Goin’ to the Con!


After a couple of weeks of anticipation, a broken F5 button and lots of luck, I managed to snag tickets for Chewy and myself to this November’s Blizzcon!  We tried to make it out to California earlier than that, but we couldn’t get tickets to the San Diego Comic-Con this year.  I think Blizzcon will be a good replacement for our Cali convention fix, lol.

Last Wednesday was the first night that the tickets went on sale, which is also one of SR’s raid nights.  We were working on the Council of Elders and I told the guys ahead of time that I would be taking a break for a couple of minutes during the raid to try to get the tickets.  We wiped a few minutes before 10:30 pm on one of our attempts, so I took this moment and went afk from the game to get ready to buy tickets.  I began spamming the F5 buttons on both my desktop and laptop to refresh the ticket purchase page and when I got through, I ended up 9000-ish and 12000-ish in queue.  I called Chewy to ask was place he was in and he said he was in the lower 8000s.  We then started calculating what place we needed to be in to get into the store, based on the percentage of tickets left and how far we moved up in the queue.  We deducted that we needed to be in the 4000-5000 range for a shot at the tickets, which was confirmed as the store closed with Chewy left at around 3000 and me 4000 in line.  I felt pretty bummed not getting the tickets, but that didn’t last long as we managed to kill the Council of Elders for the first time that night.  I guess you could say I took out my disappointment on the Council by solo-tanking them all, lol.

So yesterday was our last shot at getting tickets, this time the tickets going on sale at 1pm.  I called Chewy minutes before to make sure he was ready but I couldn’t get a hold of him.  I was worried that he’d forgotten and thought our chances of getting into the store had gotten slimmer.  Not wanting that to discourage me, I focused on that F5 button and smashed it as fast as I could and when I finally got through, I was surprised that I ended up 2600 in queue!  I pushed the keyboard and mouse away from me for fear that I would accidentally close out the window when Chewy finally called me.  He had phone issues, but was online to purchase tickets, although he was 6000 in queue.  I told him what place in line I was and he then excitedly started talking about what we would be doing in Cali and I stopped him quick because I didn’t want me to jinx me, lol.  Twenty minutes later, I was the proud owner of tickets to Blizzcon 2013! Woot!


This is my first Blizzcon I’ll be attending, so I’m pretty excited.  I think it’ll be awesome to be there live for the new announcements, like maybe the next WoW expansion, Diablo expansion or even the new Titan project.  And lots of swag to buy too, Chewy’s already said he’s gonna be spending a lot on that, lol.  I’m also looking forward to meeting some of the Blizzard crew, WoW Insider staff and my fellow bloggers who will be in attendance. =)

Hmmm, all this Blizzcon ticket talk….maybe I should start making my plane and lodging arrangements now, huh?