Throne of Thunder – Tortos Souped


“Slow and steady wins the race.”  This quote couldn’t have been more appropriate for a fight like Tortos the turtle.  We might have been slow and taken a lot of attempts, but we persisted and finally killed the big guy last night to put us at 4/12 in the Throne of Thunder.  Grats SR!

Tuesday night started out real good, we one-shotted everything up to Tortos with ease, giving us all night to work on the big turtle.  We were short a healer and a tank, so we brought in Chewy on his Drak shammy, Smutt, to fill in for Zarm and Zug went tank for Wok.  We tried to replicate our progress from last week, but we just couldn’t get it together.  Poor Smutt, this was his first time seeing the fight and he kept dying to the Rockfalls in the first three or four pulls.  He wasn’t the only one either, I know I was bad at it and so were others and we also had trouble kicking shells at Tortos in time.  I think we ended the night not even getting Tortos below 50% on any attempt.

We regrouped and went at it again last night with a different setup.  We had Zarm and Wok back, but Lyss couldn’t stay all night to raid and opted to sit out, which left us with Adoe and Shadeey at ranged on shell duty and 5 melee (me, Wok, Sorak, Zug and Psynite) up front with Tortos.  Zug helped the ranged out with dpsing down the Whirling Turtles and would Heroic Leap back into melee range.  We did a lot better avoiding the Rockfalls and rotated through raid CDs during each of  Tortos’ Stomps.

It took us five or six attempts last night, but on the last attempt, everything came together and we finally took down the turtle.

Tortos Kill

With Tortos defeated, we moved onto Megaera, the hydra boss.  We had some really good attempts our first time on this encounter and even managed to kill five heads on a few of those attempts.  I think once we get our CDs figured out, we’ll be able to kill the final two heads and maybe get a new boss kill next week. =)