One Head, Two Heads, Red Heads, Dead Heads

The original title of this post was supposed to reference head banging, but more like banging our heads against the brick wall that was Megaera for the past couple weeks, but Lyss offered a different title and I went with a variation of that, lol. More importantly, last night, the hydra finally went down!  Good job SR!

We had to do a bit of shuffling with our raid composition lately, as some guildies had to step out for various reasons.  And with summer already here and peeps wanting to take vacations, I think our raiding and progression might stall a bit.  But we’ve managed to still do well with other guildies filling in.

Megaera's Heads

The raid week started off real good, with a one-shot of all the bosses, including Tortos, Tuesday night.  That gave us plenty of time to work on Megaera on Wednesday.  We tried several different strats and combinations of the fight, each one presenting a different issue.  We used the LFR strat of Green-Red-Green-Red-Green-Red-Green and another variation where we threw a Blue head in at the end, but the damage was too much for our healers and we would only manage to get to the fifth head before wiping.  We then tried a Green-Blue-Red-Green-Blue-Red-Green, but having too many Acid Rains from the Green Heads was blowing us up.

The combination that eventually worked for us was Blue-Red-Green-Blue-Red-Green-Blue.  We found it easier to deal with two of each damage type (Cinders, Torrent of Ice and Acid Rain) and minimizing the amount of Green heads we got, popping lust on the final head for the kill.

Megaera Kill

We then headed off to play with Ji-Kun for a little bit and surprisingly did quite well.  Our best attempt got the birdie down to 36% before the pools and quills killed us off.  Hopefully we can get her down next week, then we’ll finally be halfway through Throne of Thunder, lol.