LootSaurok Primordius

This week’s raiding was a little different and for probably the first time since we’ve been raiding in Throne of Thunder, we extended our lockout from last week where we cleared all the way up to Ji-Kun.  Tuesday night, we took care of the big bird, but had some trouble Durumu as we were just making mistakes all over the place.  Nevertheless, we eventually got him down, leaving the next night to work on the rest of the bosses in the Halls of Flesh-Shaping.

So Wednesday night we started on the saurok Primordius.  I remember this fight being real easy in LFR, as he has been the only boss in all the LFR groups I’ve been in where we never wiped.  Prior to the raid, I found a strat that someone had commented on Navi’s blog about burning down Primordius a la Patchwerk-style and ignoring all the Living Fluid adds.  Doing this also nets you the achievement, Genetically Unmodified Organism and basically no one gets mutated.  I looked up the achievement and others confirmed that this was easy to do.

Adoe wanted to go through the actual mechanics of the fight for the first pull, so we kited Primordius around the room, while the dps got themselves mutated by the pools left from the Living Fluid adds.  We realized it was taking too long for everyone to get transformed and ended up getting overwhelmed by the adds and the Caustic Gas, getting him down to about 40%.

So for the second attempt, we decided to go with our forte and use the brute force strat.  Tyledres and I tanked Primordius in the middle of the room and had everyone else spread behind him.  We lusted at the start, with the dps going balls to the walls, ignoring all the Living Fluid adds.  Tyle and I still had to tank swap at 7 stacks of Malformed Blood.  We let Primordius go through his Evolutions and before we knew it, he dropped over dead.

Primordius Kill

So this is definitely a fight where doing the achievement is actually a better strat than the norm, lol.

Genetically Unmodified Organism

With that kill, that puts SR at 8/12, with just four more to go until a clear of ToT.  It’s always nice to have an easy boss, they should really rename him Primoredps, cause that’s what this boss is all about, lol.

We had a lot of time left in the raid, so we make our way to the next boss, Dark Animus.  I’m not sure if this a cruel joke that Blizz played on us raiders, but the trash before Dark Animus is ridiculously stupid hard.  We spent more time wiping and coming up with strat to kill those stupid Ritualistic adds that surround the Anima blob than we did on Primordius himself, lol.  We had some good attempts on the Animus and got it down to 14% at our best before the raid was called.  This construct is definitely going down next week.

After the raid, everyone was pretty much in agreement in extending the lockout again next week, I think we’ll just keep it extended until we kill Lei Shen.  Patch 5.4 is getting closer and closer to becoming live, so it would be nice to finish Throne before then.