Collecting rocks and picking flowers just got easier

I pity the Fool's Gold!

I pity the Fool’s Gold!

Sometime soon, the latest 5.3 patch will bring a change to all profession gathers of the rock and flower variety.

From MMO-Champion:

  • Miners can now level mining from a low skill level completely in Pandaria. Nodes will yield Ghost Iron Nuggets with the amount being determined by your skill level. You can combine ten nuggets to make one ore.
  • Herbalists can now level herbalism from a low skill level completely in Pandaria. Nodes will yield a partial herb with the amount being determined by your skill level. You can combine 10 of the partial herbs to form a complete herb.
  • Currently on the PTR, you will sometimes get fragments and the actual herb or ore when gathering near the minimum level for that node type.

This is one change I’m looking forward to.  I have all the professions covered and maxed across my alts on Drak, so any new characters I make, I usually make them Miners/Herbalists.  This also goes for new toons I make on new servers.

My little gobby Warrior, Dizzee, is at level 85, waiting for her turn to experience Pandaria.  She is one of my dual gatherers, with her Herbalism skill at 40 and Mining at 46.  Because I’m spoiled with tank insta-queues, I leveled her as Prot mainly through LFD, so her professions suffered as a result.

The same goes for my pandaren Monk, Siopao.  She’s at 53 Herbalism and 42 Mining and is only level 50,  but with full Heirlooms, the Enlightenment buff and the insta-queues as a Brewmaster tank, she’ll be in Outland and Northrend before I know it, not being able to farm at the appropriate level without having to go back to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.

The only downside I see to this change is the supply of the lower level ore and herbs and the Auction House economy.  My toons off Drak that have Mining and Herbalism rely on selling these low-level materials on the AH to provide them cash flow for riding, flying, etc.  The lack of these mats will hurt those leveling Alchemy, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Inscription and Jewelcrafting, especially if they can’t farm for themselves.

We’ll see what happens when the patch comes out.  But for now, I’m excited to catch up on my gathering professions for my alts on Pandaria.

16 responses to “Collecting rocks and picking flowers just got easier

  1. I’m excited about it because of the PITA that is Fel Iron. My baby warlock has mining/JC and she is stuck on Fel Iron due to lovely CRZ.

    Not only is the ore just farmed to exhaustion, but she keeps getting ganked.

    • Good point, I forgot all about CRZ and the competition for nodes. This will alleviate some of that until Pandaria becomes fully CRZ without the need for grouping.

  2. I’m think the new changes to leveling mining will work well with the changes that have already happened for leveling blacksmithing. If you have a toon with both of these professions at a low level on a high level toon you can level both without leaving Pandaria. You definitely have more choices about how and where you’re goign to level these professions

    • Indeed. Arv started out as a BS/Miner and I almost dropped BS for JC. But I remembered how long and painful it took me to level BS, so I created a DK to be my ore farmer, which allowed me to go BS/JC on Arv.

  3. I haven’t been able to find anything that sells on my server right now. Maybe I’ll try farming low level mats after the change and see if I have any success, need money to fund my pet habit, lol.

    • Good luck with that =) I find that the BC and the Wrath mats are the most profitable for me among the servers that I AH on. Ghost Iron ore is also in demand, especially for players working on the Trillium part of Wrathion’s quest.

  4. I’ve been wondering about the downside myself as all professions will probably go the way of Blacksmithing and old content mats will become obsolete.

    That’s really going to hurt new people and those rolling on a server with no 90 support. Profession crafts are only of value for current content, so how is one supposed to make gold until you can get a toon to Pandaria?

    • That is a tough question to answer. The only thing I could think of is to increase the amount of gold that you would get from quests and LFG bags when you’re not maxed, but that seems like a lot of work to code for. Bind on Account gold would also be nice, but I doubt Blizzard would ever implement that, the gold-cappers would have a field day and throw server economies out of whack, lol.

      • Not to mention the gold sellers – that would be a dream come true lol.

        Most of my “independent” toons make enough from herbs/ore right now to afford the basics like flying. Maybe if Blizz would decrease the cost of some of those big ticket items like they did with dual spec losing gathering income wouldn’t be so painful.

  5. This is going to be a major pain for the other crafting professions. As it was Alchemy was almost impossible to level. I had to level a new herbalist just to level alchemy. They should have revamped all the crafting before doing the gathering.

    • I hear ya about Alchemy, I have two of them and they are also Herbalists. It was a pain to level, but I think it has definitely paid off for me. I made them both Transmute Masters and having two CDs to make high level bars with the possibility of getting more through procs has been totally worth it.

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