The Crimson Hammer Strikes One

On this day one year ago, I first embarked on this blogging adventure, not really sure what to expect.  I’ve been following other people’s blogs for years and enjoyed reading what they had to say and commenting on them.  So I figured I’d join the fray, chronicling my endeavours and ones with my guildies and friends in Azeroth.

Looking back through some of my older posts, I’ve experienced and accomplished a lot.  I’ve covered everything from raiding, pvping, achievement hunting, WarFare Theater, writing about Megabloks and the WoW TCG and other miscellaneous stuff thrown in there.  I’m even wearing the same transmog now as I did in my first pic posted, haha.


So I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has visited my blog.  Thanks to my guildies and friends; without you a lot of these posts wouldn’t exist.  Thanks to all the commenters; you’ve made this blogging experience an interactive one for me.  And thanks to the even the spammers; inflating my page views always makes me feel good about my posts, haha.

So how do I celebrate this occasion?  With a gift, of course!  But let me back up for a bit and explain something related to this gift.

As my guildies and friends know, I’m big collector or pets, mounts and toys from WoW.  Quite a bit of those have been acquired from the WoW TCG, which I’ve been collecting since the first set, Heroes of Azeroth.  I enjoy sharing these toys with others, whether it’s between boss pulls waiting for afkers or just hanging out in Org or the Shrine. Van has even made posts about them and given them their own tag, lol.  Because of my penchant for these toys, Telanarra changed my guild note a while back:

Arv is Batman!

Because of that note, others started referring me by the Dark Knight’s name.  Van called me Batman in a post that she made where we downed the Council of Elders for the first time with me solo-tanking the bosses.  Cym even turned me into the caped crusader by coming up with an awesome mog and moniker, which you can also see on the sidebar.  I even paid tribute by making a WarFare Theater post with him in it.

So what gift did I get?  I got the Arvman his Arvwing, of course, lol.


And since I was already at the store, I went ahead and picked up one of those perennial miniature trees, a Blossoming Ancient.

Blossoming Ancient

To further celebrate this day, I’m going to give a Bloodwing and two Blossoming Ancients to three lucky readers.  If you already have the bat or the tree, then you can substitute it for any other mount or pet from the Blizz store.  All you have to do is leave a comment, explaining what superhero, or supervillain, your Warcraft character would most resemble.  Your name will be thrown into my Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron (or hat), where the wifey will pick out three winners at random.  All comments must be made by Wednesday, July 26th at 10PM EST.  Good luck to all!

46 responses to “The Crimson Hammer Strikes One

  1. Hmmmm…..good topic to comment on!

    LIyhe would be ummm…..

    And you know all this to be true!!!


    Looking good is most important….When you are default you must look good.

    Too bad trolls like Adoe don't understand this.

    Well maybe sorak beats me – due to his active barbie farming and the whole hello kitty thing.

  2. Grats on a year of great posts!
    Squeeee! Contest!

    Hmmm…superhero my character is like – that’s obvious – Wonder Woman!
    Because every time I raid with you guys it’s “I Wonder why Bo does crappy dps?” “I Wonder why Bo is wearing her Safari Hat?” “I Wonder if Bo will be alive when the boss is killed?” “I Wonder why Bo can’t stay out of the purple stuff?”

    And so on and so on… 😀

  3. Wow I can’t believe it has already been a year. Grats dude!!!!!

    Now I am not all that familiar with different superheros so I had to do some research and I think I found one that fits Lyssi: The Scarlet Witch.

    I know right?!

    Magneto’s daughter! 😀

    According to Wikipedia: “The Scarlet Witch is unique among superheroes, and not just because she’s the only one who wears a wimple. Her super power is unlike any other — she can alter probability so as to cause mishaps for her foes. In other words, she ‘hexes’ them.”

    She is a warlock! 😀

  4. Ooh, it’s been a year already? Congrats on your milestone. I must say your Warfare Theatre and TCG posts have been some of my favourites over the year.

    In terms of superheroes, I’d have to say Wonder Woman… it’s my fav from the series and she’s based on my main so it’s a no brainer for me 😛

  5. Oh wow, this is really difficult… Which super-hero would be most like my Druid?! Unfortunately, my knowledge of super heroes isn’t that great, and my main is a healer, which seems to be a rare primary super power. 😦

    After a small amount of research, I’m going to tentatively go with She-Ra! Mostly because she was one of the few I could find who had healing powers listed, but also because she has empathy for animals and only uses violence as a last resort. The fact that she was originally kidnapped and raised by the Horde is just hilarious icing on the cake!

    However, my favorite super heroine has always been Shadowcat, mostly because she has a dragon. 🙂

    • I forgot that there was an “Evil Horde” in the He-Man Universe, lol. If Garrosh had his way, which we obviously won’t let him, he would definitely turn our faction over to the dark side.

      • I forgot about the “Evil Horde” thing too until I was googling superheroes with healing powers. I was so young when She-Ra was popular that I barely remember anything about her or the plot, so I hope I didn’t choose something stupid, LOL.

        Oh, and I totally forgot to say congratulations on your one year blogoversary! (Where are my manners? I see “Blossoming Ancient” as a potential prize and go all Gollum-must-have-the-precious!) I’m glad you finally joined the blogging-bandwagon — your posts are always awesome!

  6. Grats for making it though a year!

    For some reason there just doesn’t seem to be any superhero that jumps into mind for a death knight. The only thing I can think of is Ghost Rider because he’s a skeleton. Maybe if I imagine him throwing snowballs instead fireballs? … Yeah, that seems sorta death knighty. And! And! the souls! The devil claimed Blaze’s soul and the Lich King tried to claim the DK’s soul. Fine, it’s a stretch but it’s the only thing I can think of.

