the Alliance side of things down in Krasarang though.

      • That’s good to know you get the mount automatically. I was planning to go all the way to exalted for that. You still get the rep boost too so it goes fast. I’m doing it more just for the yellow quests you get occassionally. This included all the stuff that happened before with Voljin and the Dagger in the Dark and stuff.

      • Yeah, it works for the Direhorns you can buy at exalted with the Sunreaver Onslaught/Kirin Tor Offensive too; buy one, get the other faction free, lol.

  3. Gratz! I really need to finish doing the weekly on my hunter. It’s a pretty cool title to have, especially as it won’t be available forever.

  4. Grats on the title and cheezies!

    Yeah, commanders are the only way to go if you have a group. The overturned caravans are great if you’re going solo and no one else is around.

    Those cheapskates Vol’jin and Varian owe me about 50 gold. No way I should have to pay 10g out of my pocket in transport portal costs to go and help the enemy. 😀

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