Mini Horridon

What a difference a nerf makes….

Last week, we managed our first Horridon kill in many, many attempts and then the following day, they nerfed the fight. >< Yesterday was the first night we got to experience the changes made and boy did it make a difference.  The health pool of the adds are what got the nerf bat, making it easier to clean them up before moving on to the next gate.  Even the dinomancers felt feeble; as soon as they would jump into the arena, our dps would burst them down so quick that their orbs immediately dropped and Horridon was soon breaking down another gate.  I had a little trouble getting my Puncture stacks off at the end when Horridon enraged and had to die and get brezzed to reset them, but otherwise it was a one shot for us.

So I went to check out the loot from Horridon’s corpse and noticed there were three items instead of the normal two in the loot window.  Lo and behold, there was the mount, the Spawn of Horridon!  We all rolled for it and I came out on top rolling an epic 98.  Woot!

Mini Horridon

This Direhorn mount shares the same  color and stripes as Big Poppa (Momma?) Horridon, just missing the giant bazookas or lifeboats or floaties or battering rams or whatever those things are on the sides.

I guess this was a nice (sur)prize for a fight that gave us so much trouble for so many weeks.  Thanks Horridon for giving me your baby!

Got yo baby!

17 responses to “Mini Horridon

    • Lol thanks! If this was MS paint, I’d have Sorak wearing a dress or eating a salad or something. =P

      I should have added that this mount is a trophy that symbolizes all the sleepless nights I had and a constant reminder that I really hate this fight.

      Now all I need is a Mini Nefarian mount and I should be g2g =)

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