Thrilla in the Halls: Down Goes Durumu

Durumu the Forgotten

This week has been a pretty awesome one for me in WoW.  I celebrated one year of blogging on Monday, got a new medal with the CMN and a new PvP accomplishment (both that will highlighted in posts soon).  And to top it all off, a new boss kill in Throne of Thunder, Durumu the Forgotten! Woohoo!

Tuesday was a blast as we smashed through the first six bosses with relative ease.  We had Tyledres and me tanking, Slice, Zarm and Van healing and Sorak, Zug, Psynite, Shadeey and Adoe as dps.  After killing Ji-Kun, we had time to try a couple pulls on Durumu, which went really bad, lol.  We decided to call it there and had everyone watch a video or read up on the fight in preparation for the next night.

Our raid changed a little bit Wednesday, as Shadeey stepped out and Wok came in to tank with me and Tyle went dps.  I think everyone had done their homework and watched at least a video of the fight, so we were pretty eager to start.

For the first part of the fight, we made sure to drop the Lingering Gaze shadow pools as far away from the middle of the room as possible to give melee room to maneuver, since we were pretty melee heavy.  Force of Will is another mechanic we had to manage, if you don’t get out of it fast enough, you get blasted off the platform and instantly die, like several people, including myself, did.  It was a bit entertaining though, I think Wok wins with the most frequent filer miles accumulated, lol.

Wok and I got to play tank swap with Serious Wound, making sure to taunt off every five stacks.  There is another debuff that tanks get, Arterial Cut, which can only be removed by being healed to maximum health.

After about 30 seconds, the second part of the fight begins and the beams of light appear.  We split the raid among the beams to share the damage taken from them; tanks followed the yellow beam, healer stayed on the blue and dps kited the red beam around, hunting down the Crimson Fog adds.   Like Khizzara mentioned in one of my previous posts, we did not reveal the Azure Fog add with the blue beam.  It hurt a lot when we did, lol.  Adoe and Zug marked the locations of the Crimson Fogs with raid markers, so the person with control of the red beam would know where to find them.

Once that phase was over, we had a few seconds to dps Durumu before we went into the dreaded Disintegration Beam/Eye Sores part of the fight. We stacked on the beam when it appeared and once we saw the squiggly purple lines indicating the start of the maze, we quickly moved over and either stacked on Zug or Adoe to lead us through it.  With all the prior nerfs to this mechanic, the beam seemed to move a lot slower than it did, even from LFR, which allowed us to find the open spots and avoid the Eye Sores.

After that is over, the fight starts all over again, with the Force of Will, Lingering Gaze, Serious Wound, etc.  There is one new mechanic that is added to the fight at this point, Life Drain.  When someone is hit with Life Drain, Durumu begins to heal himself and that person becomes stunned and can only be broken out if someone else steps in front of them to take the beam.  We had trouble with this at first, as we would cut the beam too close to Durumu, eventually to the point where we couldn’t intercept the beam as it ran its full course.

We spent all night on Durumu, slowly learning and tweaking our strat on every attempt.  We had some good 40% attempts and even a sub 10% one and some annoying Force of Will mishap wipes.  The magic happened on our 21st try, when everyone executed everything perfectly with no deaths, finally knocking that giant eye out for the count.

Durumu Downed

We called it a night afterwards, but not before Van and I raced through the bloods leading up to Primordius to get a shot at him.  I made it to his room and tried to get an Avenger’s Shield off to hit him with, but the bloods just overwhelmed me.  Next time Primordius, I’m coming back with more friends, lol.

Someone mentioned solo tanking and two healing the fight, which would make the kill go quicker.  I’m all about solo tanking this fight and ready…as long as the healers are ok with it, lol.

Going into Wednesday night, I honestly didn’t think we would down Durumu, based on the different mechanics involved and how much of a pain the maze was in LFR.  I figured it would take at least 50 or more attempts, but my team proved me wrong and everyone definitely stepped up to the plate and brought their A-game last night.  Hopefully we can keep this momentum going next week and get ourselves a Primordius kill. =)

Bat and Tree Winners

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my bloggerversary post, it was definitely a fun topic to discuss.  =)

Without further ado, here are the lucky winners:

The Armored Bloodwing goes to…

Armored Bloodwing

…Cain!  Congrats!

And the two Blossoming Ancients go to…

Blossoming Ancient

Jojo and Lyss!  Congrats to you both!

I will be sending out the prizes soon, once I can track you guys down, except Lyss of course, lol

I also tallied all the responses and Marvel came out of top with eight superheroes selected and DC was second with four.  Wonder Woman was the most picked superhero with three and I still can’t believe Slice picked a character from the My Little Pony universe, lol.

Congrats to all the winners!