Throne of Thunder – Council of Elders Dismissed!

Council of Elders

“If at first, you don’t succeed on your first 70 attempts, then just brute force the #$%^&**#%@!”
– Shadow Rising Raiding

Yeah, that is definitely our motto.  After weeks and nights of trying different strats on the Council of Elders, we employed the good ‘ole brute force strat and finally downed them last night!  Good job guys!

The night started off not so promising, as we were missing some of our core raiders.  Wok, my co-tank, was out for the night and Adoe was having laptop issues, so Shadeey let him use her desktop, which meant we were down a dps.  We enlisted the help of a couple of our reserves, Bocat and Sorak’s rogue friend, Psynite, who just hit 90 not even a week ago.

We’ve been rotating through different strats, like burning the empowered Troll on every switch, zerging Sul the Sandcrawler off the bat, leaving him as the second empowered Troll, tank swapping the Frigid Assault stacks, etc.  But the one that worked for us in the end was one that SR has been doing all along: pure brute force.

We went with one tank, me, and three heals.  The plan was to kill Sul as fast as possible without allowing him to get empowered at all and having his Sandling adds run all over us.  I tanked Sul, High Priestess Mar’li and Frost King Malakk close together so that we could spread the raid cleave damage among them and left Kazra’jin, aka Blanka,alone to do his Rolling Attack all over the place.  All dps focused on Sul and interrupted his Sand Bolts as much as possible, while doing just enough damage on the current empowered Troll to force an empowerment switch.  This meant that we would ignore the Blessed Loa Spirits from Mar’li and let the heals go through while I became a meat-shield for the raid and ate all Frigid Assault stacks and allowed myself to get frozen.  We rotated big cooldowns on me, like Pain Suppression, Guardian of Ancient Kings and Ardent Defender, to mitigate damage while I was frozen, with the healers doing their best to keep me up.  Killing the Shadowed Loa Spirits was still a priority, as there is no way to avoid their insta-leap kill.

As soon as Sul went down, it was just a matter of keeping our composure and dpsing down each empowered Troll until they fell one by one.  And then victory was finally ours!

Council of Elders Down!

Afterwards, we put a couple attempts on Tortos to see the fight and the damage is pretty crazy on that….brute force, anyone? =)  Grats to everyone again on the kill, hopefully we can get Tortos down next week!

Oh and one other thing of note, Bocat has been in every one of our first boss kills in Throne of Thunder so far…and she’s managed to stay alive every time at the end, lol.  Looks like Bo may be SR’s good luck raiding charm!