Turtle Power

No, we didn’t get Tortos down this week, but we did progress and got him down to 29% on our best attempt Wednesday night.  Hopefully he’ll go down next week.

So what’s this post about?  Well, I just couldn’t let Van have all the mount BMAH glory to herself this week… =P

It’s been a long time since I’ve won anything off the BMAH, mainly because there hasn’t been anything on there worth buying or there were auctions that I lost at the last minute.  I missed out on two X-51 Nether-Rockets, one to Sorak and another because I was so focused on leveling up my mage that I forgot to check up on the auction before it ended, lol.  I did buy a special “weapon” that I’ve been meaning to post, but the screenshots for it have been buried in my folder, so I’ll have to fish for them and post about it later.

What I did win was this guy Tuesday night, a Riding Turtle!

Riding Turtle

The Riding Turtle is the first mount ever offered by the WoW TCG.  It comes from the rare loot card, Saltwater Snapjaw, from the first set of the TCG, Heroes of Azeroth.  It is one of three loot cards from the set, with the Hippogryph Hatchling pet and the Tabard of the Flame being the other two.

Saltwater Snapjaw

This mount was one I coveted the most when I first started playing WoW, only because it was the only turtle mount available in the game at the time.  The turtle mount didn’t increase your speed on land (it was the same as walking on foot), but got a speed boost when used in the water.  And the space bar or /mountspecial emote is hilarious with its hide-in-the-shell animation and special sound effects.

I tried to get the loot card as I started building my WoW TCG collection and even bought several cheap booster boxes for a chance at one, just never got lucky.  I did end up getting the Hippogryph pet and the Tabard of the Flame, which just sits in my bank, waiting for Blizz to implement a Tabard Storage or Tabard Tab (please?).

In Wrath, I got another chance at a turtle mount when the Sea Turtle, a blue version of the Riding Turtle, was introduced.  I managed to snag mine from a pool when doing some of the Ka’luk fishing dailies in Northrend.  I’ve had good times with my Sea Turtle, especially charging at super slow speed into boss fights like Baleroc and Morchok, lol.

More sea mounts made their way into the game, like the seahorse mounts and the Reins of Poseidus from Vashj’ir in Cataclysm and finally in Mists, pandas got their own sea turtles with their racial mounts, the Dragon Turtles.  Water Striders gave us a new dimension to sea mounts by allowing us to ride them across the water, previously only done by Warlocks and their Felsteeds with help from a glyph, Death Knights with Path of Frost on or anyone under the Water Walking effect given by Shamans.

If only Blizz gave us the ability to fish off these mounts without being dismounted….that would totally make these mounts even more awesome. =)

12 responses to “Turtle Power

    • Oh, he was bidding on this too? Lol, I didn’t know, he didn’t mention it to me. Honestly, I would rather have the X-51 Rocket instead, since I don’t have a rocket mount yet and I already had the Sea Turtle mount. But Sorak put a “Zug bid” on it, so he prety much prevented all other BMAH pvpers from winning it, lol.

  1. No, they want you to buy a fishing raft.

    It’s about time you posted about this, I was going to start giving you a hard time about it if you didn’t!

    I did buy a Tabard of Flame off the BMAH once. Still not sure why, I mean, I’m not even wearing it. I guess just to have it.

    • I think the raft is kinda bugged for me, sometimes it takes several jumps in the water for it to become active and sometimes when I move around on it, it will disappear and drop me into the water. I know it has a duration on it, but it can’t be that quick. I think the image of fishing off the top of your turtle mount looks better, lol.

      I might have used the Tabard of the Flame once for transmog, but that’s been pretty much it. It’s taking away precious bag space now, how about a Tabard Closet Blizz?

    • Inorite? Can’t really compete with the “Zug bids” though, I need to save money for the other mounts I want to get. Chewy told me last night they had Mimiron’s Head on Firetree at 200K….I really need to get back to my AH selling now, lol.

    • It cost me a cool 60K, that’s the most I would have paid for it. Any more and I would have let them have it. I’m suprised I won it though, my first two bids got trumped, so I figured somebody really wanted it. I guess they didn’t want it that bad, lol.

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