    • Thanks Tyle! I’m picturing Ghost Rider flinging snowballs at demons and I think its hilarious, but defintely a close comparison to the DKs. Now if they were to implement whips into the game and enchant them with a firery animation, then you would have your GR.

  7. Well………damn.
    First – congratulations – but seriously – I have a post brewing about how honored I am to be part of the WoW blogging community, and this is a big part of it.

    Second – don’t put my name in the hat – you’re already generous

    Third: my shaman – the easy choice would be Storm from X-Men, however I must go on record that I did not create her or start playing WoW with that in mind; it is an unintended response to your question. Secretly, however, I think my inner workings are way more “HULKMAD” – I have been known to turn green and shred clothes. Not a pretty sight.

    • Thanks Matty! Storm makes a perfect shaman as a master of the elements.

      I think everyone has had that same rage built up inside of them at least once at point or another in WoW, I know I have, lol.


  8. Congrats on one year Arv!
    Just so I can be part of the game I want to enter even though I don’t mind not being in the draw 🙂
    So, Navi is not exactly a superhero type, however, she has always had aspirations of pretending to be a warlock, and even dresses like one. And one of her favourite superheroes would be one has a slight demonic look to him – Nightcrawler – who has a cool tail and teleports all over the place and is super agile unlike Navi who is super clumsy – she wants to be just like Nightcrawler.

    • Thanks Navi and of course you could be part of the drawing, why wouldn’t you? =P

      Nightcrawler is an interesting character. A gentle devil, always wanting to help others even though his appearance would scare most people off. Mages would make great Nightcrawlers; they can already Blink and Teleport themselves and others. BAMF!

  9. Congrats on your first year of blogging, Arv — may there be plenty more to come!

    I’ll pass on the hat — my superhero knowledge is pretty limited and I can’t think of anyone that would be quite a perfect fit for me.

    • Thanks Kam! I have a superhero for you, Sarah Rainmaker, a member of Gen13, one of my favorite comics created by Jim Lee. An apache who can control the different elements, I’ve even named my Draenei Shaman after her, Raynemaker, lol.

  10. Grats on a year of blogging, I’m sure many have benefited from your contributions.

    I think that my night elf druid looks a bit like Aquaman, especially with his Jinyu staff. I really like all of my aquatic pets like the Magical Crawdad and the Emperor Crab and I can see my druid being like Aquaman compelling them to fight. 🙂 Plus as a druid he has an aquatic form.

    • Thanks Vaettir! I like your Aquaman pick, now if only you could summon some of the larger sea denizens of Azeroth to fight for you, like the Whale Shark or even G’nathus, that would totally be awesome.

  11. i never really pictured Tel as a super hero. Now me on the other hand as the person controlling Tel would be a combo of Capt Caveman, Hong Kong Phooey, and Shaggy. (capt. cause im kinda fuzzy Lyss can varify this, Hong Kong cause he is my favorite superguy, and shaggy cause im always lost and usually doing an impression of a potato.) That said im tickled pink that the tag i added to your not many many many many many moons ago stating that you are batman has mad such an impact. I just remember that anytime there was down time during a raid you busted out with some thing be it a disco ball to foam swords and all i could think was Where does he get those wonderful toys. I was going to congratulate you on one year but bah any normal blogger can make one yea so im going to preempt and congrats you on 5 years early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lmao, thanks a lot Tel! Your note has definitely inspired me and others to give homage to Bats. If only Arv was an engineer, then all the gadgets and trinkets I could make would fully put him into character. But my bagspace is limited, so…….lol.

      I remember Captain Caveman a lot and found his episodes to be entertaining. I even remember the ones where he had his son with him, lol.

      “Captain Caaaaaaaaaavemaaaaaaaan! And Son!”

  12. Gratz! A whole year! Well done!

    Super heroes should be leaving comments on how they resemble Arvash.

    Hmmm, I think Luxygaga might most resemble Jolt. As an elemental shaman and an engineer with rocket boots and gnomish gravity well!

    • Thanks Luxy! Are you referring to the Jolt of the Thunderbolts? Cause if you are, she makes the perfect Elemental Shaman, lol. Now if only there was a glyph that changed your Ghost Wolf form into an energy being full of electricity, that would look cool, lol.

  13. Gratz on a year blogging! I’d like to say that my hunter’s most like Hawkeye because she’s an excellent aim but I’m not sure how true that actually is… Nontheless, Hawkeye is brilliant 🙂

  14. Congrats on one year!

    For superheroe I’d have to say Mystique for my druid, even though it’s a female superhero, because of the shapeshifting. It kind of works for me the player as well just because I play so many alts. You never know what shape/class Cain will be in, but you have a pretty good idea the name will have Cain in it somewhere. (except that sneaky paladin that was supposed to just be an anonymous AH worker until it got leveled)

    • Thanks Cain! Oooo, Mystique, Master Shapeshifter, mother to Nightcrawler, who was also mentioned in the comments here, lol.

      I can relate to your paladin, my rogue was supposed to be my low-level bank alt….until I leveled her all the way up to 85 in Cata, haha.

  15. Don’t put me in the drawing.

    Congrats on one year. Haven’t checked this out in little over a month because I usually come to see your thoughts on bosses. Megaera.

    Superhero for Zug is… HULK!! Love mindlessly dpsing everything that is hostile.

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