Five Point Three Pets

Keeping pet collectors/battlers busy, Patch 5.3 introduced 20 new pets into the mix.  These pets can be acquired from old/new raids, pet battles, zone drops or can be bought with in-game/RL currency.  Here are the available pets and some that I have acquired already.


One of my favorite old raids to run, I ran this the first week of patch 5.3 with six different toons and didn’t manage a single pet drop, lol.  I didn’t even get the Big Bad Wolf as the Opera event once.  But I had some generous friends that helped me with a couple of them.

Tyledres, the Lil’ Bad Wolf – from the Big Bad Wolf from the Opera Event.  A surprise gift from Tyledres, I received this pet on the first day of 5.3.  Thanks Ty!

Tyledres the Lil' Bad Wolf

Stormer, the Menagerie Custodian – from the Curator.  I’m a big fan of mechs and was really excited when they made the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry a pet, which Luxy had given to me as a gift back in 5.2.  This pet shares the same color, just a different color scheme.  I named this pet after a Lego Hero Factory toy that I have that looks pretty close to it.

Stormer the Menagarie Custodian


Ermyc, the Netherspace Abyssal – from Prince Malchezaar.  Cymre has been trying to get me a pet that I didn’t have for a long time now, so she finally managed to do that, lol.  The best part of this pet other than the awesome model?  I don’t have to do the Chess Event anymore! Woohoo!  Thanks Cym!

Ermyc the Netherspace Abyssal

Fiendish Imp – from Terestian Illhoof.  The last pet I need from Kara and I’ll be done with farming for pets in Kara.

Tempest Keep

I’m glad that a pet doesn’t drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider; I haven’t figured out how to solo him on my pally yet and I’m not sure if it’s possible with the stupid mind-controlling that goes on in that fight.  The rest of the bosses aren’t too bad, though.

Meggatron, the Pocket Reaver – from the Void Reaver.  I originally tried to name my Personal World Destroyer Megatron, but Blizz won’t accept that name for a pet, so I named it Galvatron, which is probably better cause he’s more purplish in color.  After acquiring the Pocket Reaver, I still wanted to give him the Decepticon’s leader’s name, so I settled for a different spelling instead.

Meggatron the Pocket Reaver


Phoenix Hawk Hatchling – from Al’ar and Lesser Voidcaller – from High Astromancer Solarian.  Two more pets to go and farming for Tempest Keep pets will be complete.

Serpentshrine Cavern

I’ve only run this raid twice before patch 5.3, once to get the achievement for completing it and the other to fish up The Lurker Below for The Lurker Above achievement.  Now I have a reason to come back, lol.  Soloing Lady Vashj took me long to do, but it definitely can be done, just make sure to kill the Coilfang Elites before they can fear you and kill the Tainted Elementals quick to get their cores to push the Lady into Phase 3.

Andre Teh Giant, the Tideskipper – from Morogrim Tidewalker.  An homage to the late wrestler of WWF (it will always be this acronym to me, it’s what I grew up with and WWE has never sounded right) and the movie The Princess Bride fame.  His epic fights with Hulk Hogan were always the best.

Andre Teh Giant the Tideskipper

Andre the Giant

Tainted Waveling – from Hydross the Unstable , Coilfang Stalker – from Lady Vashj.  Just need these two and the Serpentshrine Cavern will be done.

Collecting all the pets from Karazhan, Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern earns you the achievement, Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and rewards you another pet, Tito.

Isle of Thunder/Giants

The Isles of Pandaria have two pet drops that can be farmed off certain mobs.  I was lucky enough to find them cheap on the auction house, which saved me from having to make trips out to the Isles.

Cera, the Direhorn Runt – can drop from the Direhorns on the Isle of Giants.  Cera from The Land Before Time movie was the only baby triceratops name I could think of.

Cera the Direhorn Runt


Col Mustard, the Filthling –  can drop from the Quivering Filths on the Isle of Thunder.  I honestly don’t know why named the Filthling that, maybe it was the only yellow thing I could think of or I just had the game Clue on the mind, lol.

Col Mustard the Filthling


Throne of Thunder

To keep your Living Sandling, Ji-Kun Hatchling and Son of Animus company, there are more pets to collect from the current raid of MoP, Throne of Thunder.  I haven’t gotten my hands on any of these yet, nor seen them on the auction house, but Zari did get a Pygmy Direhorn on a LFR he recently did.  That would go perfect with the Horridon mount I got, so I could finally reunite the family together, lol.

Pygmy Direhorn – drops from Horridon LFR/Normal/Heroic

Living Fluid – drops from Primordius LFR

Viscous Horror – drops from Primordius Normal/Heroic

Other 5.3 Pets

Stunted Direhorn –  awarded from the Brutal Pet Brawler achievement, which involved winning 250 PvP pet battles through the Find Battle system using a full team of level 25 pets.  I’ve maybe done one battle and didn’t bother with it again.  Looks like this will be a project to work on for another time, lol.

Trizilla, the Gahz’rooki – sold by Ravika, the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster, for one Radical Mojo.  I’ve always thought that Gahz’rilla from Zul’Farrak was a cool-looking boss and this pet is a nice memento to have of that instance.  I could have picked one of Godzilla’s enemies, King Ghidorah, to name my ‘rooki, but it has no wings, so I decided on a three-headed name for the rampaging monster.

Trizilla the Gahz'rooki


Blossoming Ancient – a pet soon to be available for purchase from the Blizzard Store.

And last, but definitely not the least, Lenneth, the Unborn Val’kyr – a rare drop that could spawn in different spots all around Northrend.  Probably the most coveted pet among all pet collectors out there, I know it was definitely mine.  It’s the closest thing to getting the winged humanoid, Mini Tyrael, without having to drop some serious cash money, unlike a certain ballin’ Tauren Druid I know =P.  There was a mystery in the beginning in how collectors were going to be able to get their hands on one of these Val’ks, but it turned out to be not so difficult to capture one, unlike the Minfernal.  Many of blogging friends can attest to this, as they were capturing it within the first week of the new patch.

It took me a few days of searching around Northrend, but I finally found her all by her lonesome, in the northwestern edge of Sholozar Basin.  She was of Poor quality, but I had a Battlestone ready to instantly fix that.  The battle almost went horribly wrong when I used my Dancing Water Skimmer to battle her first.  I used Water Jet with the intentions of slowly getting the Val’k’s health down low enough for capture when the ability suddenly crit for big damage and almost one-shotted her, lol.  It took two Pristine Traps to capture her and she was finally mine, barely averting disaster.

The name Lenneth comes from one of my favorite games to come out of the original Playstation console, Valkyrie Profile.  Next to Final Fantasy VII, this was one of the best RPGs from beginning to end, imo.

Lenneth the Unborn Val'kyr

Valkyrie Profile



I think that last image fits the pet perfectly, don’t you think? =)

So how’s your 5.3 pet collection coming along?  Got any interesting names for any of your pets?